V I saw you at Delmonica's on Thursday 28 ()ct. You had a blue Ted Baker shirt on. 1 was with two girls. you were standing at the end of the bar. Box No 266/3.

V I saw you see you in Broughty Ferry. You: long. brown hair. studenty. Me: blonde guy who was rude once. Let me say sorry. please. Box No 266/7.

0 I saw you Celine ()‘Neil. Smith's bookshop. Byres Road. this time last year. We thought we recognised each other. That fatal hesitation stopped me asking coffee? l'm still intrigued. Box No 266/8.

V I saw you Monday. 16/10/95. 1 1.25 Leeds/Glasgow National Express bus. You: black leather jacket/black jeans. Me: black polo neck/jeans. reading book. Sat together. Seats 29/30. Get in touch soon. Box No 266/1 1.

V I saw you become a central part of my mind's landscape and I've never been so happy without my fez on. Love Jeff. Box No 266/12.

V I saw you Lorna at Club Exchange. We danced. we kissed. you left with another. Let's tneet again sometime. Box No 266/13.

V I saw you S.L.l.l’. in my inner sanctum. 16/9. Come tip to my new one as much as you can/want. You're FAB. X. S.l..U.Ci. Box No 266/15.

V I saw you Tron Theatre bar. Saturday 21/10/95 Superman! You were obnoxious. drunk and somewhat attractive our eyes met over a pint. fancy another"? Box No 266/16.

V I saw you You sold me tickets. Tron Theatre. You were cute and blonde with stubble. You spelled my name wrong. Remember“? lt's Jon. not John. Let's talk more. Box No 266/17.

V I saw you drunk. in the Beer Bar. Beautiful brown eyes and booming hotly. Grab your hockey stick. baby. here comes a hat trick. Box No 266/21.

V I saw you Honey Bunny. a lot over the last thirteen months. We now love each other. let us keep on doing it for thirteen more years. Lovely kisses. your

pumpkin. Box No 266/2-1.

0! I saw you three in the Aragon. 20/10/95. Me: GAP sweatshirt and ‘off men‘ friend (apologies. l'd have chatted longer). l don't believe you're all S.A.F.O.S.. Prove me right! Box No 266/25.

V I saw you at the Tina Modotti opening. standing beside me at

the video while 1 wise-cracked with my friend. I liked the way I your ears iiapped. Fancy a re-

run? Box No 266/27.

. V I saw you Edinburgh. George

Street and Post Office. You: Hungarian possibly. tall. long fair hair. Where are you?

' Anyone know? Saw you 24/10/95. Box No 266/28.

V I saw you girl with Jamaica hair. staggering elegantly (and

staggeringly elegant) outside

Safeway. Byres Road. You lit my fire. can I sweep your chimney? l'm banking on it.

Box No U/267/l.

! l

V I saw you driving 10.41pm D4 bus. to Pitcorthie on 26/10/95. You: attractive. dark hair. moustache. Me: guy with colourful umbrella. Got off in Aberdour Road. Were you watching me in your mirror? Box No U/267/6

V I saw you at The Garage. 27/10/95. Me Aussie girl wearing all black. You liked Silverchair. Your friend dragged you away before we kissed again. Let’s finish what we started! Box No U/267/7.

O I saw you Mortonhall Golf Club dinner. 28/10/95. table 9. You wanted your dessert. I couldn't deliver then but can now. 1’” be yours if you'll be mine. Box No U/267/8.

V I saw you and l saw stars. in

~ Finnegan's Wake. We danced all

night. Let's meet again and you can drag me around the floor

again until 1 see more stars.

Scottish Nat. Box No U/267/9.



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Just fill in the classified form and send it off.

V I saw you George. Alan.

- Spud. Musselburgh. red Escort. BT workers. Aviemore. walking

August. Never got your number.

' Remember Lynne and Dee.

Phone to go walking and share

~ drinks. Hooha! Box No U/267/2.

V I saw you black GolfGTt. 29/10/95. Perthshire to

‘- Edinburgh. Were you looking?

Wish l'd smiled. Let’s ride

3 together. The red Renault girl x. Box No U/267/3.

v I saw you G900 GSA. Greendyke Street. Glasgow. 30/10/95. I was looking for

I Motorhead. You were looking for ? Surely you do not need to do that? Box No U/267/4.

V I saw you around September 1994 at my flat. You rang on - 31st August 1995 and asked for Dave. But I forgot the code. ; Please ring again. Box No U/267/5.

V I saw you on the tube from Govan to St Enoch. Wednesday 25th October at 1.10pm. You raincoat. me jacket and tie. Were we flirting or was it just wishful thinking? Box No U/267/ 10.

V I saw you Wednesday

afternoon. 25/10/95. Kinnells.

' Victoria Street. You. black hat.

silver framed glasses. Me. tall. fair. in pinstripe suit. Eye

4 contact wasn't enough. would

you like more? Box No

U/267/l l.

