I992 tale of one woman's struggle to keep it all together after a car crash. Part of Glasgay! I ASSEMBLY ROOMS 5-1 George Street. Jessles with Attitude Sat 4 Nov. 220 4348. Ticketline: 220 4349. (Access; l0.15pin. £3 (£2). Powered readings from ST. R. Facilities: WC. W8. G] the cutting edge of performance poetry. Speak Bitterness Thurs 9—Sat l 1 Nov. . featuring the talents of Glasgow‘s Toni 7.30pm. £7 (£5). Rarely seen in Scotland Davidson combining his own music with but revered throughout the UK. queercore prose. Graham Bell's exceptional Sheffield ensemble Forced intellectual drag-writing and Glasgayl Entertainment give you seven performers legend Cal King. Part of Glasgay! and a battery of confessions -- from major Victor/Victoria: Cultural Cross-dressing crimes like forgery or genocide. to Fri 3 Nov 10. l5pin. £3 (£2). C‘r'oss- personal sins like reading someone else's dressing de-frocked. with a distinguished diary. Part of Assembly Alive! See panel of guests including radical preview. American photographer and drag-king A Decade of Forced Entertainment Sat l l Della Grace and leading US lesbian NOV. 2pm. £5 (£3). Ten years in the lift: of i performer Peggy Shaw. Part ofGlasgay! an experimental theatre company. as the 9 Oueer PC: What’s in a Name? Sat 4 Not; renowned Sheffield-based ensemble 2pm, £3 (£3), Sue Golding, preside-m of present a show which is one-part their 5 Buddies in Bad Times Theatre. Toronto. own history. one-part a comment on our Julia Brosnari. producer of BBC Rtrdio 4‘s dysfunctional society and last but not A Stun/(iv (lining and choreographer. it‘ll“ OllC'lWl Lllil‘l 500‘“ Bl’m'rc 0" l director and performer Sti'uan Leslie go what? Part of Assembly Alive! i several rounds discussing how the A $8380" in H8" Wed lS-Fri l7 Nov. I lesbian/gay/queer community can effect 7.30pm. £6 (£4). Ground-breaking ; change. in a society that relies on names company Xpi'ess Munich. known best for l and labels. Part ofGlasgay! a dedication to building bridges on the i A Man with Connections Tue 7—Sat ll international arts scene. return to Scotland _: _ Nov. 8pm. USO/£6.50 (£3); first night with the premiere of a highly physical a . :.~ . ~ g 9225' Pm“ Thuler (“"“p“'l"' welcome “‘0‘? '“spmd by (he 1”“ 0' the Look of love: Tarn Dean Burn and Anne Marlo Tlmoney In Stones and Ashes at the Traverse vrsning Russian director Vadim Radun charismatic l9th century poet and angry into the fold, for this touring production of young man. Arthur Rimbaud. Part of at Jutland Sun 5 -Wed 8 Nov. 7.45pm. inimitable perforiiier/director Steven Alexander Gelman's post—glasnost tale of Assembly Alive! James Murray stars in a double bill of Berkoff directs and stars in Oscar Wilde‘s one couple and their experience of the Contemp Dance Company Wed 8—Thurs 9 monologues written by five-times Fringe riIUCOUS. lusty interpretation of the biblical demise ofcommunism, See review, Nov. 7.30pm. £5 (£3). See Dance. First winner John Cargill Thompson. tale ofSulo/né. See preview. The Seal Wife Tue 14—Sat 18 Nov. 8pm_ I CAFE ROYAL BISTRO BAR West Register I CHURCH HILL THEATRE Morningside I KING’S THEATRE 2 Leven Street. 220 £7.50/£6.50 (£3): first night £2.50. See Stret. 556 2549. I Road. 228 1155. Ticketline: 220 4349. 4349- [ACCCSSI R. L. Facilitlt‘st WC. W5. Touring. A Matter of conviction/Hamlet ll: Prince l Someone Who’ll Watch Over Me Fri 3—Sat H. G. Help: AA] l 4 Nov. 7.30pm. £4.50 (£2.50). Simon Pride of Scotland Until Sat 4 Nov. . Biggam directs new Glasgow company 730nm; Sat mat 2.30pm. £(i.5()--£ l0. TOURING VENUES Her'ette in key lush dramatist Frank Tartan rugs at the ready for an all-round ; lvchurness's emotive account of how knees-up. Scottish variety style. wrth a THROUGHOUT ; mm; ordinary men cope when they're line-up that includes the Alexander EAST LOTHIAN l taken hostage in Lebanon. Part of the Bl‘UthrS. I‘lhnny Realm“ Willi” C3”- ; Amnesty International Art and Freedom Amt Williatltsml. Attnc liicltlS. The THE R ' . ' Festival, Angela Forsyth Dancers and the Pride of B UNTON THEATRE COMPANY IS ON THE ROAD. I EDINBURGH FESTIVAL 1mm W29 Wm, Ommm AUTUMN 81 SPRING l995/96 Nicnlwn street. 539 6000. [Access: 1“ Barnum Tue 7—-Sat 18 Nov. Tue-Sat Nell Simon's They're Playing Our Song - 25 October - l7 November I995 l"ilcilillcsi WC- W3. A5. H. C T. Helpi Al 7399'“; chl/S‘” '"m 2391’.” . at Husselburgh Old Town Hall, Dunbar Corn Exchange Pau' Taylm Dance company Um” Sill ‘1 “159419-59- Andrclv O (‘mmor Sm” m a. The Marine Hotel North semi“, Nov, 7.30pm £4 «£20, Sec Dance, the hit West lznd musical that pays a An evening with A'astair McDonaId. Arcadia Tue 7—831 ll Nov, 7,3(lpm; Yved suitably showbizzy tribute to PT Barnum. Manda 1 30 20 N b mat. Zprnisut mat, 2,30pm £6_£17,3(), the man who created The Greatest Show 7 ° 9"" ovem er at ~ v ~ ~ w . m w luarth‘. See revrew. Dunbar Corn Exchange Revivalot the Royal National Theatre s 0“ P _‘ ‘_ I ~ production of Tom Stoppard s latest I PLAYHOUSE THEATRE (INCH-“dc Pldtc- steeping Beauty . The pan“, . starring Russet] Hunter award-winning drama about the cultural 557 3590- [ACCCSSI R. L- l‘llClllllC-‘i WC‘ 5 . 28 December at the gulf between the 19th and 20th centuries; WS. G. C] Brunton Hall, Musselburgh (all tickets £5.00!) and between scientists and artists, See The Phantom Of the Opera Until Slit 7.0 Tickets (except where stated)' (6 00 (Full) (5 00 (Conn) £4 00 (Matinees) pmme April. Mun—SM 7.30m“ wed/sat mm " ' ' ' Salomé Tue lit—Sat 18 Nov, 7,30pm; Sat 2.30pm. £5~-£27.50. Andrew Lloyd For reservations, venue information, further details and a brochure please mat. 2.30pm. £5.50«£ 17.50. Theatrical Webbch blOCkbU-S‘ling IIIUSlCill ilbOUl lllt‘ telephone the Brunton Theatre Box Office on 0 till 665 2240 excess and decadence to the max. as ht‘dUlil‘Ul 0Pcra Singer and the (ll-“figured

llie Department of l‘ci'liii'riirrig .\i'ts presents at



Directed by Silviii l’tircarctc

A haunting] and spectacular interpretation l4 18 November

Tickets from £8 (£5) Bookings 0141 227 5511 lRAM‘VAY 22 Albert Drive Glasgow (£41 Zl’li

64 The List 3-16 Nov 1995