This section gives details of selected events taking place in and around the central belt of Scotland this fortnight. Events are listed by area and then alphabetically. All submissions should be accompanied by a contact phone number for our information. Days out compiled by Thom Dibdin.


I BORDER CANARY ASSOCIATION ANNUAL SHOW Sat 4. 2.30—6pm/Sun 5. 9am—3pm. Volunteer Hall, St John Street. Galashiels. £1 (50p). What a tweet. the second biggest canary show in Britain and the only two-day show of Border canaries in Scotland. In the place where they got their name. to boot. Finches were brought back from the Canary Islands as early as the 15th century and proved so adaptable to breeding in captivity that many different breeds evolved. often from a single pair. Labourers and workmen on both sides of the border kept canaries. but it was not until the 1800s. when a competitive edge crept into keeping the birds. that they were defined as being of any particular type. Rivaly grew so intense that. to settle the matter once and for all. a meeting was called in 1890 where the favourite bird was made the definitive Borders canary. It must have been a good choice too. as now the breed is the most popular in the world. I SHOOTING STARS IN THE NIGHT SKY Thurs 16. 7—9pm. Chambers Institute. near the Tourist Information Centre. Peebles. £1. If the sky is clear. this will involve a walk to a local viewpoint to look for shooting stars and identify the constellations with the help of an expert from the Royal Obsveratory. Edinburgh. 1n the case of it being overcast. there will be a short slide show instead.


Nov. Mon-Sat 9.30am-8pm. Sun 10am—6pm (Sun). £3.50 (£2). Rothes Halls. Rothes Square. Glenrothes. Thrill to scenes of extreme brutality from Jurassic times. brought to bloody and savage robotic life. Gasp as Protoceratops defends its nest and young from two ravening Velociraptors. C00 and go 'Ahh‘ as Dilophosaurus drinks from a midnight pool. Be completely revolted by the table manners of Utahraptor. the ‘super slasher‘. 2000/1D ain‘t got nothing on this little nest of thrills!

This glorious snap of Dave Mackay attempting to remove Billy Bremner’s shirt is just one of the autographed shots you can pick up at Christie’s auction of football memorabilia this week. What, we want to know,

happened next? Did Billy give Dave 3 1 big Glasgow kiss? Were there tide marks on his shirt? ls Big Dave muttering ‘hit me, hit me’ under his breath because he can see the ref hot- footing it up the pitch?

While most of what is on offer is in the usual round of caps, programmes, signed shirts, medals and the like, there are a few things which should interest the most ardent footie fan. There’s the actual ball used in the 1962/63 FA Cup Final and a complete run of Charles Buchan’s Football Monthly, September 1951 to March 1962.

Pride of the auction, according to Bed O’Brien, Project Director for Glasgow’s soon-to-open football museum, is the Sheriff of London Charity Shield. A grotesque piece of

. ;- «A» ~.- “. ~ iiaiai'EJ-v‘ 1" is



Only a game: Dave Mackay and Billy Bremner debate some finer points of footie

1 late Victoriana, it conforms to

i O’Brien’s First Law of Football

1 Trophies: the brilliance of the trophy

i is in inverse proportion to the

1 importance of the competition.

1 Although the shield was competed

for by the top association football

; clubs between 1897 and 1907, it spent '1 the first six months of the new century in Glasgow’s People’s Palace when Aston Villa shared the shield with

I Queen’s Park. ‘The game went nil-nil and there was never a replay,’

1 according to O’Brien. ‘Allegedly, the

1 Queen’s Park players refused to go to the dinner with Aston Villa afterwards g because the Villa were professionals

E and Queen’s Park, of course, were lovely amateur lads who were still not having any truck with professionals.’ (Thom Dibdin)


i Wed 8, 11am and 2pm. Viewing: Mon

| 6, 1am-5pm; Tue 7, 10am-7pm.

