Ilandel rather than the custom-written omamental ditiics his fans love. Ornate costumes. arresting vocal set pieces and a strong dramatic undercurrent nrake this a feast for the eyes and ears that doesn't ignore the mind. Glasgow: GFT. Edinburgh: Filmhouse.

I Fire Festival Ilimursuri ( 18) (Mitsuo Yanagimachi. Japan. 1984) Kinya Kitaoji. Kiwako Taiehi. Ryota Nakamoto. 120 mins. Centring on a burly. pantheist Iurnberjack at union with nature. this ponentous film explores the relationship between humanity and the environment. without bowdlerising the sex and violence of the natural world. and culminating in an extraordinary climax. Stunningly filmed among coastal mountains in an idyllic location. it is an eloquent expression of social. environmental and personal aspects of Shintoisrn. Edinburgh: Filmhouse.

I Free Willy 2 (PG) (Dwight Little. US. 1995) Jason James Richter. Michael Madsen. Jayne Atkinson. When his real mother dies. Jesse (Richter) discovers that he has a half-brother. who then joins him and Jesse‘s foster parents on an island holiday. Killer whale Willy's also there with his family. as is an oil slick (and. of course. a convenient cco-message). A tad too arrodyrre

A young filrrr student polishes up his memory with clips featuring a cast of thousands:


Deneuve. [)e Niro. Harrison Ford. Martin Sheen.

Jeanne Moreau. and on and on.

Consenternent Mutuel (15) (Bemard Stora. France. 1994) Richard Berry. Anne Brochet. Adrienne Winling. 105 mins. An exceptionally

assured debut from Stora. this dissection of a

marriage on the rocks also lartrbasts the French

' legal system for its attitude to women. Big stars and a big subject. it has far rrrore credibility than.

say. Kramer vs Kramer.

Dieu, l’Amant De Ma Mere Et le Fils Du Charcutier (l5) (Aline lsserman. France. 1995) Richard Bohringer. Lio. Francis lltrstcr. 9l mins.

once again. set to the music of Scottish composer Patrick Doyle.

Damn Maudlt (18) (Josiane Balasko. France. 1994) Josiane Balasko. Victoria Abril. Alain

C habat. 105 mins. Balasko. best known for her

role in Tmp Belle Pour Tm'. writes. directs and

stars in this very funny sex comedy that

The director of the excellent A Slririlmv ()flhmhr

turns her hand to a delightfully silly corrredy about miscltevious children and wayward adults. An amateur production of Don Jliull is the

setting for this ensemble coirredy which gaily blurs fact and fiction.

Dis Moi Dui (PG) (Alexandre Arcady. France. 1995) Jean-Hughes Anglade. Jtrlia Mar‘aval. (‘latrde Rich. 111 mins. Anglade calms down after sortie manic recent outings. playing a

doctor whose life is turned upside down when he comes into contact with a twelve-year-old

and uninvcntive to reallyjtrstify its existence. the Fast (15) (Dante Desar'thc. France. 199-1)

movie does have its familiar charms. General release.

I French Film Festival Now in its fotrrtlr year. with its strongest programme yet. the FFF runs concurrently at the Glasgow Film Theatre and lidinbtrrgh Filmhouse.

Adultere. Mode D'Enrploi ( IS) (Christine Pascal. France. 1995) Karin Viard. Vincent Cassel. Richard Berry. 95 mins. Two architects test the strength of their relationship over a day of infidelity. jealousy and deceit. An in-your-faee user's guide to adultery from the director of Le I’eii! l’rim'e A [)r'!.

La Baum (PG) (Claude l’inoteau. France. 1980) Brigitte Fossey. Claude Brasseur. Sophie Marceau. 100 mins. A box office smash on its release in France. btrt not shown here. this was its home country's Surrrrdrrv Night Fever. the film that defined a generation of teen rebellion. It also launched the career of Sophie Marceau (Bruvelreurr). and her directing debut L'Auhe A I.'Errver.v (8 mins) will also be screened.

[es 101 Nuits (PG) (Agnes Var‘da. France. 1995) Michel l’iccoli. Marcello Mastroiarrni. llenri Garcin. 125 mins. Varda celebrates the centenary ofcinerna by casting l’iccoli as the living embodiment of the screen's first hundred years.

runaway girl. Light and charming.

Frederic Gelard. Jean-Francois Stevenin. Karin Viard. 99mins. A country boy stumbles into the big city to find the sexy Parisienne who seduced him dtrring a brief visit to his village. To make some money. he takes a job in a fast food franchise. and his rise to the top of the ladder astonishes everyone. A frothy comedy as pacy as its title.

- Faut ll Ahner Mathilde? ( l5) (Edwin Baily.

France. 1993) Dominique Blane. Paul Crauchet. Andre Marcon. 95 mins. Blane delivers a splendid. multi-facctcd performance as a woman

; who can't make up her mind about the man she wants to live with. The director claims the

I British cinema of Loach and Leigh as his

inspiration. With Les Pied SUNS Lu 721/)Ie (8 mins).

