DEL AMITRl’s name is taken from Greek mythology, and means a false god built on sand. In Legends of the Mall, an Ex-S documentary about the band, affably sldeboarded frontman Justin Currie uses this symbol to highlight the fragility of a pop group on the road. Even more fragile when considering this particular road is the vast expanse of the USA. For it is there they have followed in the transatlantic tartan rock steps of Simple Minds and Rod Stewart. In one of several enigmatic voice- overs, Currie explains the allure of forming a band. ‘It enables you to give in a non-material way,’ he says. ‘Granted, a guitar solo doesn’t quite have the same effect as a power-drill on Christmas morning but at least once it’s gone, it’s gone. You’ll never have to face getting it back again.’ Yes, quite. The rockumentary pinpoints the hassles of touring, such as showing up for a date in Kentucky to discover the gig’s in a carpark. Even the highs are dubious, like finding out your Billboard chart position from the ' sickeningly-sweatered Casey Kasem. (Brian Donaldson) ‘\ legends of the Mall is on Mon 11 Dec at 10.10pm an 8881. "

THE AMERICAN PRESIDENT is a romantic comedy with a topical edge. that has been guided into office by the safe hands ofdirector Rob Reiner. ‘1 think I've got an election coming on.‘ quips widowed US President Michael Douglas as he attempts to woo lobbyist Annette Bening. despite the pressures of press intrusion and the day-to-day political grind. Reiner. a Hollywood director with the surest of touches. is the man who introduced Harry to Sally and held down James Caan‘s legs when Kathy Bates came at him with a sledgehammer in Mire/3'. Add to this list Stand By Me, The Princess Bride and This Is Spinal 721p. and it's clear that no one else can hop between genres with as much class.

The American President goes on general release on Fri 8 Dec.

CLAllJAMFRIE excel at enigmatic publicity. In the week before their outdoor multl-media spectacle Satellite, angels will be glimpsed in and around Glasgow - on the M8 or the roof of your local shopping centre - only to reappear at the Satellite show and tumble to earth, in a nod to Wim Wender’s Berlin movie Wings of Desire. It’s obviously a symbolism thing. This collaboration with American video artist Daniel Reeves will combine performance, video and sculpture in multi-media performance group Clanlamfrie’s most ambitious work yet. Using Glasgow’s Cathedral Precinct reincarnated as a surreal garden with ballroom dancers backed by a Gaelic choir - Satellite aims to ‘remove the scales from our eyes and create a time capsule of Glasgow as it is at the moment,’ according to co-dlrector Emma Davies. Video sequences gathered from around Scotland, including images shot at Glasgow’s Hindu temple and the Tunnock’s teacake factory, plus archive footage, will be projected onto eighteen screens around the square. A portable projector will flash images onto the audience. “These channels will be constantly floating, lust as if there was an eyeball moving through space,’ says Reeves. Just another Saturday night out in Glasgow, then. (Deirdre Malloy)

Satellite is at Cathedral Precinct, Glasgow

on Sat 9 Dec at 7.15pm.



The llst’s at-a-glance guide to the highlights of the fortnight ahead.

_ is \ .Q I Theatre: Barry llumphries: look At Me When I’m Talking To You Humphries introduces Dame Edna Everage, Sir Les Patterson and a host of other friends in an extravaganza of Australian vulgarity that is. of course. all done in the best possible taste. Spooky possums.

Theatre Royal. Glasgow. Mon 4—Sat 9; Edinburgh Festival Theatre. Fdiribiifigh, Man I 1 «Sat [6.

I Music: Rod Stewart Roderick

David Stewart returns to his Spiritual homeland to woo the faithful some more. it's only a few months ago that he was doing Aberdeen as part of his enormogig tour but there's enough fans around to sell out the venue for a couple of nights. Altogether now, lighters at the ready: ‘We are sailing . . .

SEC C. Glasgow; Sun 3—Sat 4. I Cinema: The Brothers McMullen

Edward Burns' beautifully scripted story about three Irish-American Catholic brothers has a resonance for siblings and twenty-somethings the world over. A gentle comedy full of insight.

Cameo, Edinburgh and MGM Film Centre, Gl(l.8‘g()ll'ji‘()lll Fri 8.

I Books: Playing The Game Doris

Lessing has been a powerful voice in literature during the second halfof this century, marking out her territory with her first novel The Grass Is Singing; now, at the age of 74, she is publishing her first graphic novel. Illustrated by X Files artist. Charlie Adlard. her tale is a fantasy ofa raw. urban hell. Published by HarperCollins from Mon 4.

I Art: The Persistence of Painting Say ‘Ait' and most people think paintings. This exhibition looks at the current state of painting in the Scottish arts scene and traces new developments. Artists involved include Louise Hopkins. Julie Roberts. Carol Rhodes, Graeme Todd, Hayley Tompkins, Richard Walker and Richard Wright.

C CA. Glasgow: until Thurs 7.

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Probably the best lager in the world.

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