Barrow/and, Glasgow, 11 Nov.

It’s not unusual for seriously moshworthy American underground acts to be known as singles bands, but Foo Fighters have the potential to be the first bubblegum rock band, and as such they’ve already demonstrated that they know the power of the single. Three absolute gems have been proferred so far and have raised hopes accordingly. Dave Grohl, it seems, really has a knack with a cheesy tune; his band have been rightly touted as Nirvana on Prozac. At first, it sounds like a compliment, but think about it: Nirvana on Prozac wouldn’t work; it was nihilism that fuelled their rocket- propelled stormers and it was hopelessness that inspired their cries in the dark.

But back to those singles - they are stormingly delivered and hysterically received, but all fairly early on, leaving no grounds for expectation of anything better later. And here’s where we start to realise that maybe Foo Fighters are not that singles band after all. If they were, they’d know to

keep the audience panting hits. No, obviously, they want to be a serious, boys’, album band. Unfortunately, the vast majority of the rest of the set is stultifying grunge, if you can take that description in the spirit of its original associations with

for the

murky punk rifting before the word

‘grunge’ became a generic term. It’s the kind of sound that can induce a pogoing fit in your average up-for-it

punter, but as for offering anything

beyond basic rock kicks . . . don’t wait around for the aftertaste. With nothing to get lost in, except the moshpit for those with kamikaze tendencies, there’s only the hypnotic sawing motion of Grohl’s right hand to latch on to, as he insistently carves out his power chords. He manages to make playing rhythm guitar look like the most labour-intensive activity he could possibly undertake. Sweat and elbow-grease may be some people’s idea of a good concert, but a breath of fresh air is what was really called for.

(Fiona Shepherd)


The Venue, Edinburgh, 13 Nov.

Hell hath no fury like a woman adorned with pigtails and a short blue velour dress. So say ‘Hello’ as politely as possible to Scheer’s chanteuse, Audrey Gallagher: part Biiirk, part Lizzy Dripping and part the girl who burnt your school down.

A Northern Irish band, who you may have chanced upon earlier this year while they were supporting the Jesus and Mary Chain, Scheer make music to ; self-immolate to. We’re talking mutant 5 metal monsters storming the gates of Valhalla, rockier than Hockys I, II, III

and the fourth movie that no one watched all put together. In interviews they would name drop Leonard Cohen and Metallica but you would be better advised trying to imagine Skunk Anansie demolishing The Cardigans LP. Weird, wonderful and more than worthy of your attention. Much the same can be said for the headliners, Goya Dress; a critic’s dream of a band who are soon to be feted in the music press like nobody’s business. Clues? Honor Blackman hair, Clockwork Orange eyes and a Kristin Hersh voice. Get into them now and outcool all your friends. Bear in mind that the great John Cale is overseeing

their debut album.

Who’ll be twiddling the knobs for

, Scheer is unclear but it’s sure to be ; devilishly loud and proud. Take ‘You Said’, a three-minute temper tantrum

in which Audrey sings the blues as

e well as the screaming reds while

bassist Peter (3 Roseanne and Orson

1 Welles’s love child look alike) plays like Beelzebub himself grinding his teeth to dust. Or a Pixiefied

‘Anywhere’ that sees our two crew cut ‘. guitar slingers slugging it out for

super hero status. As Home went up in flames, Nero was probably busy

jamming with these guys and wishing that he had heeded his mother’s advice about not falling into bad

company. Burn, Baby Jane, burn. (Rodger Evans)

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