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& outside catering. As regular readers are aware. this |

You can bring column often has its snout stuck in the your own nosh trough or the gin bucket but the

last few days have seen the pleasures of the table and the tavern being sadly neglected for more cerebral though not unrelated pursuits. Eating or drinking 1 243 Dan-y Road, mum); constantly takes a heavy toll on the I EH11 ZJQ system but reading about these 3 activities packs on no calories and does 3 nothing to further the progress of the

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I ., bar." old liver cirrhosis. So in the run up to g

l l Chnstmas here's a couple of culinary 7 '1 T cafe page tumers for the epicure's stocking. I THI Kit Chapman's latest round-up of the ;

I state of the nation's top restaurants and '

t N O T El! venue restaurateurs. Great British Chefs 2.

FANCY A RELAXING XMAS (Mitchell Bleazley £19.99) looks at " hteen British chefs from the DOWN THE PUB...? “g

Highlands to Cornwall. their lives. their Q influences. their kitchens and. of I

VEGAN XMAS DAY DINNER course. their food. i MONDAY 25 DECEMBER 1995 This isn't a recipe book as such. It

3 DELICIOUS COURSES . GLASS or: CAVA . contains several I‘CClpCS from the s LIOU£UR o COFFEE/TEA kitchens of each of the featured chefs PR'CE ‘25 FER HEAD but while the recipes have been adapted 5 BOOK...“ NOW 85m, TAKE“ “New for the home they have a tendency to " noon - 7pm EACH DAY require equipment. skills. knowledge (5‘0 05905” To BE “'0 BY “I” DEC) and often even ingredients that are THE 13th NOTE fiffiifggosssgnesr unlikely to be found in none but the GLASGOW FAX 01 “£21579, homes of the most dedicated amateur

cook. Still. the primary function of this book is not as an instruction guide but rather as an insight into contemporary

Bet your breakfast doesn't look thls good

restaurant culture and the people _ PA N H O behmd ‘I- Thwugh reading Ihc rCCiPCS‘ ‘cating experience, This is punicularly ; Unfortunately the same cannot be said [he averagc'y mmeth “when dabblcr effective in the description of the River : Or it” his NOSc WhICh OCCQSIOMHY

can gain a" idea or the SW”! or “Lng I Cafe in London. Chapman details the VCCI‘S “110 11" UHCOIUIOWINC Shildc 0f VI WhiCh caCh diSh WI” produce Withom 1 customers' view of the open plan ' purple with phrase strings such as ‘the i necessarily having to attempt to create ; erect spears of foxgloves, like an

them. I ' ' im erial 'uard. stand sentinel over Perhaps more interesting though. at I StnlthEhebprT‘iary tuncuon 0' I heggcrmfs' or worse still relies upon

least for the armchair gourmet. arc the i s on s "at as an E underlining to emphasise a point. but

potted histories and character profiles inStmction guide hm rather as 5 these are relatively minor points in a

of the chefs from the indomitable an “‘ ""0 contemporary ' book which for the most part is as

matriarch to the anarchist firebrand via restaurant culture and the ; evocative as it is lucid. Special mention

those who came to the stove by chance. ' people behind it must go to both the black and white and

Chapman places each one within a a colour photography. particularly the

physical as well as a culinary context. kitchen and portrays it as a stage on . abstract shots of the chefs at work.

The siting of their restaurants is which the staff act out the drama of the Taken at close quarters they really

discussed along with their design service. Not only that but he does it I capture the fast pace and finesse of

examining how a good situation and with a light enough touch to avoid craftsmen at work.

clever interior layout can enhance the gushing like a culinary luvvie. For anyone interested in the wider


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