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lovely black 7in vinyl. at death, Zanzibar’s most celebrated son 0V9lb'0l'l' ll Shilll'd‘be 00%?“ by

least one of which has seems as immortal as the cinematic Shll'lfr 335381 and l W35 30'" 7910‘“!

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but llO'CUl‘L‘ ltil' till CVllS. famous Boystown ltache' l 393"]. (Rodgef Evans) r Mining a similar

Britpop vein are Peptone

whose debut single

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’Smashing' has a lot to

recommend it, notions-i , balladic ideas sound subtle and

two rollicking B-sides and \ intimate.

‘cndmc-V “’ “m” "V" \ something TD RemainberlMaverick) 0n the one hand, there is the inspired like a cross between A compilation, says the lady, to hook-up with Massive Attack, 3 [3"g5'wd 3”“ “m” 70" redress the imbalance between the ? version at Marvin Gaye’s ‘I Want You’.

litiropop chart-topper.

Those two releases swagger where Motor Liie Co‘s ‘My Mail Order Thai Bridc' (l’elitlejo) shows oil. a variety of galls.

controversy and the music. Here, then, ' The Bristol boys had already tried and - ‘without a lot oi ianiare, without any tailed to work with Chaka Khan and . ._, distraction’ that is, without the Aaron lleville on the track; working . bondage, matadors, scuddy books and with Madonna involved less ego and t conical bras - are Madonna’s ballads. bureaucracy and, partly as a

strolling rh)‘lhmicull.\' The songs where the steaminess is consequence, the results are through the Verse. implied, where the images are soit- staggering. filmmw ‘Tzrflly f’t" y - locus. 0n the other are ‘Take A Bow’, ‘Live intiriftflititiw :ii‘lz-t-IQH‘L I And, in SlQNllicanl Chunks, To Tell’ and ‘You’ll See’ Madonna co- before the end in case Semething 70 figment”!!! is quite writes that ilirt with the heinous they never get another bllll'antr a remind“ that bethd the abomination known as the power chance to show on their verbiage and outrage la Ciccone is ballad, but wisely let the iorce oi her rifting virtuosity again. still a great artist. An artist able to vocal personality carry the emotion.

Ne" Sturgeon's‘ ‘Drczlm cherry-pick the best collaborators and Marian take note. (Craig McLean) .

ln Full (‘olour‘ lil’ (Troubadour) is as linear

as Motor lii‘e (‘o are _ And, wisely, he never hangs around in } circuitous. ()peiiiiig track any particular musical territory long i

‘Mot-in‘ Slow' is the most enough ior anyone to get restless.

POW“ 931W": 0' “'5‘ The cognoscenti will carp, much as

“"“"“f”"".“”g°'l' 530.9593 Paradise (Tommy 30') grunge purists did when Nirvana went

1:2:r{:;fiii:‘;”“ Coolio - sounding older, wiser and supernova. And they’ll have a point,

trucks. sound to; wearler than most current rap though not one which would put up

lightweight without the comenders "' mail have had a I“ at mun“ 0' a swap againSl the

injection of a heart- determined marketing on his side, but compelling listener-iriendliness oi

wringing melody. Tonic it’s the naked passion in his voice that this record. More irritating is the get-

pull off the samebrassy earned ‘Gangsta’s Paradise’ the out clause by which Coolio can have

P0P "‘Ck‘ 0”}“6‘1 distinction oi becoming the iirst rap his cake and eat it too: he dreams oi

cpf"‘I-V"I“T"I;: EEhzgaeld single to enter the British singles escaping the drive-bys and casual

ELh an awuxtic pop chart at Number One. Gangstas murders while still dramatising them

furrow on their debut Paradise! the album! "i" "0 (mum in two superfluous Vigneues' Those! l -,t,,t,tht.,.1~h,,c- ttmm shirt many a unit too, and deservedly and questionable reworkings oi ‘You but the result is totally 50- Caught Me Smiling’ and ‘Me And Mrs ; bereft of any dynamism Hailing as he does irom Compton, Jones’ drag down a potentially . g and can at best he laden Coolio’s concerns are predictable and brilliant album to the depths at one i “"‘h “‘9 drew” his rage and despair about a that’s merely very good indeed. I '

description ‘jangly'. New Edinburgh combo Rude at least have teeth. Their ‘Freakin' A Side' lEP on Dollydagga Records comprises three

‘generation oi Iostniggas’ palpable. ' (Alastair Mabbo") .

the ilesh ot a waking nightmare; round _ every lyrical corner, there’s a deal

diverse tracks the gone wrong followed by a brutal unashamedly mainstream death. the onty time that the musical melodic “We the III Temples 0f Boom (Sony) mood lightens a shade is on ‘Boom

artfully plundered Jimi Hendrix number and the Janet Jackson/Mariah Carey Christmas Number

Two years alter the release oi their Biddy Bye Bye’ where Muggs, B-Beal second album, the Latino rappers have and Sen Dog taunt a victim about his released another paean to the joys oi iorthcoming execution over a melody

One big ballad. the weed and the thrill oi the Glock. that could have been lilted irom an Speaking of the This time round, the basic game plan easy-listening elevator muzak tape. Chrismm Number 0110. it remains the same but whereas Black The rapping is largely uninspired and

won't be The Beat Poets‘ version of ‘Silent Night‘. but if you do buy it. 90

Sunday was a spliii-inspired paranoia the musical composition holds little oi trip interspersed with cocky rapping, the addictive books that the crew are

per cm of [he pm,ch this is a blurry yetwired comedown capable oi.,li there’s goi’ngto be blood 3 goes ,0 The, my AW and alter a heavy sessmn on some killer spill in the hood then its likely to be i you get mt, more in- t skunk. that oi record company executives 1 character surf The sense oi imminent catastrophe is who’ve topped themselves because at 1 instrumentals for your i overwhelming. The underlying bass poor sales. A disapointment. (Jonathan pains. l drags like a meathook jerking through Trew)

40 The List 17-30 Nov l‘NS