Ralph Steadman Gear 2 c: For the first time Ralph Steadman's twisted



illustrations from Hunter S. Thompson‘s [DINIIIRQII :00. classic book ‘Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas' ALWAYt FULL OF LIFE. are available on high quality T-shiits.

Fear and Loathing clothing is currently available from Peel Products. 12 Binghill The List and Edinburgh zoo are (mating one child Crescent. Aberdeen. ABI ()NP via mail order ticket "88 with each m" . d I”

a l through selected retailers. However to . paymga. " mm “OW Sgicbr'ite The launch Peel 'u‘e offerinU I i s! um" 31 December 1995' the zoo '5 open "my day! readers (much to the chagrin of envious List figflgienfé’sacnodpmlgz fisctn:l::gnteow

staff) the opportunity to win one of two highly the Box omce Edinbmgh zoo is on corsymhhine collectable limited edition T—shirts which have Road Edinburgh

been signed by the wonderful Mr Steadman himself.

Answer this question and you can be the envy of your friends and us by becoming the proud owner of one of these desirable articles of clothing. l

O: In which cult American magazine did Steadman's Fear and Loathing illustrations lirst Wkaeenm appear?

Answers on a ostcard b Friday 17 November. Address them: STEAOMAN coriiP, The List, 14 High Street, Edinburgh, EH1 1TE. SCOTTISH YOUTH THEATRE

Scottish Youth Theatre are offering two tickets for the price of one to see the wild-haired Parrot at

the Old Athenaeum, Buchanan Street on Friday 3 llovember at either the 7.30pm or 10pm show. Take . i a . this copy of The List along to the Box Oiiice on the



Glasgay! are uttering ten pairs oi tickets to see drag queen Chloe Poem’s show Knockers at The Arches at 9pm irom Thurs 2-Sat 4 llovember and dance maestro Matthew Hawkins and the Fresh Dances Group perionn Great Moments of Purcell - And Blow at Cottier Theatre on Friday 3-Saturday 4 November at 8pm. Turn up at either Box Ottice with this copy of The list on the night.


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' < Llul G 2 < E D 4 I.l-I '— U) = D. -l < n:

Ever worked as a burger-flipper or a shelf-stocker? ()ver- educated and filled with afin de sieele ennui. post modern burnout and a crippling sense of helplessness? aking endless lip from thoughtless punters and overbearing bosses who aren‘t fit to clean your ashtray with their tongues? It sucks. man. Here's your chance to relive those moments.

Those yummy people at Fox Videos have given us live videos " of Kevin'Smith’s slacker classic Clerks to give away. Follow ~ Dante's day in the Quick Stop convenience store as his girlfriend confesses to numerous sexual transgressions. his customers develop new and interesting methods oftormenting him and the hockey team from Hell turns up. Sounds fun? That's just the beginning.

To get your mitts on the movie answer this?

0: What certificate did Clerks receive in Britain?

Answers on a postcard by Monday 20 November. Address them:

CLEHKS COMP, The List, 14 High Street, Edinburgh, EH1 1TE.

Stela Mammoth

Come Friday [0 Novem *r the very best of up and coming new bands will be playing The Garage in Glasgow. Powder.

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en E : III-l g I a = a as 3 i a f, E : Strangelovc Pusherman and El k l are on the road w ith am an ',,..‘ LUV. . G g E : Melody Maker and Stella Dry on the Dry Run Tour. The p y The nova! [10?“ are 0mm“, > > g ' exclusive ten-date tour is the ultimate showcase for Britain's two m" 9"“ "skew m" "'8 pnce g g : emerging {mm at one to see Brecht’s play, ‘6The g g 5 We‘ve teamed up with sponsors Stella Dry to give away a faucii'a" Ehalzk g'rtdedat 1'45pm :- g . bundle of superb prizes. By answering the question below you could win a pair of tickets mm burs 83! -ha_ m ay t Th < E g : to the gig. an eight pack of Stella Dry. a pair oftour T—shirts and a compilation tape of the "swam 8" "th '5 co” 0 e —l 8 _>_~ : touring bands. Answer this and the first three out of the hat get the goodies: “5t along to the 30.x omce 0" —I . g I O: From which country does Stella Dry originate? the .mglft; 0"" sublet“ to “II . i A) Guadeloupe B) Belgium C) The Falkland Islands ava'lab'l'ty' .- E- : Answers on a postcard by Thursday 9 November and please include a day-time phone ‘0 E : number. Address them: STELLA COMP, The List, 14 High Street, Edinburgh, EH1 1TE. OFFERS: cut out the coupon or take along the 1

whole magazine and present it to the relevant box oltice or cash desk. All offers are subject to availability and managements reserve the right to

< E 1 d i ' E h 3 ' Chinese cinema has often been overlooked but one man who '8 use a m sslon' o: a ' , , _ * , COMPETITIONS: Only one entry per person per m .8 g A : has done more than most to put it on the international map is competition. If you are anteling more than one 2 a E : director Zhang Yimou. With three films. the sumptuous Raise companion, you need use only one envelope, but a g E ‘2’ : The Redlxuilem. the epic family drama To Live and the phase make sure that your name, addmss and g g .2 : compelling Story of Qiu Ju. Between these three lilms Zhang vouch" are attached to EACH entry, Competitions “I 3 g g , Yimou has won more awards at more film festivals than Tory are open m a" UK msidants (oval, the age 0' 18 in a E E, : bgPs have undisclosed directorships. So don I try and count i I alcohol-[alamd one“). "o "spans",th can be =- = g ' cm' s ' ' accepted by The List tor prizes which cannot be E g g 3 E Thankljs tdo Electric Picture: Video we have five sets of these three films to give away. To obtained due to "Monsoon circumstances. To 9 E ' “"9” 9 WWW“ answer “5"- obtaln a list of winners please send a SAE to The E E" : 0: What is the name of the actress who stars in all three movies? List compemion Winnek’ stating which [3309(3) : Answers on a postcard by Wednesday 15 November. Address them: results you lemme.

ELELTHIC COMP, The List, 14 High Street, Edinburgh, EH1 1TE.


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