75 The List l7-30 Nov l‘)()5



Activities and Fun A t. .t. d F i ' I Quickies for Kids Royal Museum of c Iv' '88 an ll" 1 Scotland. Chambers Street. 225 7534.

; Every Sat. 1.45pm. Free. I Can’t See the Wood for the Trees l Sat 18 NOV The museum's very own Mugdock Country Park (off the A81 § Totem Pole is the subject of this week's i Milngavie—Strathblane Road). Suit 26 l five-minute talk for kids. Nov. 2pm—3.30pm. Free. They’re big. I Sat 25 NOV Find out what a Hobby Horse they're woody and they've got leaves on. . does in its spare time at this Saturday's Your chance to find out lots of things you . g quickie talk. i didn‘t know about the giants ofthe plant ; . . . world during National Tree Week. ; Exhibitions I Children’s Nature Club Clyde l I Bloscience in Scotland Royal Botanic M {limhicl Regional Par R. CO? "31608 | Garden Exhibitions Hall. 20A lnverleith Br'dgc Ccmrci 01505 61479]- Sun 36 E Row, 552 7171’ Um“ 31Aug 1996 Nov. 2—4pm. Ages 8-14. The Nature Club i Nowpcb’ IOaWSPm Free. Hugc try their hands at tree dressing. in a exhibition featuring the science and special ceremony designed to celebrate : technology activities of eleven major our woodlands during National Tree . research organisations based in Scotland. week.- 3 illustrated with interactive computer I An'q'a' ME“? Caldcrglcn Couner dispmys. videos. 30 models (including a Park. East Kilbrtde. 013552 36644. Meet 3 giant midgc) and handsflfl exhibits {0 the meeces f and the rats. gerbils and / bring me subject to life. gurnea pigs tn this hands-on session with I Children in Focus Museum of popular rodents. Supervised by Calderglen 3 Childhood. 42 High Street. 225 2424. l animal keepers- ‘. : .2 r ' 1 Until Sat 25 Nov. Mon—Sat 10am—6pm; I Ptltoccllto Citizens’ Theatre, Gorbals, 227 551.1. Tue 28 Nov-Sat 13 Jan. 10am; 5”” HP”- ‘f’cc' From Sl‘Ckc‘i'b‘mk “a” 1 Theatre 2pm; 5pm; 7pm; 8pm (call box office for specific times on specific dates). £3429; 7 mm”! infirm“ ‘0 Gimme. Wm” Snaps' ' family ticket £25. The puppet-boy with the big trait is the star of this year’s Xmas = ‘h'sf‘m’fw [memm‘onal “Suva! 0f


. . . . , t

panto offering at the Citz. Written by Myles Budge, directed by Giles Havergal and Fh‘fiogf‘}pzy"c"h':’;tégn .CS'tffi'r‘afn I The Tin Soldier Coupar Institute. 86

designed by Kenny Miller it follows Pinocchio on his first day at school where he has 'VL‘ 0‘“ 1“ pas y” 5' ° L' ; Clarkston Road. Booking: Wildcat 0141 t

escapades aplenty with his pal Benjamin the Cricket and new friends Miss Kitty, ; 221 6789. Mon 27 Nov— Fri 1 Dec. Sergeant Badger and the Sly Fox in the upside-down world of Topsy Turvey and the . Mon-Sat. 10am/l pm. £5 (£2.50). enchanted Pleasure Island. I ASiem conquers “"8"” (U)

v _ Acclaimed Scottish theatre company i‘lllnhOUSC. Road. Productions Serve up a

_' 8dN0V' ZPm/‘ipm £230 (£1.50) See mm Christmas treat for the kids with Harts tn ex.

Rain or shine, our at-a-glance guide will ; How the Raven Freed the .Moon Sat 25 see you through. Events are listed by city Nov. Ages 5-~ I 2. ClydebUtlt Puppet . then divided by activity. Kids listings Theatre with the classic North American

Christian Andersen's classic fairy-tale of the toys who conte to life. Tour continues. I The Jiving Lindy Hoppers Motherwell

compiled by Ellie Carr. 3 Indian tale of the raven who used her wits I the Tale of Jemima Puddle-duck The Theatre. Civic Centre. 01698 267515. Sat and magic to frcc the "mm from an old . Netherbow, 4345 High Street. 556 9579. 18 Nov. 7.30pm. to (£4). Motherwell

W ; cedar chest and fly it to its rightful place f Thurs 30 Novgruc 211m. Various times. District Youth and Children's Dance

T in the heavens. 2 £3 (£2). Ages 5—8. lan Turbitt's Puppet Companies swing out with Britain's Theatre I Pinoccmo 007-3119. Thcalrci Gorbalsi ; Theatre retums to the Netherbow with his I premierjazz dance company and I scams), Mask and puppe) theatre i 337 551 1' TUL‘ ~3 NOV—Si“ '3 Jim- 1031“; i ever-popular puppet version of Beatrix Edinburgh Fringe favourites. The living 8—10 Balcarres Avenue. Kelvindale. 339 a 3pm} 59”.“ 7pm WNW” box OmCCLOf Poucr's deligh‘mi ‘31‘35- I _ ind)’ Hopper-5- 6185. 2pm. £2.50 (£1.50) 1 specific times on specific dates). £6 (2...). g r

Broomsticks in the Sky Sat 18 Nov. Ages 5” P"”""“‘P“‘~‘“t .

4—] l. Sylvia Troon's Kenspeckle Puppets present a Christmassy tale of a small

person so naughty they get called Wee ' I Child'en’s Ci3§sm concert Tilt? Meanic, Glasgow Royal Concert Hall, 2

Sauchiehall Street. 227 5511. Sat 25 Nov. Noon. £7 (child £3.50/adult conc £4.50); ' lamin £18. Main auditorium. Classic FM

Glasgow Steiner SchOOI ' presenter Mel Cooper presents a top-of- warmly invite you to their . the-pops range ol classical tunes you cart . sing along to. in the latest edition of this I , concert series designed to open up classical music to kids. includes car

advert favourite. Vivaldi‘s Four .S't'asmts.

S Strauss‘s famous Blur Danube Walt: and

Q Tchaikovsky's Dttm't' uflht' Bumble Bees.

a Theatre L I More Adventures of Noddy Theatre . Saturday November 1 Royal. 282 Hope Street. 332 9000. Tue 5 * H 28—Sat 2 Dec. Various times. 11am ' 4pm 1 £3.50—£10.50. See photo-caption. _ z Q r ‘3 We offer a child-centred I The Wizard of 02 Paisley Arts Centre. I“ ,_ 3f . __ f :e , w. -. ~ ‘_ ' _ I \‘evv Street. 887 1010. Mon 20 Nov. 7pm. educatton for ages 0 14- ' I MORE onenrunes or ttonov theatre Royal, 282 Hope Street, 332 9000. Tue 28

- son] xwh s.» s m tr “1‘ rainbow [0 Paiglc Nov-Sat 2 Dec. Various times. £3.50-£10.50. Ages 3-8. Noddy concentrates hard and 52 Ludeen Street Yorkh'u' withimcfr mekooiy version Of the y thinks of Toyland,.as he gets ready for another round of adventures (how many For more information hone , classic American musical starring a adventures has this boy had?) with his old pals Big Ears, Tessre Bear, Bumpy Dog and 01 Dorothy [he scarecr0\v‘ [he [in man and J MT DaVid Wood Train the origina' Blyion Stories.

the cowardly lion. i

l £4 (£1). Hopscotch Theatre fly : i |