Une Femrue Francaise (15) (Regis Wargnier. France. 1995) Emmanuelle Bean. Daniel Auteuil. Gabriel Barylli. 100 mins. The director of Int/whine delivers another lush. epic love

story based on his mother‘s life. A newly rnamed bride has an affair when her husband

goes off to fight in WW2; when they try to

3 repair their marriage in post-war Berlin. she falls

for an industrialist. The global locations are.




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celebrates the libido and turns around the love triangle. A ballsy dyke disrupts the household of a sexist git and an openmrinded beauty. See review.

11 y 3 Des Jours Et Des Lune: (15) (Claude Lelouch. France. 1989) Gerard Lanvin. Patrick Clresnais. Vincent Lindon. 117 rrrins. The director who made his name in the 60s with Une llmrrnre Er Urre F emme here plays with comedy as the switch to summer time affects the behaviour of a mixed group of characters.

Stnrctured like Altman's Nashville. this is an unashamedly sentimental ensemble piece.

Un Indien Dans La Ville (PG) (llerve Paltrd.

France. 1994) Thierry Lhennitte. Patrick Timsit.

Miou Miou. 89 rrrirrs. The French family film of the year. which rivalled Disney's The Lion King at the box office. plays Scotland in both subtitled and dubbed fonn (check Listings). A kid raised in the Amazon is brought to Paris by his long- lost father. who himself is undergoing romantic complications. A charmer.

I Marie-louise Du La Pennissslon (15) (Manuel

Fleehe. France. 1995) Kate Beckinsale. Eric Ruf. Marie Caries. 85 mins. The English actress Kate Beckinsale (Much Ado About Nothing) plays an American in Paris. a young girl in love with a French soldier on weekend leave in the city. Shot in Scope and set at a breakneck pace. this fluffy concoction is deliberately feel-good.

Metisse(lS) (Mathieu Kassovitz. France. 1993) Julei Maudech. Ilubert Kounde. Mathieu

Kassovitz. 95 rrrins. The feature debut by the director of La Maine is a fast-paced interracial comedy which stars the writer-director as a Jewish bike courier who shares a West Indian girlfriend with an African law graduate. When she announces that she is pregnant. but isn't sure who the father is. any notions of animosity must

be pushed to the side.


Les Miserables (12) (Claude Lelouch. France. 1995) Jean-Paul Belrnondo. Michel Boujenah. Annie Giradot. 177 mins. A vastly enjoyable 20th century updating of the Iltrgo novel. which also examines the effects of trial. tribulation and coincidence on a single man (Belmondo). Its unflinching depiction of France's treatment of the Jews under the Occupation puts iron in the movie's abundant soul. See review.

Nelly E! M. Amaud (15) (Claude Sautet. France. 1994) [Emmanuelle Beart. Michel Serrault. Jean- Ilughes Anglade. 105 mins. Sautet's first film after Un Cnerrr En [liver is another delicate yet complex study of human relationships. A woman in her twenties. unlucky in love. meets a retired magistrate and friendship blossoms when she takes a job helping him write his memoirs.

Neut Mois (PG) (Patrick Braoude. France. 1994) Patrick Braoude. Daniel Russo. Philippine Leroy-Beaulieu. 107 mins. Before Hugh Grant and Hollywood got their hands on the story. this

superior original had charmed France. The story's the same an unwilling father tries to

'. cope with his girlfriend's pregnancy but the

observation is much sharper. N'Dubliez Pas Due Tu Vas Mourir (18) (Xavier Beauvois. France. 1995) Xavier Beauvois. Chiara Mastroianni. Roschdy Zem. 121 mins. An HIV-positive student (played by writer- director Beauvois) copes with life by exploring the heightened perception brought on by the certainty of death. On a dream trip to Italy. he finds love and drugs. Sexually candid. with strong drtrg content. the film may find subsequent trouble with the UK censors. bit! in its full form. it's definitely one of the French films of the year. The Edinburgh screenings coincide with World AIDS day. and throughout the Festival. a selection of AIDS shorts. part of a French cinema and TV campaign. will screen with features. Personae lte M'Alme (15) (Marion Vernoux. France. 199-1) Bernadette Lafont. Bulle Ogier. Lio. 95 mins. A tender and absurdist female road movie. which takes two very different sisters and a couple of kindred spirits across France on a joint man-hating spree. Original version without subtitles. Begarde les Ilomrnes Tomber ( l8) (Jacques Atrdiard. France. 1994) Jean-Louis Trintignant. Jean Yanne. Matthieu Kassovitz. 100 mins. An unsuccessful salesman abandons his wife to find the killers (Trintignant and Kassovitz) of his friend in this superbly writtenfi/m Hair. The individual stories are deftly interwoven. bringing together the old and new generations of French cinema. 5 Trap De Bonheur ( IS) (Cedric Kahn. France. 1995) Estelle Perron. Caroline Trousselard. Malek Becher. 85 mins. Over an afternoon and an evening. four youngsters - one of them French-Arabic discuss exams. sex and the l uncertain future. Working in a similar area to Les Ruserrrix Sum-ages. Kahn's film has a

sympathetic ear for French provincial life.

