V I saw you Melonberry Cocktail. at Hungry‘s on Bath Street. Glasgow. 1 could have sworn that you winked at me. but maybe you had something in your eye. Box No U/263/53. 0 I saw you 5.8. in Q.P. Band. Me shy smiles! Are you as enigmatic as you seem? Let‘s meet before it‘s too late. You won't put tne to sleep Dr! Box No U/265/7.

V I saw you cyclist. one ear- ring. every week at Glenogle over the summer. You saw me too. But I've not seen you for ages. I’m curious. Box No U/265/l 2.

O I saw you Liz Hurley. 32. Glasgow from Hugh Grant. Falkirk. 4l. Hope you find what you are looking for. Sorry it‘s not me. You are a lovely person. Box No U/265/l3.

V I saw you gorgeous vogue video man. long dark hair. beard. beautiful blue eyes. Me: voluptuous belly dancer who handed you my c-card. How about an ‘lnterview With The Vampire“? Box No U/265/l7. V I saw you in a chemist in St Andrews. nearly pinched your buml! Fancy a cheap movie? Cheap beer? Dinner at One Devonshire? Lunch in Edinburgh? Sorry to have taken so long! Box No U/265/l8.

v I saw you in ICU (SGH). long blond hair all the way down your back. Unfortunately. none on your head. Do you want me to stick a venflon in? Box No U/265/2 l.

0 I saw you Club Latino. Assembly Rooms. Edinburgh Festival. I still remember that wonderful night we spent dancing salsa. You put my number in your sleeves. Please phone me. I miss you. Fernando. Box No U/265/22. v I saw you Nicky. Dave. lau. where are you? We shared a flat in Leith. Please get in touch Steve. Box No U/265/26.

V I saw you first in Sussex. now i see you in Edinburgh. Still you are unshaven. still in dungers. still I love you too much. Box No U/265/28.

V I saw you behind the lens. down by the water. talking light and darkness. I saw you laughing in the taxi home. I want to be in your film, alligator. Box No U/265/30.

V I saw you on the delayed 0800 Edinburgh to Glasgow train. You love Hong Kong and animals; I loved Amsterdam and our conversation. Fancy another over a drink? Box No U/265/3l. V I saw you Dee Tank Girl tattoo. singing in the rain. You swam in my brown eyes. Come and sing for me. Box No U/265/32.

V I saw you red lips in pout And eyes that failed to recognise. and suss me out.

My feminine disguise

Belying to my age

I mean: The manner that l dressed in green. New Lanark; and the date you know:

You saw my sheen. I sensed your glow. Box No U/265/33.

V I saw you at Delmonica's on Thursday 28 Oct. You had a blue Ted Baker shirt on. I was with two girls. you were standing at the end of the bar. Box No 266/3.

v I saw you R. at C.C.'s. Saturday. l9/8/95. You were minus girlfriend for first time! We spoke after three years of lustful stares. You promised we'd talk some more. Still waiting. J. Box No 266/4.

V I saw you Cul-l)e—Sac creperie. Friday. 6/l()/95. You: long. tlark. wavy hair. white top with friends. Me: white shirt. dark jacket with blonde girl. Eyes met. you smiled. heart flipped. Please contact. Box No 266/5.


Thanks to Snapple,



are FREE of charge.

Just fill in the classified form and send it off.

I SAW YOU adverts

V I saw you Lesley. Tricia. Celine and Steve. ljust wanted

to give you a mention and to say

thanks once more for last week. From Maurice and Sally. Box No U/265/34.


V I saw you posting Donnelly's Goanna ‘Googarh‘. Sydney ‘Ausland'. Recognised the accent. Have you followed your woodcard back? if so. contact this long-haired idiot - the one with the didjeridoo. Treat it like etchings! Box No U/265/37.

V I saw you in your Jeep. Reg No N35 JSU on Stirling Road. I've got to meet you. Please make contact. Box No 266/l. V I saw you Edinburgh Hogmanay 1994. You in trilby. kilt. long johns. Me in awe! Fireworks. revels. big wheel. I'm still catching my breath. still carrying that torch for you. Box No 266/2.

v I saw you 8/2/95. Hogsltead. Can't imagine life without you. Now I won't have to. Yes -- let's get married. I love you. and i want to . . . ! Lassie needs a mummy. PS Thanks Peter! Box No 266/6.

O I saw you see you in Broughty Ferry. You: long. brown hair. studenty. Me: blonde guy who was rude once. let me say sorry. please. Box No 266/7.

9 I saw you Celine O'Neil. .Smith's bookshop. Byres Road. this time last year. We thought we recognised each other. That

fatal hesitation stopped me asking - coffee? I'm still intrigued. Box No 266/8.

V I saw you outside Safeways. Byres Road. 3.55pm. ll/l()/95. You: tall. floppy hair. big sideburns. smirk. brownish jacket. scar across nose. Me: tall. long hair. black leather jacket. getting on bus. Please write. Box No 266/9.

