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Comedy is listed by date, then by city. Shows will be listed. provided that details reach our offices at least ten days belore publication. Comedy Listings compiled by Ellie Carr.

FRIDAY'17 . Edinburgh

I The Ribtickler Music Box. Victoria Street. 225 2564.811t1‘. £4113 Your local laughter lounge. is back. with a new prime-time Friday night lot. 'I‘ontght's line-up: compere Bill Dewar brings you two hours of non-stop stand-up from ace comic- poet Viv Gee. Gerry (liar)! and special guests.

SATURDAYIB.‘ ‘- Edinburgh

I Brand New" Bunker (it) Pleasanee. Information: 447 910‘). “pm. £4 (£3). Comedy dtro Dallas and Packer's new cltrb with low bar prices. An anything- goes rtight of Iii-links and .tapes with a string ofcra/y guests. This week. the (li.o will value your antiques (with special emphasis on that taste nadir the 71ls ). .-\lso fridge rrtagnet giveaways. lltmrt' tinl .'l)ttl\' sing-a-long and special guest: the leading l‘reirch esistentialist non-entity. Pascal Plume. See review.



I Rich Hall Tron Theatre. 63 ’I’rongate. 552 4267. 9pm. £6 (£4). li\celletrt downbeat. tlttyy'lt~;tt-llccl 13S comic Riel. llall. best known for app.-:trances on the lhti‘lt/ l.t llt'l'llltlll and l'l‘lr/(l't Niel): /.ti't' Show s and storming performances on this year's Fringe —— slt'tres a bill with quirky Brit comic Dave Smith on his first ever national 1.1Ktotit. Part of the Gilded Balloon Comedy Circuit.

MONDAY 20' . ~ -


I Francie and Josie l)il\llit)11 'l‘lteatt-e. 121 Rentield Street. 332 1846 7 36an £14.51) (£12.56). let's hear it one more time for those kings of Scottish \ ar‘iely. for \v hom things most definitely (111' w hat they used to be. in yet .‘lNUf/lt’l' l'tit't'ir'r/l


i of Australia's biggest comedy stars.


I Mark Hurst/Mark Steel East Kill)ride Arts Centre. Old Coach Road. ()13552 61000, 8pm. £6 (£4). Iix-tunizrg-fork- factory-worker and one-time Tube presenter from Sheffield. Mark Hurst shares a hill with the man who reckons the Royal Family should be appointed by lottery and all jobs should be made illegal the one and only Mark Steel. Part of the Gilded Balloon Comedy Circuit.

I Francie and Josie Pay ilion Theatre. 12l Rcttlield Street. 332 1846.731me. £14.50 (£12.50). See Mon 20.


I Mark Hurst/Mark Steel Paisley Arts Centre. New Street. SS7 1010. 9pm. £6 (£3). See The 2 1. Part of the Gilded Balloon Comedy Circuit.

I Francie and Josie Pavilion ‘l‘lieatre. 121 chtleltl Street. 332 1846. 7.30pm. £1 1.56 (£12.50). See Mon 21.).

I Billy Bonkers The Corner Bar. Saucltieltall Street. Chaiirig Cross. 9pm—Dani. Free. .‘v'tadness and mayhem with local funny-man Billy as MC.

W Edinburgh

I The Stand Comic 1)«.';i.t"lnistie's.West Port. Information 662 4467. 8pm 1am islttw runs 9.31) i 1.3llpm). £4113). Your local comedy-ccntral. with a host of rising stars and wannabes for your entertainment each and e\ ery Thursday night. Pitts. the drinks are at pith. riot club prices. Tonigth bill includes double-act-about- town lord Kierttatt and Joltn Paul Leach t.-l_,'tt r [Vie/r: .lIl/lt't’l. .\ndrew Walker arid open spots. all coiriperetl by hostess with the irtostest Jane .\I;r;k.;_v

I Gilded Balloon Comedy Circuit (attics; Balloon. 2 i3 ('owgate. 22.6 6551). 8pm £6 «£5). See Tue 21.

I Alan Parker - Urban Warrior Tllt' I’lcttsttnce Societies Centre. 61) The I’leasance. Information on 650 2656. 0.30pm (doors open 8pm). £5 (£3). The Pleasance Comedy Network returns to keep you smiling through long winter nights. Tonight sees the return of professional angry-young-man and razor- sharp stand-up Alan Parker. with support from Jason Freeman.


I Jimeoin Old Athenaeum Theatre. 17‘) Buchanan Street. 332 2333. 8pm. £8 (£5).

