m M m W for a great holiday

experience. All you have to do to enter is phone 0345 10 20 20. or complete the coupon below. and you could be heading out to Arizona. in the heart of the American West.

is the goal and destination for 20 lucky

' :5; 1‘ winning adult smokers and their partners. A chance to get involved in a

wide variety of unique events in the States and win a 4x4 Wrangler Ieep.

W The key to this is the Marlboro Experience USA '96

brochure. Not only will it offer you the opportunity of joining the Experience - it will also tell you how to receive some sturdy gear. To do either. collect special promotional tear tapes from 203 and 10s packs of Marlboro King Size and Marlboro Lights (or tear tapes from multipacks).

T14“ 1“ FIRST STEP You can take the first step just by phoning

0345 10 2t) 20 or completing the coupon below. Your brochure will then be on its way with all the details you need to enter. Marlboro Experience USA ’96 - will you be there?

Full details of the competition and offer are available in the Marlboro Experience USA ’96 brochure. Applications for Marlboro Experience USA ’96 brochures must be received by 15th January 1996. Calls are charged at local rate.


Please send me my Marlboro Experience USA '96 brochure.

'l‘itle (please circle) Mr Mrs Miss Ms.

First Name I- _..l___-__l_l-_-,-_,l -_..l _l___l__.i--_ L_- lwl , __l_l. . l____l ._L l_____J Surname L_l. .l l l_ l I L l__._l-_-Ll_._-l_J-_l.._ l-_l.- __L___-J Address l_L--_L_,_J_-; l I l l l l l l__J_,_,L,__l_ ._I-_L,._.J lillllll_ll'lllllldllll County l l l l l l l -L__l____l--.._l,_L--J.____LLJ__..L-I__.-J Postcode l l l l l l l L J

Occupation l__L___l__. l __L, _l_,_l __ “Lia l__J__J,.____ l__-l __l_, - .l_l_ _. .l__l Home Telephone Number I l t -_l 4 t l t _l-_L-,l__L..J_..-L_J Before entering this promotion. which cigarette brand did you smoke most regularly?

L_ -l_l_l_-l_____-l ._l_L_l___ L-_l_ ._-l___-_l .l _._L. _l “Jami _,l l ()ccasional brand l _l_.__i,_,l-_,_l_ -.l -vl_-_-l l-_l_ l__l l , l. 1..-, l _I

Number of cigarettes smoked per day l _ l __l Dale l--- , l . . ._l l _l., l l l ._l



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i. [ll‘fl

Ll G H T S l perm um I AM A UK RESIDENT SMOKKR AGED 18 YEARS ()R oven tfr-‘H‘t'il‘Siflll‘i-llhl.\ < 1.: \ 3.1m 2 2“: S i! t: -\.i.'l‘ H Signature l LST l

Date of Birth l l h l l _J l _ i i

If you do NOT wish to receive more information about future Marlboro offers please tick this box.

Cut out coupon and post to: Marlboro Experience USA '96. Freepost A1. 335. Exeter. EX1 1A2.



Officers’ Warning

Marlboro Lights 6mg Tar 0.5mg Nicotine