! Christie’s Scotland, 164 Bath Street,

! Glasgow. 0141332 8134. catalogue

1 £4.

mam—6.30pm. Royal Scot Hotel. Glasgow Road. Edinburgh. This is the year of the sub-woofer and other fabby JBl. toys. If you are the kind of person who sees their car as nothing tnore than a mobile platform for the delivery of earth- shattering bass to the local denizens. then get you along to this exhibition. But don't forget your checkbook. Woofers and tweeters do not come cheap. And if they go cheep. then you know you‘ve either been had or your at the Borders Canary Show.

I WORSHIP WORKSHOPS Sat 4. 10atn--4pm. Mayfield Salisbury Church. Mayfield Road. Edinburgh. Free. 0131 555 5141. No. not the Late Late Service.



but a mainly musical day course for Christians who are looking for new ideas and material to use in worship. Workshops led by John 1.. Bell and people from the

s lona Community‘s Wild Goose Worship

; Group. Now there's a name to ponder on.





Wed 8. llatn and 2pm. (Viewing: Mon 6.

i 10am—5pm. Tue 7. 10am—7pm. Christies

1 Scotland. 164 Bath Street. Glasgow. 0141 332 8134. Catalogue £4. See photo



j noon—10pm (weekdays). 10am—10pm

(weekends). SECC. Finniestoun Quay.

Glasgow. £6 (£4). Your chance to peek at

the new models and decide which platform you'd like for your mobile hi-fi. Old models on view include a 1907 Rolls Royce Silver Ghost AX201 and a Ferrari F100. Until Saturday 18. Ford is holding a ‘Drive and Survive' exhibition in Hall ()ne which offers tuition from professional drivers in driving skills and manouvers. Perhaps they'll have a stress management workshop for those road rage incidents. ()n Sunday 19. DV1.A are flogging off 480 of their choice number plates. Yes. 1 OCH.C1 YDE. C1 ANS. 3 MAC or 2 SC() could be your personal number plate.


As the only person to enter parliament with honorable intentions. old Mr Fawkes deserves our fond remetnberances. Thrill to the sound of gunpowder. treason and plot at one of the municipal organised firework displays. and ponder on how it might have been if poor old Guy had not been fitted up. Don't forget to lock up the pets before leaving home. You don't want their tails to be singed now. do you.

I ABERDEEN: Sat 5. 7.15pm. Queen's Links. Sheddocksley (Springfield Road) and lnverdee (opposite Duthie Park). Supervised bonfires and fireworks displays.

CARMICHAEL: Sun 5. 7.30-l().30pm.

Discover Carmichael Visitor Centre.

7 Carmichael. near Biggar. Barbecue.

bonfire and fireworks display. DUNDEE Sun 5. 7pm. Free. Five bonfire

E and fireworks displays in five different

parks: Baxter, Dawson. Finlathen. Kirkton or Lochee. The decision. as they say. is yours.

EDINBURGH Meadowbank Stadium. £1.60 (stands) £1 on the ground. Sun 5. entertainment from 6.30pm. Fireworks from 7pm. This always sells out early so if you haven't got your ticket yet. rush off round to any of Edinburgh's Sports Centres or bag a decent place up on Arthur‘s Seat. The evening starts with a 600m running race for women at 6pm. followed by a Samba hand then a (100m race for the men at 7pm. If the weather is fine the display should last about an hour. if fog descends then it will be cut back to about 40 minutes.

GLASGOW Glasgow Green. Free. Sun 5. entertainment from 6.30pm. lasers and fireworks from 7.30pm. ()ver 30.000 folk are expected on the Green. so get there early. The Radio Clyde Roadshow will be on hand to keep the entertainment buzzing. but with the main firework display accompanied by synchronised music and a massive laser display. they are not likely to have their work cut out. Main public car park at Fleshers Haugh. MOTHERWELL Sun 5. 6—10.15pm. Free. Watersports Centre. Strathclyde Country Park. Hamilton Road. Motherwell. The entertainment kicks off with a funfair. jazz band and water-ski display from 6pm. The bonfire goes up at (1.45pm and the fireworks themselves start at 8.40pm. Albert and Henrietta the magic car will be doing their stuff for the kids. while iugglers and clowns will be cavorting through the crowds all evening. MUSSELBURGN Goose Green. Sun 5. 7.30pm. Free. Straightforward bonfire and fireworks.

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