Irish stand-up Jimeoin (say it Jim-Owen). originally from Portstewart and now one

follows up storming appearances at the

3 ‘93 and ‘94 Edinburgh Festivals (not to - mention on Des O'Cmmer Putty/it) with

this major national tour.

FRIDAY 24 5 § Edinburgh

I The Ribtickler Music Box, Victoria

Street. 225. 2564. 8pm. £4 (£3). Your lt‘CitI

laughter lounge is back. with a new

prime-time Friday night slot. Tonight‘s

mirth-monsters: Jack Weatherall. Ian

Kendall and special guests. all introduced

60 The Pleasance. Info: 650 2656. 9pm (doors open 8.30pm). Big-ster cabaret

by Gordon Brtintott. I Club Brouhaha I’leasance Cabaret Bar.

with the launch ofa new monthly comedy jam featuring stand-up. improv. game-show. sketches and resident band. Special appearance by Dallas and Packer (Tire Comedy Stop. Brand New Bunker). Followed by jazz/dance club till 2am.


I Jimeoirt Old Athenaeum Theatre. 179 Buchanan Street. 332 2333. Rpm. £8 (£5). See Thurs 23.

SATURDAY 25 Edinburgh

I Jimeoin Queen‘s Hall. Clerk Street. 668 201‘) (credit card hotline: 667 7776‘. 16.30pm (doors open 0.30pm). £8 (£5.50). See Thurs 23.

I Brand New Bunker 60 Pleasanee. Information: 147 916‘). 0pm. £4 (£3). Dallas and Packer's new weekly cltrb. Tonight is ‘Boo'ze (.‘lear-Out Night‘ ~- with the duo mixing vile cocktails from tiltdt‘ittkablc bottles of bevvy' leftover from foolish buys on your holidays. Take along your ()ttm and you may win a prize for nastiest bottle. This week's special guest: Michael Parker. who won a Perrier award back in 1987. See review.

I Harry Hill Assembly Rooms (Ballrootit). 54 George Street Ticketline: 220 4349. 8pm. £11) (£8). The l)i7;lfl'tf cult comic slips into his beetlecrUshers and specs fora one-night only Fringe encore. Part of Assembly Alive?


I Hootsmon! Old Athenaeum Theatre.

ltlpm—‘lpm. £6 (£5). Saturday nights are comedy nights at the Old Athenaetmi. with this weekly cltuckIe-fest sailing under the banner 'Best of Scottish Comedy". Tonight's comperes are double» act Ford Keirnan and Jolrtt Paul leach who'll introduce Joe lleenan. lid Byrae and John Gilliek. And if you fancy your chances in the spotlight. why not try for the lltmlwttut.’ ()lh’ll Spot. Call Neil Mowat on the above number for details.


I Jimeoin Queen's Hall. Clerk Street. 668 2019 (credit card hotline: 667 7776). 8pm (doors open 7pm). £8 (£5.50). See Thurs 23.


I Mark Hurst/Mark Steel Tron Theatre. 63 Trongate. 552 4267 9pm. £6 (£4). See Tue 21. Part of the Gilded Balloon Comedy Circuit.



I Jett Green/Geo" Boyz Iiast Kiln. atle .-\r1s C entre. Old Coach Road. 013552 61000. 8pm. £6 (£4). First up is the 1994 Perrier Award nominee. winner of London


Right wee charmer Jeff Green Is on the Gilded Balloon Comedy Circuit. Wed 29 and Thurs 30 Comedy Store 'New Act of the Year Award' and right wee charmer of a stand- up Jeff Green. Second is Geoff Boyz. firm favourite on the London circuit where he's been described as '.-\ Scottish Comedy Warrior '. Who's been watching too much Brave/ruin then‘.’ Part of the Gilded Balloon Comedy Circuit. I Billy Bankers The Corner Bar. Sauchiehall Street. Charing Cross. 9pm—12am Free. :‘vladness and mayhem on a weekly basis with the aptly named Mr Bottkeis‘.

THURSDAY3D Edinburgh

I The Stand Comic Den. Christie's. West Port. Information 662 4467. 8pm-~1am (show runs 9.30 11.30pm) £4

(£3) Tonight flex your chucklewmuscles for .lHllIl (iilliL‘ls ’Bt‘s'l Hf .‘lt (Ulla/1 ('tr/ttt'tlv). :z‘ee cotriic-poet Viv Gee and compete Jarte Mackay.

I Jell Green/Geoff Boyz (illdL‘tl Balloon. 233 Cowgate. 226 6551). 8pm. £6 (£5). See Wed 2‘). Part of Gilded Balloon (‘oirtedy' Circuit.

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