V I saw you when I imagined the perfect band. You were dressed like a gypsy girl. playing violin. accordion. mandolin . . . Interested in Counting Crows. The Waterboys. Do you exist? Box No 266/l0.

V I saw you Monday. 16/l0/95. 1 I25 Leeds/Glasgow National Express bus. You: black leather jacket/blackjeans. Me: black polo neck/jeans. reading book. Sat together. Seats 29/30. Get in touch soon. Box No 266/l l.

V I saw you become a central part of my mind's landscape and I've never been so happy without my fez on. Love Jeff. Box No 266/l2.

V I saw you Lorna at Club Exchange. We danced. we kissed. you left with another. Let's meet again sometime. Box No 266/13.

V I saw you Kevin from Fairmilehead. C.C. Bloom's. 5/10/95 and a few times before! Let's do it again please get in touch. Richard. Box No 266/l4. V I saw you S.l..l.P. in my inner sanctum. l6/9. Come up to my new one as much as you can/want. You're FAB. X. S.l..ll.G. Box No 266/l5.

V I saw you Tron Theatre bar. Saturday 21/10/95 Superman! You were obnoxious. drtmk and somewhat attractive our eyes met over a pint. fancy another? Box No 266/lf).

V I saw you You sold me tickets. Tron Theatre. You were cute and blonde with stubble. You spelled my name wrong. Remember? lt's Jon. not John. l.ct's talk more. Box No 266/l 7. V I saw you 7pm. Ayr train. Glasgow Central. l4/l0/95. You: lloor-length black leather coat. silver dress. yellow bag. Me: black shirt antl jeans. ponytail. You got off at Paisley. you caught me looking. Get in touch. Box No 266/l8.

V I saw you Kilmarnock Glasgow. 14.53 train. Saturday. 21 ()ctober. You: drama stuu'eut font l)untlouald. Me: just started with the Scottish Ballet. Do you want to dance?? Box No 266/l‘).

V I saw you (Baby Sinclair) Cafe Delmonica's. 24/9/95. It was great to see you again after all this time. Sorry I couldn't talk. Don't be a stranger. Box No 366/20.

V I saw you drunk. in the Beer Bar. Beautiful brown eyes and booming body. Grab your hockey stick. baby. here comes a hat trick. Box No 266/2 l.

V I saw you crossing George Street. Glasgow. 23/l0/95. 1.20pm. Maroon jacket. navy khaghoul. dark trousers. carrying two black computer disc cases? You're heart- stoppingly gorgeous. Let's talk. Box No 266/22.

0 I saw you on the Boat. the Arches. 14/10/95. Started off dancing to King Salsa with friend (1’). Also at Club Cubaua. Red skirt. great moves. Too shy to ask you to dance. Box No 266/23.

V I saw you Honey Bunny. a lot over the last thirteen months. We now love each other. let us keep on doing it for thirteen tuore years. Lovely kisses. your pumpkin. Box No 266/24.

V I saw you three in the Aragon. 20/l0/95. Me: GAP sweatshirt and 'off men' friend (apologies. I'd have chatted longer). i don't believe you're all S.A.F.().S.. Prove me right! Box No 266/25.

V I saw you Sainsbury's. Edinburgh. Saturday. 2l October. You: reddish hair. checked shirt. green cords. Me: fair. green jumper. rust cords. ()ur eyes met. We smiled. Let's meet. Please write. Box No 266/26.

V I saw you at the Tina Modotti opening. standing beside me at the video while I wise-cracked with my frientl. I liked the way your ears flapped. Fancy a re- run? Box No 266/27.

V I saw you litlinburgh. George Street and Post ()ffice. You: Hungarian possibly. tall. long fair hair. Where are you? Anyone know? Saw you 24/10/95. Box No 2.66/28.

V I saw you in front of the Art School club on 30 Septetnber/l October at l.l5am. You (dark hair. black trousers and jacket) didn't get in anymore. I was coming out (orange hair. dressed in black). Had same way home through the rain. Box No 266/29.

V I saw you We saw you on Blind Dare. You broke our hearts. Dig those stripey trousers. Pick us next time for a really hot date. Que hombre! Box No 266/30.

V I saw you Lemon Iced Tea. at a Refresher Course. We joked about Yeltsin. remember? I dream of sharing citrus pleasure. Box No 266/31.

0 I saw you Melonberry Cocktail. at Hungry's on Bath Street. Glasgow. I could have sworn that you winked at me. but maybe you had something in your eye. Box No 266/32.

V I saw you Peach Iced Tea. at the New York Style Deli. Glasgow. You have a wide neck and a large round bottom but I think I love you anyway. Box No 266/33.

NATURAL BEVERAGES Madeftmithebestsmff on earth”

IN The List 3-l6 Nov I995