A selection oi television highlights, listed by day, in chronological order. Television Listings compiled by Jonathan Trew.

I World‘s Strongest Man (BBC 1) 7--7.3()pm. Nassau and Paradise Island in the Bahamas provide the picturesque location for the battle of the beefcakes. Icelandic giant Colossus van der Bttlk defends his title against Titus Skinbulger. Rip Veinpopper and other assorted muscleheads. I‘reakshow or endurance test'.’

I Hot The Nine O’Clock News (BBC 2) 9—9.25pm. Recut. redubbed and reshown. the comedy series that secured the careers of a Iistful of the box’s leading contemporary lights demonstrates its chuckle-worthiness once more.

I Googan’s Hun: Get Gall (BBCB) t).3()—l()pm. Is Steve Coogan the funniest

[man on television this decade'.’ See


I Have I Got News For You (BBCZ)

IO— l().3()pm. What a line-up. Alan Coren and Terry Christian join the regulars. Sparks should fly.

I Eurotrash The World Tour (Channel 4) ll.3()pm--midnight. “lfllo. my leetle Breeteesh chums‘ and other cod accents. Yessirree. television's top presenting duo (for the time slot anyway) continue to seek out the filthy. the depraved and the insane so that ordinary folk don't have to go to Dundee. Onlyjoking. honest. As the title suggests. Antoine and Jean-Paul have cast their net further afield than Europe in search of instantly forgettable gulf for this first programme in a series ofsix. Look out for Kitten Nadividad. star of Russ Meyer movies such as Beneath the Valley oft/re Ulrmleens. Not that you're likely to miss her.

I Fright Night (Channel 4) Midnight—4.45am. Hurray! Three horror films one after the other starting with Beyond the (Iruve followed by The Blood Beast Terror and finishing up with The Ghoul. the original 1933 version rather than the Hammer House one. All the old hams. Karloff. Pleasence. Diana Dors and Roy Hudd put in appearances at some point.

I Nice Girls Don’t Explode (Scottish) lr-2.30am. OK. so it‘s on late but surely it's worth staying tip to find out whether the girl in question is a 'nice girl' or not - and if she explodes ('1 lo Mr Creosore.


I The Chart Show (Scottish)

ll.3()am~- l 2.30pm. What better way to start your bleary day then with some pumping music'.’ The dance chart is in the spotlight this time around and Bowie is lurking in the video vault singing ‘Modern l.ove'.

I Dad’s Army: A Brush With The law (BBC 1 ) 5.35—6.05pm. The bumptious Captain Mainwaring lands up in court thanks to the zealous vigilance of the even more bumptious Chief Warden in this re- run of the classic comedy series.

I Priest (BBCZ) ‘)—I().45pm. Originally written for the small screen by Jimmy ‘Cracker' McGovern. this film was so good that the Beeb decided to delay its broadcast and release it into the cinemas. It has won numerous prizes for its searing depiction of the priesthood and the conllict between the vows of the church and the reality. Stars List Golden Boys Linus Roache and Bobby Carlyle.

is: .

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ta ' s ice. {3’}, ‘9 its”! H

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I Alter last year‘s 3-!) glasses, the BBC has come up with Smell-O-Vision as the gimmick to encourage the nation to divert its spare cash from the National Lottery to the Children in Need appeal with a handy scratch-and-snitt booklet. Now, from the comfort at your own living room, you can discover what a badger’s arse really smells like, not to mention several other at Mother Nature’s noxious odours. The smell patches relate to a weekend oi programmes including Vic Reeves and Bob Mortimer’s A Nose Through Nature (above) and a specially malodorous edition oi Noel's ilouse Party. Most bizarrely, you can also catch a whiti or what appears to be the waxy end at Sherlock Holmes’ ear trumpet. Don’t gag - it’s all (or charidee. : Children in Need weekend starts on Fri 24 Nov on 8801. Smell-D- Vision booklets costing £1 are available from shops including Argos, Tesco and Blockbuster Video.

f I Police Action live (Scottish) ; ' lOpm-midnight. Two hours of live real- i life action as cameras follow four police i forces across the country. See preview.

