GHOSTBUSTERS OF EAST FINCHLEY is a new television drama directed by young Scot Jim Gillespie. who cut his teeth on medical drama Can/iat- Arrest. It's an off-beat tale of a group of tax inspectors the so-called 'ghostbusters' who uncover a darker side of suburbia which isjust crawling with crazies. Bill Paterson (right) is Mr Small. one of the inland Revenue‘s most dedicated servants. who can smell a fraudulent tax return at a hundred paces. When he enlists the help oflackie and her almost- boyfriend Kevin to go undercover. the going gets seriously weird.

The G/tosllmsrcrs off-fast l-‘im'lilev starts on Thurs If) at 9pm on 8130?.

AZTEC CAMERA’s new album Fresfonia resorts to the meteorological metaphor which Roddy Frame first used on High Land, Hard Rain. It’s a record ( marred by too many AOR guitar workouts but features enough good stuff, including the '. single ‘Sun’ and its acoustic reprise ‘Sunset’, 1 to be worth a listen. Frame’s been lying low, .' , refusing to do press interviews, but we’re N, assured he will appear in the flesh in I ~‘-“ Glasgow. Aztec Camera play Barrow/and, Glasgow on Thurs 23 Nov.

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MARISA ZANOTTI is a tiny Glasgwegian dancer/ choreogapher. Brian Keenan is the thick-set Irishman who spent several years as a hostage in Lebanon and lived to tell the tale. What do they have in common? Not a lot. But later this month Zanotti will take a choreographed leap into the unknown when she chalks up the first stage of Runner, 3 new solo work inspired by Keenan’s best-selling autobiography An Evil Cradling. ‘I was very moved by the book,’ says Zanotti. ‘l was very moved by the way this man had managed to come up with all these different strategies for surviving this terrible ordeal.’ The thing that struck Zanotti most about Keenan’s book was the way he describes his changing spatial awareness. ‘l’d imagine Keenan to be quite a big man, and he was kept in this tiny cell,’ she says. ‘I think because of that, and because he was kept in solitary and often in darkness, you get a sense of the body throughout the book that’s really quite amazing.’ One thing Zanotti is quick to point out, she has no intention of simply re-enacting Keenan’s life. ‘I will not be “doing” An Evil Cradling,’ she asserts. ‘For me the book just sparked of this idea of how individuals in terrible circumstances find the power within themselves just to keep going.’ (Ellie Carr) '

Runner by Marisa Ianofti is at 00A, Glasgow, Wed 22— Thurs 23 Nov.


The List’s at-a-glance guide to the highlights of the fortnight ahead.


I Music: Bowie The man of a thousand faces makes a triumphant return to the public eye after several years in the wilderness. His new album ()ulsirle has been deemed a return to form by most critics and his performances in the States. where the (our started. have gone down like trousers at a political conference. .S'.I:‘.('.('., (i/us‘gnn: T/IllI'S 30/[31‘1’ /. I Art: The Omega Suites American photographer. Lucinda Devlin, spent two years going around prisons in the States photographing their execution chambers. The resulting works are often sparse. stark and disturbing; an uncompromising look at the machinery of state sanctioned death. XIII/s (fuller): [fr/inlmre/r I’rom Tue 2/.

I Theatre: Caligari The Arches Theatre Company make full use of the atmospheric Arches for this stage adaptation of the cult silent horror tnovie 'I'lir’ ('ubim'r all» ('u/iguri. 'Ii/Ie Arc/It's. Ulusgmr‘. I’rnm Wed 22. I Film: La Haine A sharp and gritty take on the lives of three bored youngsters against a background of racial tension on a Parisian housing estate. Matthieu Kassovitz‘s Cannes award winner is as punchy as blow to the head with a bit of two by four. (IF/I (Ilusguw um/ (kt/new. Edinburgh. l’rmn l-‘ri I7.

I Books: I Am Spock Leonard Nimoy‘s character was perhaps the pivotal force of the Star Trek series. In this comprehensive autobiography Nimoy looks behind the scenes of the series and writes of how be related to the character which he had created. lem S/mr'k (Century) [16.99 our mm: See bunks section.

I Dance: Matthew Hawkins and the Fresh Dances Group The former Michael (‘lark dancer leads his own troupe in a choreographed celebration of the music of Purcell in the tercentenary of his death. The dancers are joined by the SAM Gay Mcns' Chorus. 'l he show has come to Edinburgh straight from (ilasgay! l’art ol‘the Assembly Alive? series. :lssmr/ily Rooms, Edinburgh. Sun I‘).


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