V I saw you Beehive. Grassmarket. every weekend. Short brown hair. glasses. laughing with your friends. Buy me gin and tonic and we'll go

: supersonic. Box No U/267/l2. v I saw you Suzy Kane. at

Teviot on Fiesta Latina night. Sorry I didn't recognise you at first. Please call on 557 2692 and leave a message at stage

. door. Andrew. Box No


V I saw you Sam? 27 October. John Lewis. Playhouse. Montgomery Street. You met friend. Were we looking? Play it again. Box No U/267/14.

V I saw you in the work canteen. You brown tresses and sometimes a nose stud. Me B&W Fred Perry shirts and

i specs. You smouldered at me in

the summer. Get in touch? Box

‘; No U/267/15. 3 O I saw you Saturdays at

lenogle. then at Leith Victoria.

You short. dark hair. earring.

bicycle. Me tall. short fair hair. black trunks. l'd like to go for a

drink. Box No U/267/16.

V I saw you after training. Newington. You: smiled. yanked rugger socks up. anticipated conversation? Gobsmacked! Converted by your boyish good looks. Ruck 'n' roll with No 1 male fan? Hard up student? Paris weekend's on me. Box No U/267/l7.

V I saw you ‘Fab dancer' Feb 95 at that Last Drop. 1 still owe you a pint and another dance. Do you still exist orjust uninterested. I kept your coke can. Bye! Box No U/267/18. V I saw you Kendra at Sylvia's party. Cumbemauld. 28/10. You left so soon. did you leave your glass slipper? Box No 267/19. V I saw you denim-shined. black jacketed man. Tennent’s Bar. Friday 3/11/95. You behind pillar. me denim-shined woman at door of men's loo (!). both with friends. Lovely eye contact. fancy a pint? Box No U/267/20.

V I saw you Cameo Cinema. Wednesday 1/11/95. 6pm showing of Carringtmi. You: alone with briefcase and ice- cream. 1: with three female friends near back. Nobody should have to see a film alone. Box No U/267/21.

V I saw you at Meadows Nursery. You French woman; me Herbie's uncle. You have exchanged babies for art. Perhaps we could look at beautiful pictures together? Box No U/267/22.

V I saw you under placid moon. bathed in white musk and incense. in red dress and cinnamon hair. with eyes of Lapis Lazuli. Without you 1 atn loveless and dead. Box No U/267/23.

V I saw you Hallowe'en. at the Art School. Severed-head: are you real. or are you dead? Get in touch. Harlequin. Box No U/267/24.

V I saw you Curlers. Sat 4/11/95. You: small girl. short brown hair. black dress. holding coat with gold buttons. Me: shy guy at bar. beige checked shirt. We noticed each other. Let's meet. Box No U/267/25.

V I saw you Horse lookalike at Arches. 2/11/95. You black coat. white shirt. Me blonde hair. black jacket. We smiled! Can

we meet? Box No U/267/26.

V I saw you 30-something Irishman in the personal column. Do you find Daire's dream in a bottle of Guinness? Unusual but charming and not as mad as J. Joyce. Angel. Box No U/267/27.

V I saw you Edinburgh. Friday 3/11/95. 6.30pm. 1) & M. Queen Street Charlotte Street. You went in. You girl. blonde. 20s. 1 dark hair. long grey coat. Box No U/267/28.

V I saw you Monday 6/11/95. LRT bus 45. about 4pm. You (slim. blond hair) with son(?). Got off in Colinton Road. I (long brown hair. beard. glasses. too shy) would love to see you again! Box No U/267/29.

V I saw you Water Buffalo. How about some salt water activity. living legend? Swim with us into the blue. or come into the jungle! Whale and Seahorse. Box No U/267/30.

V I saw you in The Kitchen. Dublin. You Callutn my husband. Let's cook up some steam soon. Box No U/267/3l. V I saw you You saw me GU round library. Sunday 29/10. You at counter wearing black top. red skirt. black hair. red nails. Colours of unknown and passion. Fancy some John Donne? Box No U/267/32.

V I saw you near Charing Cross on 1/1 1. when seeing your eyes tnade me turning. that you turned made me dreaming. then writing and now waiting. Box No U/267/33.

V I saw you in Fazzi's. Wednesday 25/10/95 after work. You: alone. leatherjacket. woolly hat. Me: eating with friend behind you. We smiled as you left. See you again? Box No U/267/34.

O I saw you 6/11/95.Café GHQ. You: sitting alone by window. Tall. slim. gray jumper. Me: with friend. check shirt. glasses. goatee. We looked I fell for your soulful eyes! Fancy a drink? Box No U/267/35.

V I saw you looking like a curly-haired angel. Let me be your wings. your harp. your halo. Great Western Road. 1/11/95. Box No U/267/36.

NATURAL BEVERAGES MadefiUnthebeststufl'm earth”

The List 17-30 Nov 1995 89