I later With Jools Holland (BBCZ)

ll.lSpm—l2.15am. Blur are the headline ; guests on the louche lounge lizard's show. l


l I Equinox: God Gnl Knows (Channel 4)

' 7—8pm. This really rather spifftng

d )cumentary series fills the God slot and

H : looks at the scientists who are beginning

a to talk about the laws of physics as I Fflgm my." two (Channel 4) evidence of the existence ofGod. ls. 11.15pm_4.403m_ Not get enough horror empirical evidence as the basis ofsCtence I

- last night? Well gorge on a triple bill of coming [0 an end i" are science and .

Magi-F starring Anthony Hopkins; the theology meepng in the middle to explain

' superbly titled Blood On Satan's Claw and I tthB'g B9113 . .

I then round off with Dr Blood '3 Coffin. . I "St w" 'am' 3°".w'" Be Boys ,

I The “and up Show (BBC!) (BBC 1) 7—7.30pm. Richmal Crompton s Midnighhlzjoam' Billcd‘ rather creation gets tttto more jtlpCS and scrapes. hopefully. as ‘the brightest young talent , "."lmlcrl‘ day YONG”.thrc.W1”mm.was on the UK comedy Ci‘rcuit."assoncd ratdtnghtsGreat Aunt s medtcme cabinet budding comics attempt to Spm Sides. to flogJelltes to his school chums might

be more interesting but eminently less I SUNDAY 19

suitable for the early Sunday evening I The Great Bong (Channel 4) 7.45—8am.

snooze session. - I The Art Marathon (BBCZ) Apparently. The Great Bong conjures up raining popcorn and a menacing sofa

7.35—8.20pm. Tonight kicks off a week- t when he walks about bonging in his sleep.

long look at the state of art in Britain today as seen through the eyes of six people from Derry in Northern Ireland. It‘s crack-of-dawn early but the thought of , a huge hookah inducing visions of threatening upholstery being presented as

The group travelled around Britain examining all types of art. choosing the kids TV sounds too surreal to miss by staying in bed.

: pieces that they liked most to be shown in '

an exhibition in Derry. A fresh perspective ' from the standard talking buff angle is promised.

I Soviet Echoes: Treasures and Shadows (Channel 4) 8—9pm. First ofa three-part look at a wealth of music by composers in the former Soviet Union that has been

hidden away. This series looks at the lives ? of the composers under Soviet rule and

examines how their music and sometimes

even the composers themselves were deemed unsuitable to be seen or heard.

I In Search oi Happiness: Pick a God, Any God (BBCI) 10.10—10.50pm. The

' ever arch Angus Deayton concludes his

quest for an enjoyable existence with a look at religion. Buddhist monk Bhikkhu Boddhi pre-empts the question and the series by reckoning that the best way to achieve happiness is not to look for it.

. ' r3“ .. I Fright Night Three: The Vanishing (Channel 4) 11.45pm—l .40am. This is the original version of George Sluizer's psychological thriller about one man's

search for his missing girlfriend. It's

terrifically taut and even better than the Hollywood remake which wasn't too bad itself.

I Cue The Music (Scottish) 4.30—5.20am. Set the video recorder for a rare chance to see King Kurt on the box.


I Horizon: Hunt For The Doomsday Asteroid (BBCZ) 8—8.5()pm. Top bofftns reckon that the threat ofa large asteroid smashing into the Earth is higher than was previously thought. Horizon evaluates the risk and asks what. if anything. can be done. Weapons experts are frothing at the mouth with glee. viewing this as an excuse to take ever tnore money from national budgets under the spurious excuse that improved weaponry could blow the asteroids out of the sky. Not that they‘d ever be used for anything else of course. Oh. no.

I The Beatles - All Together Now (Scottish) 8.3()—‘)pm. Crumblies (Elton John) attd babes in arms (Noel Gallagher) recall their earliest memories of the Scousers. The programme culminates

with the UK premiere of their new single

‘Free as a Bird'.

I Kicking and Screaming: Whose Game Is It Anywar? (BBC?!) ‘).45-lO.30pm. The final programme in the series looks at some of the tnore unsavoury aspects of footie: the half-time pies. er. rather that should read hooliganism arid the involvement of big business.