I Taggart (Scottish) 9— IOpm. Second of a rock 'n' roll three-parter in which a band‘s drug-addled bass player is murdered and the keyboard player falls under suspicion. isn't that taking the old ‘musical and personal differences‘ maxim a bit far?

I Houghnecks (BBCI) 9.30- (0.20pm. See preview.

I Hedcaps (BBCi) 10.20—10.50pm. A new series which looks at the operations ofthe Royal Military Police and the fearsome punishment they mete out to insubordinates.

I Married With Children (Scottish) l0.30—l ipm. Cult US sitcom which is rendered bearable by the simple fact that it larnpoons every other woeful sitcom on the box.

I Omnibus: Foundation Course in Art (BBCl) il.50pm— l 2.40am. See feature.


I Freakazoid! (Scottish) 4.15-4.40pm. Kid‘s animated show. We just liked the name . . .

I The Here Avengers (BBCZ)

6.25-7. l5pm. Is it just me. or has anyone else noticed how utterly appalling the scripts are in this early 70s product of its times? Amazing what impresses you as a kid. Best thing about the show is still Purdey‘s high kicks.

I Heroes or Comedy: Frankie Howerd (Channel 4) 9—lOpm. Oo-er missus! Frankie Howerd is celebrated as the best

Christopher ‘Neanderthal‘ Lambert gets the role he was made for in this big- budget retelling of the Tarzan legend with many a symbolic point to make about attitudes to outsiders. people in foreign environments. etc.

I Passengers (Channel 4)

l l .30prn—l2.20am. Compilation of past ‘highlights‘ include a feature on lipstick lesbo group Fem 2 Fem. Paris street gangs and a video diary on Goldie. jungle‘s first superstar.


I The Golden Voyage or Sinbad (Scottish) 1.45-3.45pm. Just the trick for Saturday matinee viewing a sword and sandals special effects-laden adventure yarn starring John Philip Law.

I The Great Aussie Balloon Race (Channel 4) 7-8pm. Film which follows an attempt by two Australian adventurers to cross their country non-stop in a hot air balloon.

I Ddd Man Out (BBCZ) 8.05—8.55pm. Michael Cockerell presents a portrait of Enoch Powell from his days in grammar school when he was known as ‘Scowelly Powelly' to his tunnel vision as a political troublemaker during the ()0s and 70s.

I The Bodyguard (Scottish) 9—] l.25pm. America's answer to Breaking Glass starring Whitney Houston as a fabulously successful cybersongstress and Kevin

I Costner as her bodyguard. What's the

betting they fall in lurve'.’

comedian ever with expressive eyebrows I Screen Two: A Very Open Prison and the ittability to say anything without i: ; (BBCZ) 9.50— l().45pm. Repeat of what

i l i

corners men she admires in the public eye for a bit of a chinwag. An almost chilling thought

I later With Jools Holland (BBCz)

ll l5pm—12. 15am. ls Jarvis Cocker Mr Ubiquitous these days. or what? Pulp joins Jools for a big happy family studio jam with that other lanky camp icon

. Morrissey. and Randy Newman who‘s one

of those serious singer/songwriter types. I Young Soul Rebels (Channel 4) l2.20—2.l5am. All around them punk is exploding and a rtation prepares for the Queen's Silver Jubilee. but Chris and Cal. are too busy setting themselves tip as pirate soul DJs. Not a bad evocation of the times. despite the lukewarm reviews this film garnered on its release.

I living On The Edge (Channel 4) 2.45—3.20am. A year in the life of a community of trai cllers w ho decide to

settle in a Cornish quarry. and the

reactions they provoke in the local community.


I Grange Hill (BBCZ) l().25-- (0.50am. Vintage repeats of the gritty school drama. Hollyoukx schrnollyoaks.

I Star Trek (BBCZ) ll.4()am-12.3()pm.

More repeats from the days when the cast had to fling themselves mercilessly round the set to denote being hit by a meteor shower. etc.

I Mission Impossible (Channel 4)

l2. l5—l.l5pm. You wonder why they even bother in the first place if it's an

. impossible mission. then why not save ? yourself the effort?


I The Avengers (Channel 4) b~7ptn Far more credible than the concurrently screening New Avengers and now irt ftrll colour so it's easier to admire Diana Rigg's fab outfits. I Letter From America With Christopher Hitchens (Channel 4) 9-9.30pm. Hitchens offers his interpretations of the celluloid work of Spike Lee as Lee's new film C/m‘kt'rs‘ prepares for opening. I My Generation (Channel 4) 9.30— l()pm. The documentary series on fab beat groups of the bus continues with a look at the sugary Herman's Hermits who had their moments and a singer with an impressive set ofgnashers which he showed off by keeping his face in a permanent grin. 2 I Network First (Scottish) l().4()--—l i.4(lpm, Ctt'iliilltlllg the profile of the Getty dynasty.


I Randall And Hopkirk (Deceased) (BRCZ) 2. ltl—3ptn. (ireat crime series from the late oils which didn't take itself too seriously in which Jeff Randall solves mysteries with a little help from the ghost of his dead partner Marty Hopkir'k.

