themes of eating out. as well as the details. this is a passionate look at the state of the nation's restaurant culture. Len/i is Fish Bible (Bloomsbury £20) by Caroline Waldegrave (yes. she is his wife) and C. J. Jackson is a completely different. er. kettle of fish. Many people are unsure about cooking fish: not only are they worried about where to buy it but how to prepare it and even what method ofcooking to use. while others just refuse point blank to eat fish having had early. unpleasant experiences with badly boned fillets. This book is an answer to all those fishy questions. In fact it's everything

finny friends but were too embarassed to ask the fishmonger about. llelpfully, Waldegrave and Jackson have assumed an almost complete ignorance on the part of the reader as far as all matters piscine are concerned. Back to basics is the name of the game and the authors gently lead the reader through fisb procurement. preparation and a plethora of serving suggestions. The book is divided into chapters according to the different branches of the fish family and where they are caught. Nothing escapes Waldegrave and Jackson‘s net with recipes for everything front whelks to wahoo making an appearance. The recipes


that you ever wanted to know about our ~

: themselves are clearly set out in a step- by-step. cooking by numbers layout

and any technical terms are deftly 3 explained.

comes as no surprise that the book also

pages ofthis book. (Jonathan Trew)

advises on the type of plate to use. the . correct temperature ofthe plate and. of

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jeativefim + fizbulouafimr) denier) up witb imagination anJfla ir Only £1]. 50

‘f’ 91-34»

—— Lam's —--


Caroline Waldegmvc and C. J. Jackson

Cafe’ Q

"‘ For reaerva tiom am) Jetaib call The

. Jacquie on UEEN S Q —m\t.t. 013] 668 3456

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Coming out under the banner of the Leith's School of Food and Wine. it

course, what wine to drink with which dish. This is about as comprehensive as it gets; ifit swims then it will be lurking somewhere within the 600-odd

I (titz)Henry 19 Shore Place. l.eith. lidinburgh. 555 6025. The brasserie that likes to leave nothing to go to waste has made a few changes to its lunch menu. In the words of its proprietor and one-man culinary think tank. [)avid Ramsden. the changes were made to make the menu 'a little less "frilly" during the day. thus keeping prices down and allowing for a tnore efficient service.' The new menu offers two courses for £10.50 and 3 three at U250. While less ‘frilly'. (fit/.lllenry's still offers sophisticated dishes such as ravioli ofcrab and

sauce and venison sausage

with caramelised celery.

honey and thyme.

l The Insomnia Cafe and i

Gallery Woodlands Road.

? Glasgow. 332 5500. After much in the way of

% Katkaesque wrangling.

obfuscation and llannelling. Glasgow City

i Council's Licensing

Department and

Strathclyde police have

decided that selling coffee f

i and light refreshments

through the night is not

illegal and nor is it likely

to cause wide-scale civil

disturbance. As a result

; The Insomnia cafe has

, opened and hopes never to

close again. trade. natural

disasters and bureaucratic

3 shenanigans permitting.

:So, if it‘s five in the

morning and you're

ginger with a lemon butter : feeling a bit peekish you


know where to go, 24 hours a day. seven days a

U U Bf Ubiquitous Cbip


'l'liis superb Scottish restaurant has been the recipient ot many .l\\'.ll'ti\ for exeellenee stnee being established in l‘)7l. The newest award is .t Michelin Red .\l. .lll .mard

never before bestowed on .1 (ilasgow restaurant.


7 Old Fishmarket Close t Edinburgh lunch and dinner Monday to Thursday all day Friday and Saturday Sundays dinner only telephone 0131 225 5428

BEE" 33;

3 a . 36.2.... U HLQfiil

Tel 0141-334 5007

week. I Maxaluna 410

Sauchiehall Street. Glasgow. 332 1003. Congratulations and three cheers to Maxaluna for winning the J & 8 Rare Whisky Style Bar of the Year 1995. beating off 125 other bars frotn around the country to take the title. We would have

I printed a picture ofthe

! happy bar staff enjoying

i their prize of an adventure i holiday in the French Alps l but we feared that the sight of the aforementioned style gurus seated on a dinghy in a car park clutching paddles would be too damaging to their street cred. But well done


upemntg times 9am to 2am

lnternet @ uuu-edtn eaSgnet


- tradition with a twist ' it? Egggé

"'“great food, great wine . a great atmosphere

c0 uk/Lguana

cancel: (3 counted) - £5.00 .ibinner courses) -

I V DA'l'l-IS S'l‘lll .-\\'.»\Il..-\ l-'()R l’.r\R‘l‘ll-‘.S. 1.; .t-‘oit R1¢SER\':\'I’I().\'S()R .\it-:.\'t‘s (:.>\l.t. 0141-332 7013

39* A «4; WK?"


Him): 24/) yo'u'rifiuInlay (t/tz'7‘72()(221.s‘ this winter (1! I .(zutrwrs /(1;: (/21!) Live Jazz sou mls and (77’0/8 (whine/r0771 3—7pm

$3; l.:\l"l‘RI-Z(Z'S, \t’oooms‘os 'l‘i‘.RR.\(:t-‘., (;t...\s(;ow (:5 t31)l-‘

ilillt.‘ Llsl lira“) NtH l‘)‘)5