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Playboy shoot: get Hefner to double the payment. Father and daughter, they’ll do it their way. See Book review.



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THEMANINBUCKISBACK. Limboland arrived for Hugh (’ornw ell after a less than amicable split frotn punk survivors The Stranglers. but now he is embarking on a nationwide tour to promote his third solo album. provisionally titled (iui/ry. Prosecutor or defendant?

‘So many people have accused me over the years of so many different things] confesses (‘ornwell ‘I thought the best thing to do was to just come clean about it and say l‘m guilty ofeverything. so now let's get on with the tnusic.‘

And. as has become the pop star's wont. the acting. See Hugh ("ornwell on a dish near you soon. playing a Bavarian chauffeur in a specially commissioned comedy drama for Bravo. But his priority is the music and maintaining the standards which have so greatly influenced much of Britpop‘s finest (pay your dues. lilastica and Menswear).

While (Tornwell attempts to redefine himself for new challenges. his old chums are falling by the wayside and into the cheap nostalgia circuit with a Stranglers 20th anniversary tour. ‘(iood luck to them.‘ states a sanguine Cornwell. ‘The parting of the ways wasn't very happy. but I hope as time goes on. they'll r ‘alise it was best for everybody.‘ (Brian l‘)onaldson)

Hug/t C‘oruwell plays The l'euue. Edinburgh. on Wed [5 and The Garage. Glasgow. mt 'I‘lua'v l6.


The list’s at-a-glance guide to the highlights ot the tortnight ahead.


I Music: The Shamen A new band member in the form ofex-Soul II Soul singer. Victoria Wilson James. and a new album. Axis Mutalis are the cause of this appearance of the dance band who have embraced the new technological era with a tirm grasp. Rumours that the band will be represented on stage by 3-D holograms are greatly exaggerated.

Barrow/and. Glasgow. Mon 6.

I Film: Living in Oblivion Steve Buscemi faces the ups and downs of low budget filmmaking in Tom DeCillo’s hilarious follow-up to Johnny Suede. Not just for film buffs.

Cameo. Edinburgh. From Fri l().

I rheatre: The Tempest Revered Romanian director Silviu Purcarete takes a musically inventive approach to one of Shakespeare‘s tnost challenging plays in Nottingham Playhouse Theatr Clwyd‘s international touring production.

Tramway. Glasgow. From 7ire 14.

I Dance: VTOL: In The Privacy or My Own Combining vivid dance with innovative film footage. Mark Murphy‘s VTOL present a vigorous exploration ofdesire and choice. Traverse. Edinburgh. Sal II and Sun

/ 2.

I Theatre: Macbeth Controversial approach to the Scottish play directed by star actor Mark Rylance who also plays the murderous thane. Jane llorrocks co-s‘tat's.

Theatre Royal. (Ilasgoii'. Mort /.i’—Sa! [8.

I Art: St Kilda Explored An exhibition tracing the cultural and environmental history of one of Scotland's most remote islands. evacuated in l‘)3() after a dramatic decline in population. The life-size reconstruction ofa croft should prove particularly fascinating to anyone who thinks that the countryside starts two miles frotn the city centre. Art Gallery and Museum. Is'elringrore. I ‘Iheatre: Salome Oscar Wilde‘s- elaborately poetic biblical tragedy gets the Berkoff treatment in a heavily stylised production starring the man himself as Herod.

Thea/re Royal. Glasgow. Tue 7-Sal II. Iz'dinburglt Fer/ital Thea/re. Edinburgh. Tue l-l—Sal [8.

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Probably the best lager in the world.

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