I Chartbite (Scottish) 7--7.3(lpm. liwan

and Mari ltttk together the latest pop

i videos and gossip using some spurious btrt amusing theme.

I University Challenge (BBCZ)

3.30 9pm. Jeremy l’axman plays the bossy tutor in one of the few quiz shows

| was a highly topical black comedy drama i enrendre. i shown earlier this year. The excellent Tom ; I Shooting Stars (BBCZ) 9.30—10pm. i Wilkinson stars as Home Secretary David Side-splitting quiz entertainment from Vic , Hanratty. a man who finds his chief goal

sounding like some sort oft/ouhle I The Titiield Thunderbolt (Channel 4) 3.55-5.30pm. Classic lialing comedy starring such memorable faces as Sid

James and Hugh Griffiths about a

that actually seems to stretch the teams' intelligence.

I Four Weddings And A Funeral (Channel

grown men. for crying out loud.

DI The Ages (BBCl) l0.20pm—l2.3()am.

‘n' Bob. Where are their heads at'.’ They‘re t is keeping prisoners in the nation's


I Greystoke: The legend of Tarzan, lord I Street-Porter’s Men (Channel 4) i

l(l.45—l 1.20pm. Janet Street-Porter

AntllllllllllllllmM BOUKSEI .I JERS

Tuesday 7th November 7pm

T. Coraghessan Boyle

will be reading from his new book

The Tortilla Curtain

James Thin 53-59 South Bridge Edinburgh 0131 556 6743

. community who decide to run their own

; rail service when BR close down their

branch line.

I The Persuaders! (Channel 4) ()--7pm.

Never mind the plot. check otrt the strides. ? Essential viewing for all 70s kitschophiles.

j I Schotield’s Guest (Scottish)

3 (i.4()-7.3()pm. Philip Scholield tries to

trnravel the great mysteries of life. such as Mcatloaf’s continuing popularity.

I On The Road Again (BBCZ) 7-~7.3()ptn. Simon Dring continues to follow the hippy trail to lndia. encountering fellow travellers en route.

I Witness: Football, Faith And Flutes (Channel 4) 9—I0pm. Channel 4's religious strand finally turns its attentions to the blight of sectarianism in Scotland. See feature.

I Hight And The City (Channel 4) l()pm—midnight. Part of the current neo- noir season of films. this one starring Robert De Niro and Jessica Lange and set in the shadowy world of boxing.


I Four Fingers And A Thumb (Channel 4) 8—8.30pm. David Bower. who played Hugh Grant‘s deaf brother in Four Wet/dings Am] A Funeral. looks at the importance of sign language. not just to deaf people but in environments where speaking isn't allowed.

I The Factory (Channel 4) 9-9.4Spm. New five-part series documenting the highs and lows of life in a Liverpool factory. See preview.

I Cracker (Scottish) 9—10pm. Fitz. continues his ruthless psychological cross- examinations in between whiskies and ciggies.

I The X Files (BBCB) 9—9.45pm. Mulder and Scully continue their highly addictive investigations into the paranormal.

I Scottish Women (Scottish)

10.30—I l.3()pm. Discussing the subject of hormone replacement.

I In Your Face (BBCZ) ll.l5-—l 1.55pm. New series profiling contemporary Scottish writers. starting with James Kelman. See preview.

4) ‘) 11.15pm. You know the story. you must have seen it by now. Don't suppose I that will stop a nation sitting down and watching it on tnasse all over again. Why was this incredibly average cottiedy such a huge worldwide liit'.’

I Mermaids (Scottish)

9- l()pm/li).4()-l1.40pm. No more diverting or challenging titan l’uur

i ll'er/t/ingv -- Cher and Winona Ryder star : as an unconventional mother and daughter coming to terms with growing old arid growing up respectively.

I Shampoo (Scottish) ll.4()pm- l .40am. Classic 70s kitsch starring Warren Beatty as a hairdresser who gives his clients more than a cut and blow dry.

I The Shooting Gallery (Channel 4) USS-«4.35am. Another night ofshort films including Sally Kerosene about a girl who looks fora virtual reality mother and Hinekaro Goes On A Picnic And Blows Up Another Obelisk which probably

won't be as good as its title.


I Top or The Pops (BBCI) 7—7.3(lprn. liminently watchable chart rundown which has rediscovered the inherent humour of the pop charts and the utterly

i ridiculous nature of many of the acts who ; make it into the hit parade.

2 I Secret Lives: Edward Vlll - The Traitor King (Channel 4)9--10pm. First of a two- part reassessment of the king who was forced to abdicate because of his marriage to Wallis Simpson. This programme aims to uncover the real constitutional reasons i for the abdication and the extremity of

i Edward's right-wing political views.

; I Taggart (Scottish) 9-—l(lpm. Continuing i the rock ’n‘ roll storyline.

I I Doctors to The Dock (BBCE)


l0- l0.3()pm. Series looking at particular cases of medical malpractice.

o I Jake’s Progress (Channel 4) lO—l l.35pm. The final part of Alan

Bleasdale’s latest drama series.

I I The Beat (Scottish) l2.45-—l.40am.

l Gary Crowley gets over-excited by the latest indie and dance releases.

SD The List 3-16 Nov 1995