MUSIC PREVIEW m— pulse. For the album, Friday has | rooted around in his and other | people’s pasts and shot the whole ag thing through with a throbbing '-‘.%.:I_ '4 .i _‘

contemporary undercurrent, provided g in part by Bomb the Bass” Tim Simenon, to come up with what he has termed a ‘sci-ti cabaret’.

“When you make a record, it should have some relevance to today as well as yesteryear. The dance scene, what it’s progressed to - I mean there’s a lot of luckin’ asshole music there as well - is a lot more exciting than the three-chords that a lot at rock and roll I is throwing back at us,’ reckons Friday. ‘And there’s also a sense of G some kind ot Europeanism in a lot ot

the dance culture at the moment, , which I tind relreshing. I’m a bit bored . , oi Americana music.’ - l The lin-de-siecle Euro ennui Shag ; : roadshow rolls into town this week,

I stopping oil at The Garage in Glasgow f hardly the most aesthetically i /‘- l sympathetic venue to Friday’s

1 concept. But this presents no ; problems tor a man with a background in the Dada-punk~periormance-art- l

Gavin Friday: so bored ot the USA

On a small satellite circling the planet coniftttttatitttta'ism 0! "[9 Vitgitt . Bowie, lies the cityscape described by I Prunes. ‘Oh, I’ll be bringing mil chairs cayin Friday’s Shag Tobacco long. i and llowers and candles and my oven

player. A baroque night time town that Plays backing iraCltSi making tea ,. , '7 r. . which only swims into the sights oi I . . - I’ll cover the place in velvet. - y a. ' . t drunken eyes, peopled by the darker, ; anything to bring it out at that sweaty .. a r3 Ii.» « lonelier people; demented housewives ‘i Pith atmosphere-' Ftiday COHtittuesi ‘" 1%.; "i"

and gangs of transvestite angels, ; People com. “181’” 588 a ' 5:39 torch singers and opera legends. A 2 Performance. "0t illSi someone 90mg ' - ' .3- , 3, 1- 5 place where the decadent sounds still ; through "‘8 m°ti°ttS-’ lDamien lOVel I ' i i i . echoing up irom Berlin night clubs , Gavin Friday plays The Garage,

mingle with a quietly itching club 1 5,3590W 0” M0" 17-

so precise that should his sleeve have

m brushed the strings. that too will have been lovingly annotated. But it's not all ' bad. His new eponymous album shows

that ‘Sateh' has a firmer grasp ofthe

concept of restraint than many of his w ammy rap

But isn't his audience principally - - y _ composed of guitar freaks, well-versed Sweep plelpg in SuperLocrian modes but incapable handed tapping! DIVC- of recognising a good tune if it slapped . 5 - t them across the face? 7; i bomblng’ at twenty ‘lt seems to depend.‘ he says. ‘We ' notes a SCCOHd! AlaStalr find that in Southern Europe we have

i Mabbott looks at the cult the largest mix of sex and age. but I can remember shows that we did in Los

. x | Of the mOde-day gUitar Angeles, any place that was near a .. V hero, in the Company of music school you would tend to gel

W‘ Symphonic sixty

in December 1935, a new orchestra was born in Edinburgh. At the time, little could anyone have thought just how it would develop. From tairly modest beginnings, without even the word symphony in its name, what was the BBC Scottish Orchestra has grown in numbers and stature. It has moved

' ' I . - more guitar-player-lookin' guys. it also 33:33:39ggeglgeignbggggs: -Z;“.-§}.;e_~e;.,.ig egg . Joe Siltrlanl and Hank depends on how the album is marketed. studio in Glasgow; it has a huge suing Evelyn Glennle: marlmba maestro Marvm, if You 20 t0 3 Pia?“ Where musfc ‘3 0' commissions to its credit; has : 1963 that the “chasm! was shown on teleVision. then you instantly toured all over the world, and has 3 pemanenuy enlarged to symphonic You spum them as you would gm 3" acm‘gs'thc'bo‘mf m'x' Bl" 'f you pertormed with some oi the biggest i status to can. the title it retains today, trainspotters on a wet and windy station gawk" placcbwmm 1h“, I?" pccjplc I international names in conductors and 1 The 60th anniversary celebration Platform» They hunch over guitar xh: riff flit‘g‘r",,{§”;z‘i‘nci":§;; {’figf.“ soloists. It has an impressive l concert at Glasgow Royal Concert Hall magalihcs learning the fingerith for m "1:0"? co lea/ho <52)“, u t it catalogue ot recordings; was the lirst leatures percussionist Evelyn Glennie the latest tracks by Metallica or. if ; Hank Mai?" slcanwhi‘lc haqg'ccn orchestra in Scotland to otter lull-time in the Scottish premiere ot rhea they're really sad. Dream Theater 5 my," the u;,,, mu icggn‘cc ,h. salaried work to its players - and it’s Musgrave’s concerto tor marlmba and Some of them get jobs in music shops ' ‘a‘rl (ix Tfi .r gm. p g‘. ‘qt t :Or, 60 years old this month. orchestra Journey Through a Japanese and intimidate customerS by showing .hy . ‘1' ,c'mqu ‘, ion‘mjup g?! [Th .L

The brainchild ot Ian Whyte, the Landscape and the distinguished off their lengthwiSC-acrOSS-thC-"CCk {cthnlcaf [SW-ti h c yim'y a S: ' i r BBG’s then llead oi Music in Scotland, Russian pianist Dmitri Alexeev in arpeggios. ‘just to check it's in tunc'. 9,] cf 0 n gm m 3" ha "‘30 it was his vision which saw the BBC Rachmaninov’s Rhapsody on a Theme before handing the instrument to some 1?: "was 0: Tm“ Osirigfyou than? $50 through many important of Paganini. There is also the premiere poor sap who hasn‘t got beyond page H roglwfl’l". 0,, in.” fwagdab “I, , milestones. 0t prime importance was of the specially commissioned The one of Simple Chord Shapes. They 8‘” t ('1 'a'I‘S;)‘Od° S :1!" .11)ch y, {.2 the toundation oi the Edinburgh Transit or Jupiter by Iain ilamilton. idolisc Steve Vai. Steve Morse and. for {mcf‘ ' day “‘5 “C”. '{ “3m ', lntemational Festival in 1947. Up until Conductors are Jerzy Maksymiuk, reasons of their own. YngWic uppmc so gm m y ' mm “uni. then, the orchestra had played mainly Gdnductor Laureate, and Martyn Malmstecrt- But most of a”. they Fwy through The Shadows' "‘0 Bm'sh in the studio, but the Festival gave it Brabbins, Associate Conductor. A very worship «'06 Satriarti- Blues Boom and Del“) Purple “1”” an international platform and the happy 60th birthday to one and all! Satriani iS the ultimate guitar hero of Present ‘13)“ He's (“me take" by 't a!" chance to work with leading (Garol Main) our age. billed 5t“ ‘thc than Who taught ‘" lac"

COHdUCtOTS and artists such as 880 550 plays at Glasgow Royal Steve Vai to play’ (he also tutored Kirk ‘All these things that people are using Victoria de los Angeles and Yehudi Concert [[3]] on Thursday 7 December Hammett of Metallica). it is possible to to create marvellous effects, it's Menuhin. It was not, however, until i at 7.30pm. buy books 0i transcriptions of his $0108 laminating and i think it's wonderful-

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