I French Kiss ( 12) (Lawrence Kasdarr. US. 1995) Meg Ryan. Kevin Kline. Jean Reno. 111 mins. When her fiance skips off with a French beauty while on a Parisian business trip. Kate (Ryan)jumps on a transatlantic flight and tries to track him down. There she meets dodgy Frenchman Luc (Kline). and animosity gradually develops into something else. The script is mediocre. the plot formulaic. the middle sags. and the two stars don't muster the necessary chemistry to make it work as a romance. General release.

I Doldeneye (12) (Martin Campbell. UK/L‘S. 1995) Pierce Brosnan. Sean Bean. Izabella Sconrpco. 130 mins. A long wait. a new Bond. a twist to bring him tip to the 90s. It‘s definitely worth it. beeatrse this is a solid two-and-a-bit hours of fun. filled with all the old puns and gadgets. but with a bit of character development. Brosnan is the best Bond since Connery. and his wry smile Irelps our hero through his trials as he tracks down the baddies who have hijacked a satellite system that can wipe the world's computers clean. See feature and review. General release.

I Gulliver's Travels (U) (l’etcr llrrnt. t'K. 1976) Richard Harris. 81 mins. Inofferrsive treatment of Swift‘s raucous parable for the matinee market. lrrteresting as a pie-Roger Rub/iii example of the integration of animation and live action. with llarris's Gulliver the only human element. Stratlrclyde: WMR.

I La llaine (18) (Matthieu Kassovitz.. France. 1995) Vincent Cassel. Hubert Kounde. Said 'l‘aghtrraoui. 85 mins. This edgy. black-and-white portrait of racial tension and police brutality on a run-down estate outside Paris won twentysomething Kassovitz. the Director's Prize at the 1995 Cannes Film Festival. 'l‘hr'ce ethnically mixed lads come tip against the cops when one of their pals is hospitalised after a raid. Urgent. compelling filrrrrnakirrg that's as punchy as a blow to the head. See preview and review. Glasgow: (ll-'1". lidinbtrrgh: Filmhouse.

I Hamlet (U) (Franco Zeffirelli. US. 1990).\Ie1 Gibson. Alan Bales. Glenn Close. Paul Scofield. llelena Bonharrr-Carter. Ian llolm. 135 mins. A young man returns home from university to find his father dead and his mother marrying his uncle. 'l'herr llamlet senior‘s ghost shows up. whispering to him of murder most fotil. and it's

all downhill after that. More than twenty years

after Zeffirelli's aneu Aml Jri/ier comes this

colourful and lively production of Shakespeare's greatest play. with a very strong. mostly British

1 cast and the best performance in years from

Gibson in the title role. lidinburgh: l-"ilmhoirsc. I Henry V (PG) (Latrrence ()livier. I.'K. 1944) Laurence Olivier. Renee Asherson. Robert Newton. Leslie Banks. Majestic propaganda effort filmed in Ireland with ()livier bravely galloping arorrrrd with a lot of Irish farmers doubling as the cream of the French and Iinglish nobility. It holds a special place in screen mythology and inspired a rmrddier version by

: Young l’relerri/er Kenneth Brannagh. Glasgow:


I Jade (18) (William Friedkin. 1995) Dav id Caruso. Linda Fiorentino. Chazz Palminteri. 95 mins. A bloody murder an alluring woman with a double identity. a detective seduced by the

; vamp he's investigating it's another script by Joe liszterhas which. like b‘rriii' Irririrri'! and

Sliver. distracts the atrdience from the ludicrous

plot with sleazy visual exotica. Add out-of—touch

director Fricdkin (The French (‘mrrrei‘riir/r) and

the restrlt is a savagely stupid movie full of

overacting. All ISC‘Is.

I Judge Dredd ( 15) (Danny Cannon. l'K/I'S. I995) Sylvester Stallone. Armand Assantc. Diane Lane. It seems that Mega City ()nc's

toughest lawman. Judge Dredd. has a

genetically-rrrutaled clone of a brother". who has just escaped from prison and is bent on destroying the Judge System. the only thing that keeps this post-atorrric world in order. Fans may have a feeling of unease about Stallonc's casting. but in young director Danny (‘annon there's at least someone who understands Dredd‘s mythology and who proved. with The Hiring Americans. that he's good on atmosphere if not plot. Central: MacRobert.

I King lear (U) ((ir‘igori Kosintsev. (.'SSR. 1971) Yuri Jarvet. 137 mins. Brilliant Russian version of Shakespeare filmed in bleak

i monochrome. which emphasises the theme of

civilisation in turmoil rather than the private tragedy. Glasgow: GI’I‘.

I Ladybird. Ladybird ( I8) (Ken Loach. (K.

1994) Crissy Rock. Vladimir Vega. Sandie Lavelle. 101 mins. Loach's latest hard-hitting socio-politieal drama tells the story of ‘Maggie‘. a woman with a history of relationships with violent men. who has her four children taken from her when she refuses to co-operate with Social Services. A new liaison with a gentle South American exile only causes new traurrias. Loach pushes our sympathies to the side of the underdogs rather than the social workers who are also victims of a heartless system. lixtrcmely

28 The List l7-3() Nov 1995