Iguana Parlour

When it comes to designer bars. Glasgow is miles better tliati Edinburgh The capital has a smattering ofstylish oases for the parched. but nothing to rixal the itiicisity of hip hostelrtcs that cluster on the West Coast. There are traditional Edinburgh boo/.ers by the listfiil bttt the youthful and trend). lia\e been lll‘tllL‘tl to four location~ to sip their preminiii packaged lagers in, l’iitil now that is

The lliisto. foi niet' tugger bugger heater: or hell depending upon your poitit of \ iew. has been i‘ctliought. ieyatiiped and come ‘) Nuiseiiiber. will be reopened as The Iguana. (Line is the wagon w heel on the wall. the Bi'isto's only design feature. to be replaced by a rather unusual iiiteiiu decked out in natural pititlttel\ lieiiiiite details are sotiic‘w scarce at the time of w i'iting since the bar is still under construction. but great things are promised

The bar is aimed squarely at the young pi‘otessional and student tiiarket. blending music. tood drink and late opening hours to hit the right spoi The bar should do w ell as .i pie-club w atcring hole w here the capital's dance licnds can conxciie l:‘-t :: few drinks and a bite lo cal. axoiding '.t \ is.t to the

kebab shop oi all—tiigbt garage on the

:11 w'es‘tnit'olsoii street edinbtirgb (0131) 66.7 6676

Cofe Mon-Set 10300m 5 300m Bstro Wed-So? 5 30pm 10 300m

simple good taste

w a). home from a night of ripping up the dance Iloor

The menu has a tiriii Mediterranean teel. with plenty of salads. brioches. foccacia and gnocchi ‘s’egetai iaiis are well catered for and there's a range ol linger food tor the gi.i/.ei'.s. All the main courses conic iti at under .55 with the

starter and ~llits ks costing aiotind £2

The bit hours are Van: right through to 3am. with tood a\.ii|able frotn opening tttitil 8pm ()b\ ititisl) none but the damned and debauched want an alcoholic drink first thing in the morning so The lguana promises a range of herbal and fruit teas. speciality coffees and real hot chocolate

()ne establishment that couldn‘t gixc .i tlying foccacia about being A \o | in the sty lc guru‘s bible is Lautrec’s on \\'oodlantls Terrace. (ilasgow. (icrry ('aison and Paul Higgins. the paitners behind the restaurant. were regulars at the place in the late 70s and early 80s w hen it was called The Lobster Pot and Highland Bar. They haye tried to re- eieate the cosy. familiar attiiosphet‘e of the restaurant back then. when people chanced across the restaurant. liked it and became regulars. This is no trendy bistro slay ishly following cy cry twitch

19mm, 5/“ éwéé“

334' 7.165

1‘ I?! footie/rd

of the menu in London's exclusive but tlighty eateries. Rather. its menu is

based on traditional themes with a

slight twist. For example. their lobster therniador is prepared iii the usual style. btit split down the middle with a souffle over the top. As you might espect from a traditional restaurant. salmon. venison and steak form the backbone of the fare but the emphasis is on quality ingredients rather than

in er-elaborate preparation.

A meal will cost around £25 a head with wine which means that Latttrec's is not iii the budget bracket. but the subdued lighting. starched white linen. crystal glassware and fresh lilies tnark this out as a restaurant for a special night out rather than a quick and eomenient nosh stop for the eyenings w hen cooking is too much hassle. t'nusnally for this type of restaurant. they take bookings tor breakfast. although whether power breakfasts are e\ er likely to catch on with Scotland's business community is another matter.

Downstairs in the bar a \aried and relaxed crowd can quell belly rumbles with bar suppers along the lines of chillis and pasta dishes. Sunday afternoon sees a iii/I. club with creole

They're happy because they drink beer. You can he hapy trio. Go to The tap.

cooking to feed the stomach as well as the ears. The proximity to the student

; halls of residence means there are a lot

i of fresh faces around to add to the : crowd. A couple of weeks ago a bride- . io—be in full wedding regalia dashed in

for a quick resolve-stiffening swally

' before rushing off again to get hitched. 3 Now that‘s a mixed clientele.

This column forswore the pleasures of

l the grape and the grain about a month

ago. btit since the wagon has already made a few unscheduled stops. one more won't hurt. The Brewery Tap in Glasgow is running a two-week celebration of Scottish cask ales with liquid representation from every one of Scotland's breweries. Ones to look out for w ill be the hard to find Bear Ale from 'I‘raquair House. the new Ghillies Ale from Broughton and a one-off from the ()rkney Brewery called ()rkney Viking Festival. The event runs until Wednesday l5. Bottoms up. (Jonathan Trcw)

The Brewery Tap i055 Satichiehall Street. Glasgow, ()l-ll 33‘) 8866.

The Iguana 4| Lothian Street. Edinburgh. ()1 3| 220-1288.

Lautrec’s l4 Woodlands Terrace. Glasgow. ()lJl 332 7013.


PBSCB ur‘aflt

10, anchor close, Cockburn Street


LUNCH 12—2.30pm EVENINGS - 6—1 ipm (last orders 10.30pm)

EDINBURGH 226 5145 50, East Fountainbridge EDINBURGH 228 4005

102 The List 3-H) Noy I995