662 4467 (tickets in person from Ripping Records). 8.30pm—midnight (show runs

SATURDAY 9 Glasgow

. .3 l . o s £6 £5 . ' I Billy Bankers The Corner Bar. lilLl‘llS tic: aCcliristiiias.') say Edlnburgh Sauchieliall Street. Charing Cross. The Stand as they up sticks to a I Brandon“ Bunk" 60 Pleasancc- 9piii—iiiidnight. Free. Madness and glamorous new venue for the festive Informationf 447 9109- 9pm. ffl (£3) SCC mayhem on a weekly basis with the aptly period. First off your comedy advent 33‘ 2- on ""5 week's ShOW. Spiro T. named Mr Bonkers introducing local

Agnew examines "The Ultdcm'car 0fth comics and the occasional spot from Stars‘ in the first of his regular Hollywood bigfish) names. like Parrot, reports.

I Mlne‘s a Ladysliam Picardy's THURSDAY 14

calendar is a fine bill starring Stu Who?. Martha McBn'er. Reg Anderson and Andrew Walker hosted as ever by the

. kl' J M k . war mg am ac ay Burlesque Showbar. Picardy Place. Info: _ Glasgow 556 54 i4. Show starts 8.30pm (doors Edmburgh

I Jet! Green/Geoff Boy! Tron Theatre. 63 OPS" 79'?) Finale “pm' Frcc' 53“ Fri 1 I At Murray/Julian Barratt/Mitch Benn Trongate. 552 4267. 9pm. £6 (£4). An ,1 3" “V'Lw- The Pleasance Societies' Centre. 60 The evening of comedy by blokes named Jeff. the "m lam. apeflence can be had at Pleasaiice. Information on 650 2656.

First off is the 1994 Pemer Award “eardrs’ Edinburgh me nights a week 10 ).30pm (doors open 8pm). L5 (1.3). The

nominee. winner of London Comedy Pleasance Comedy Network returns to

4r 4 ~' A} y

Store ‘New Act ofthe Year Award' and Sauchiehau Street. Chafing Cross. Edinburgh keep you smiling through long winter right wee chamier of a stand-up Jeff 9pm_midnighL Free. Madness and I ma Stand Goes m me cums Citrus nights. On tonight s show top character Green. Second is Geoff Boyz. firm mayhem with local funny_man Bi“), as Club. Grindlay Street. Info and tickets: comic Al Murray as The Pub Landlord

favourite on the London circuit where he’s MC 662 4467 (tickets in person from Ripping (most recently seen in hit show Hurry been described as 'A Scottish Comedy Hill '5' Pub Internationale. supported by

. , , . Records). 8.30pm—midnight (show runs , I . , r h , Wamor . Who s been watching too much 7 9.30pm_11.30pm). Four acts £6 (£5). Sec Julian Barratt and the Ribiickltr s Mitch

Brave/tear! then? Part of the Gilded Sun 3. on tonight.s bi“: Phil .Whytc & Benn.

831100" Comedy Circ‘m' Edlnburgh Mackay' Kay with John Gillick. Viv Gee. I Mme s a LadYSham.P'Cardy S _ Burlesque Showbar. Picardy Place. lnfo.

4 I "he’s a LadyshmPicardy'S gigantic 80le a“ “08th by Jane 556 5414. Show starts 8.30pm (doors Burlesque Showbar. Picardy Place. Info: “C 3Y-

Ed.nburgh 556 5414 Show “am 8 30pm (doom open 7pm). Finale llpm. Free. See Fri 1 I s o s s .- a

and review. I Mlne's a Ladysham Picardy’s and review. p - - ._

Burlesque Showbar. Picardy Place. Info: Edinbufgh

(Sfeoigri l 8 I Mine’s a Ladystiam Picardy's and review. Edinburgh Burlesque Showbar. Picardy Place. info:

556 54 I4. Show starts 8.30pm (doors

6 I The muncue' MUSlC Box. Viclorl? open 7pm). Finale llpm. Free. See Fri 1 Street. 225 .2564. 8pm. £4 (£3). Dive into and review. Edlnburgh the lucky dip at the regular Friday nite . . laughter lounge. With excellent comic- IMinesamvshamrwardy-e , VivGec.Jacchathcrall. W Burlesque Showbar. Picardy Place. lnfo. Lapinicr and Special guest MC Andrew _ h 556 5414. Show starts 8.30pm (doors walker. Edinburg

0pc" 79'“) Final“ “Pm- F'“- 393 Fri 1 I Mlne’s a Ladysham Picardy's I Mine’s a Ladysham Picardy's a . v g and rcv‘cw- Burlesque Showbar. Picardy Place. lnfo: Z Burlesque Showbar. Picardy Place. liifo: _ 3;. t x » . ' W ‘\ \ ‘l ow 556 5414. Show starts 8.30pm (doors 3 556 54 l4. Show starts 8.30pm (doors I: \ '4“ 9 open 7pm). Finale llpm. Free. See Fri 1 open 7pm). Finale llpm. Free. See Fri 1 Guaranteed to ralse eyebrows: Mltch Benn I Billy Bankers The Comer Bar. and review. | and review. ! at The Pleasance, Thurs 14

Hunterian Art

Galler thin Importers Of MEXiCa" University of Glzsgow there 5 n O SUCh g

"2:335:22? THE CHRISTMAS as a d u“ d 3y

Accessories STORY in I S 0 w 56 HlGH STREET 11 November - 13 January 3

ROYAL MlLE (closed 23/12/95 - 3/1/96) EDINBURGH EH1 1TB 322.3522“}2‘f’fe'}u'§.2::‘;21 27/11/95 - 3/3/96


0141 330 5431

Extended public access supported with lunds from Glasgow City Council.

(next to Scandic Crown)

Tel—01 31 557 9553

CYDH. CLIDBED l‘lNl: [\DT l’iL‘l’l'lt‘H l>.\l\"l'l.\'kié lQIli-ZOlli t‘liN'l'llLW The Winter Collection is now open. Small British Paintings. First time showing by us. V '

Gillies. Eardley. Kay. Fergusson. Shanks. Schilsky. I \iu-rivm-v H m Hriininw mmi vniwhh- an iiu'h'rim and muwumx Peploe. Warrillow. Knox. Herman. Banks. I'M-i'rv vnnuiih in hriiihlrn um mu... Wm Frazer. Brzeska. E. A'. Taylor. Watt. Clansen mm" “m "‘i‘ “W

and many others.

Mon - Sat 9.30-5.30 n—usEu—ns

148 West Regent St, Glasgow (32 ZRQ L oth 7 nus - ion tl'RTllER isioitsisriox (.().\‘I.\(;l‘ oiii-22i 9600

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