Ghost In The Shell: ‘stunnlng and confident' l

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When the Japanese make their the place is an atrophied cultural invasion, they will bring their megatropolis. An advanced secret ., -- I I extraordinary animes with them. Akira I service, peopled by cyborgs, discovers , Nightwalch: ‘heart-raclng suspense' made its impact 0" Bfitis" audiences 2 “‘3‘ a "°t°'i°“5 and megalomamaca' Hospital mortuaries, especially late at and laid out. At night, he sees her as 318* leafs 390, and chest In The SUPCV'hackef has Winnie" “‘9 ' night, are a peculiarly effective Q he steps gingerly between serried Shellmay be bigger still. It is the most I system. Then they battle to get rid of setting to, honor movies_ In these I ranks at empsesI heading m the Spot "99W" teatu'e'mwu‘ animated in white tiled rooms, lit by cold blue ; at the far end of the morgue where the adaptation of a manga comic ever, and i The film considers the philosophical fluorescent "ghh one smells the hose. security key is dang"th "'9 "m to 0" gene'a' ""9359 i“ . impucafions 0' a “'0'” in Which prickling odour of formaldehyde that Tightly scripted, with just a drop of this country (and simultaneously in natural life has been supplanted by masks the sickly stench 0, deathI wicked black humouh highwatch Japan and “'9 "SAL " is st“""ing and techn°l°9V- " ’0‘" ‘g'ms" “'35 a Lifeless bodies lie on marble slabs, delivers creepy hints of necrophilia, confident; but it’s no regular feature I collection of memories, artificially their undignmed immodest, protected , visceral shocks and hean,,acihg film and the transition from page to { implanted into your circuitry to give only by a main white sheet As you I suspenseI screen is problematic. ' you a semblance of humanity, you ‘00 contemplate your own mortality, you This is the kind of superior genre

The dense plot pitches us through i might ask, ‘ilIlho am l?’. Beyond the . can hear me blood pulsing a, your I moviemaking where the eerie philosophical tract and cyber-sclence ; impressive vrsuals of Ghost In The temples, feel the dread seeping into ; fluttering of moths in a glass

jargon so fast that it’s easy to get lost. : Shell, it is the palpable closeness of you, bones. I Iampshade is as chilling as the

If this was a come. \Itle W00” "Head , its ("We "3'0" "'3‘ '5 mos‘ ' While law student Martin (Nikolai i screaming, hysterical violence that

the pageshbut. as it i8. the ' Intriguing- (Hannah Flies) . Waldau) moonlights as a : follows. (lligel Floyd)

overcrowding tlattene the experience nightwatchman at the local hospital '

and, by the time the illm teaches its Ghost In The Shell (15) (Mamoru Oshii, morgue, a serial sex killer stalks the Highrwatcn (13) (mg Ramada],

abrupt ending, things have gotten l Japan, 1995) With the voices of streets of the city, leaving behind a Denmark, 1994) Nikolai Waldau, Ulf

torpid. Richard George, Mimi Woods, William string of scalped female bodies. , pilgaard, Kim 501mm, 104 "fins, The fundamentals of the plot are in Frederick. 85mins. From 8 Dec. Martin has barely started his new job Subtitles. Sun ill—Tue 12: Glasgow

tact very simple. The year is 2029 and Glasgow: MGM Film Centre. 3 when one of the victims is brought in Film Theatre,

Leonardo DiCaprio- "Marvel at thaééxWQf DiCaprio's performance"


...Tense, exciting, superbly made’


"DiCaprio at his wretched, raw, finest - and it doesn‘t come

. more harrowing ' than this'


"' .‘fi‘Mintense, compelling drama that should not be missIIeIIiIlI:


WATCHABLE... A stylish gangster drama’ TIME OUT

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-v , _- l FROM FRIDAY DECEMBER 1st . . , . . UCI (Craig Park) Edinburgh

3, - - '., ~ FILMHOUSE Edinburgh 0 ' .' .' ° 0 .’ . .’ CHECK LOCAL PRESS FOR DETAILS

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