MOTOR MOUTllS is the sultany provocative name tor a series ot events which brings together a variety of pertormance poets lrom around the globe. It teatures a range ot fln-de-slecle Beats, including northern gobshite John Cooper Clarke and fellow Mancunian lemn Sissay. It’s the American cousins though, who are leaders in the lield. Samantha Coerbell and Bobby Miller (pictured) are two leading lights from llew York’s lluyorlcan Poetry Cate,‘a venue where slam poetry - an aggressive torm oi verbal sparring not dissimilar to Scots ‘tlytlng’ - is the biggest draw. ‘One oi the great bastions of the lower East Side’ is how Coerbell describes Iuyorican an amalgam of Puerto liica and New York. With Edinburgh’s Rebel Inc and Yellow Cate events demystitylng performance poetry, lluyorican’s stars could tind they have kindred spirits in Scotland. Miller toured last year with spoken word guru John Glomo, and has lost completed an album with nee-lite DJ Dimetry. Coerbell will present her angry, street smart observations on the neighbourhood underclass, set to a hip hop rhythm. ‘I’m a person who doesn’t mince her words - I say what I mean directly, rather than some convoluted intellectual version of things,’ she says. llegarded as something of a purist, Coerbell believes the emphasis in pertormance poetry should be on the poetry: "there are a lot of people who are great pertormers, but their work doesn’t match it, so it’s like singers who don’t write their own songs.’ Motor Mouths is at 00A, Glasgow from 9 Dec. See Theatre listings.

DAVID EUSTACE. a Glasgow-based photographer whose work is published regularly by glossy magazines GQ and Vogue. is one of a group of successful graduates from Napier University in Edinburgh. A retrOSpective of graduate work is on display at Edinburgh's KJP Gallery. including this quirky portrait of Robbie Coltrane by Eustace. See Art listings.

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THE AMPS‘ founder and lead geetar gal Kim Deal is getting a reputation for forming and disbanding groups like there‘s no tomorrow. With her newest group. Deal seems to be continuing the reverse progression which took her from the abrassive power-pop of The Pixies, through to even spikier combo The Breeders and comes to rest. for the moment anyway, with the pure American punk of The Amps. Way to go, dudes!

The Amps play The Garage, Glasgow on Tue 5 Dec.


2 The List l-l4 Dec 1995