Strip clubs are suddenly becoming both fashionable and


. . 0- respectable in cinema. Film director Atom Egoyan caught I R © N 'fluaJ-mtc ° "' e _ . . . "’ f the ZCllgClSl belore everybody else Jumped on the



U . . bandwagon and the end result is this erotic thriller. his most .221'32: accessible work to date. Voyeurism. desire. obsession and

‘“.".:.".'.'..".':t love it‘s all in there and. thanks to Fox Video, we‘ve got

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12:: five copies of the movie to give away on video. Even better news for those of you who are terminally unlucky is the the Tm", 63 human, Is (mating two full price fact that should you fail to scoop the prizes then you can uckets for the mice 0' one to see Penetrammn rent the film from 20 November. Thursday 23 at 8pm and on Sunday 26 November at To be in with a chance. answer this: 7pm. Take this copy of me “st along to the Box What nationality is Atom Egoyan'.’ (""68 on the night.


Replies on a postcard by Thursday 30 November. Send them to: FOXY COMP, The List, 14 High Street, Edinburgh, EH1 1TE.

glitter hungry pop pickers. the awards ceremony will be followed by an exclusive

preview of Mad Love, the new film about teenage runaways. starring Drew Barrymore and Chris ()‘Donnell.

Designer Jcan-l’aul Gaultier will host the ceremony and top pop monsters East 17. The Cranberries and Bon Jovi will be putting in an appearance. If you want to be part ofthe audience at the UCI in Edinburgh on Thursday 23 then ring


Awards C "W" is N J“ the RamShom The Hamshorn, 98 Ingram g UCl Cinemas promises a funking good night of pop, rock and O . great, 3'9 Ollenn’gilWQ ill” 9 movies when Europe's major awards ceremony is beamed by pnce “cuts lo' the 9"“ Di one to 539 7’5 Pity 2 satellite to UCl Edinburgh. She's" Whore by Jon" F0”! on Monday 2] and ,2 On Thursday 23 November. UCl will be screening the MTV European Music Awards Tues‘iay 28 "Membef- Take th‘5_c°py M The “St '5 live from Paris to three of the 26 UCl cinemas in Britain. As if that’s not enough for you along m the Box omce 0“ the "'9'"- 3. E D 9

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0990 888940 betore Sun 19 November. The first 25 callers will receive a pair of tickets. Calls are charged at the national call rate. The Tower, 12 Shandwick Place, are uttering ten " ‘1 I tree passes to their new dance club Scent on B Saturday 25 November. To get your paws on the passes phone The Tower on 0131 226 3003 and answer this: How many tloors does The Tower operate on?


The party season is nearly upon us once more and tie more sophisticated host will be looking for something a bit different to kick start the party. Fortunately. Bacardi have come tip with a smooth rum that is matured in charred oak casks for four years. making it rather easy to drink. Try

Bacardi Black straight, with cola or a Cuba Libre -— Bacardi I Black. cola and a dash of lime. Any which way. the party l will go with a bang. Alternatively you could wait until all )

your pals have tone and drink the lot yourself. We've got IZOEdouble measure miniatures of Bacardi Black (and believe me. that‘s a lot of rum) to split between the first ten readers who can answer this incredibly difficult question: Assembly Alive! are offering ten free pairs of WWS in ,1 CUM Lib“, tickets to see A Season In Hell on Thursday 16 and ' ' Friday 17 November and Miracles on Monday 20 Answers on a postcard by Wednesday 2‘) November. Address them: BACAHOI COMP, and Tuesday 21 November. Take this copy of The The list. 14 High Street. Edinburgh. EH1 1TE. Listalong to the Box Oltice on George Street on

the night. First come, tirst served.

Not content with being a world famous actor, playwright. director and dynamic force in the theatre. Steven Berkoff has gone and written another book.

His Meditations ()n MeIanmrp/zosis focuses on the rehearsals fora production of Kafka‘s play while reflecting on nine previous productions. It comes as no surprise that Berkoff writes well and the book makes for fascinating reading for dramaturges. dramatic dabblers

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OFFERS: Cut out the coupon or take along the whole magazine and present it to the relevant box ottice or cash desk. All offers are subject to availability and managements reserve the right to refuse admission.

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and spectators alike. are open to all UK residents (over the age at 18 in Thanks to Faber and Faber we have five copies of A/Iedilaliuns 0n Metamorphosis and aICOhOI'WIamd 0""8). No responsibility can be five copies of Berkoff’s [Am Hamlet to give away to the readers who can answer this: accepted by The “St '07 Wiles "me" can“ be


obtained due to unforeseen circumstances. To obtain a list 01 winners, please send a SAE to The Answers on a theatre ticket (joke) to reach us by Tuesday 28 November. Address them: U“ companion Wilma”. sullan Whic" issuelsi FABER COMP, The List, 14 High Street, Edinburgh, EH1 1TE. “SUITS You require

Name the film Berkoffdirected.


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