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A selection of television highlights, listed by day, in chronological order. Television listings compiled by Jonathan Trew.


I Without Walls: Unpeeled: The Last Supper (Channel 4) 9~‘).3()pm. What would you eat for your last meal? Artists through the ages have focused on the bread and wine aspect ofChrist’s last repast. Rabbi David Rosen and food writer Jonathan Meades look at both the symbolism and the reality. and suggest what Christ and his disciples might really have eaten.

I Fine Cut: The End Of Innocence (BBC 2) 9—10.30pm. Ten years after AIDS hit the mass British consciousness how have our attitudes towards the disease changed? How has the Government's reaction to it changed? A telling comment comes front a civil servant after an important Government briefing session: ‘You've no idea how difficult it is to talk to people about sex who don’t think sex is a good idea anyway.‘ Part of the Red Ribbon

I Tomorrow’s World (BBC 1) 7.30—8pm. Nothing is worse than feeling trapped in the dentist's chair while some Josef Mengeles look-a-like flexes his drill in front of your eyes before plunging it into your molars. Thanks to a Hampshire vicar who had a sudden revelation in the bath. the dentist’s drill could. mercifully. be a thing of the past. A must for obsessive

dentist feardy—cats. - '3‘ ""' 4' 3v " ‘* s -t I Coogan’s Run: Handyman For All I Item FOX. site of Shallow Grave lame, and Courtney B Vance who recently gave a

Seasons (BBC 2) 9.30—10pm. Steve line periormance in Panther, lead a transatlantic cast in The Affair. The film follows MM“

Cooan mums with a new com the fortunes ot a group of black American soldiers who are stationed in a sleepy

character. British town during the Second World War; even outside the States they find that

I "ma , , , mu. chums“ (Scottish) apartheid-style racial segregation can still be applied. When two of the black Gls tall

10.55pm_12,15am. A special mptc but of for two oi the English women pain and passion seem inextricably intertwined. The

episodes to help Bundy addicts bid Affair (880 1) 9.154045%. Sun 3 Dec.

farewell to one of America's most

{Egglgscmany righttwing religious horseshit. militant g I Horizon: AIDS - Behind Closed Doors.

alway‘g manages to gubvcr; me American militias and redneck racrsts as the Cities. (BBC 2) 8—8.5me. Thirty of the world 5

Dream with cvnicaihumour and stoic I Lat" wm‘ Jon's Houaud (BBC 2) I leadingfigurcs m the fight against Ams

rcqignmion A- qad In“ to [he mtion.q 11.15pm—12, 15am, He's suave, he‘s i are haying aconferertce to rethink global

h ' , f " relaxed and he‘s got Oasis and zeitgeist ! strategy against the disease. Horizon looks

:lammtfixne wand Tour (Channel chaser David Bowie on the Show, behind the scenes. Part of the Red Ribbon I series.

4 11.30 lil-liiidninht. Once more our . I .‘ i

8mm _- signs".13:322.:-iazttgitar‘i'n- 1

fifiifli’éhmfit33333533Ehffiiiilt I This Mu'timedia Business (BBC I> Martin‘s to but their loved M

anddeviahts Tonight they splash down in 8'15*§'30mn' one innovative WWW-2° year‘s supply (if undcmcar' but '3 Marks

Japan land of the rising. . . well. let’sjust “VIEWS how.hc.‘00k a photo 0f Pnncc . aim Spencer m.“ m? gOldcn my of the

my th'm you have to watch it and it William on his tirst day at Eton and got it high Street retailers? World In Action

into the early edition of the Evening Investigates.

involves animals’ genitals. I Speakeasy Allis Special (Scottish) 12.15-1. 15am. A World AIDS Day 1

Standard 30 minutes later using a camera I The Factom Tennis EIIJOW, White that doesn't use film. Amazing technology I “"9" and 27 PCT 38M neat (Channel 4) put to such a spurious ugc. ! 9-9.45pm. Penultimate episode of the

London's Docklands Arena comes the annual teen music magazine awards and seat-wetting competition. Gasp as the winner of the Most Fanciable Male award is announced; swoon as the Best Haircut lit The World walks on to the stage; top yourself as you ponder the state of the nation's adolescents.

I The Beatles Anthology (Scottish) 8—9pm. On the eve of the release of the remaining Moptops' attempt at the Christmas singles chart. this documentary follows them on their world domination tour. the first time around the block.

I Heart of the Matter: Men Who Needs Them? (BBC 1) 10.45—11.20pm. A provocative title for a contentious subject. Obviously. iii 35 minutes the programme is going to miss more points than it covers but the panel includes a founder member

I Soap Weekend (Chagnel 4) of the UK Men's Movement which should 3.55pm—4.15am. Over -4 hours of soaps be inmesung enough in itself.

over one weekend on one channel. Fifty I Km" v Kramer (Scottigh)

Per cem 0f the "mic" Will be Ska on 11.15 iii—1.10am. Fifteen ears old and t I "'3 one" Phenomenon (Chamel 4) their sofas for the duration while the other m“ aficarderkcr‘ this Osmiwi‘nning me i 10—11.05pm. Freddy may be dead but that 6

SPL‘CtaI thattcaturcs “"19”? Video man“ I ".8 Sunday 5h", (BBC 3) documentary which follows the foitunes

dcmonstmung thin we 8"” my? a 1m ‘0 12.30—1. 15pm. Donna Mci’hail and Katie I Of the Staff at a 833 fire CUum‘Y- The .

leam.abom [be d‘sczmc‘ celebrity Puckrick get stuck iit about the week's top workers are COUTGECOUSI)’ trim“ abOUt "‘3 1

anmbmors "mud? Steve coogani . tabloid tales with gleeful relish. Fur and SOtttCtthS appalling conditions they work "

R‘Chard E' omm' Elton 10h“ and Eddie l feathers fly while reputations are ruined. Wider bUt the MD doesn‘t “"3 a 5W“ “Cc

1mm- Richard ‘Soapy Dick' Arnold provides a life either. i ' i"

2 useful antidote to the soap madness on ' I cu" James Ingnuenos Alps (scout-git.) I Without Walls: The Enthusiastic Death

Channel 4 by pulling the plug on the 9'10Pm- The At‘t'POdC‘m Cmtc heads 0” i of Timothy leary (Channel 4) 9.30—10pm.

I week's soaps' biggest cliffhanger. t0 Argt‘t‘ttna's capital and 5mm his Stu“. The acid guru of the 60s is preparing to . I Smash Hits Poll Winner‘s Party (BBC t tht1 the city's tango “Vendors (“HOME I tum on. tune in and drop out for good. He | l) 2.55—4.25pm. All the way from Whom litaChtStnO is a way 0t “ft i has terminal cancer of the prostate and is

spending what's left of his life getting ready to go out with a bang. When he does finally pop his clogs. the Home Office will no doubt breathe a sigh of relief— he is deemed so subversive that he is still banned from entering Britain.

I Oleanna (Channel 4) 10—1 1.40pm. The TV premiere. of David Mamet's hard- hitting examination of the dangers of both sexual harassment and political correctness promises to polarise couples throughout the land.

I Network First: A Peace For The Wicked: Tales of Ethnic Cleansing (Scottish) 10.40—11.40pnt. 1n the months following VE Day, millions ofGermans were thrown out of their homes and forcibly deported. It is estimated that 2.5 million of them died of hunger. cold and disease. Don‘t hear much about that. do you? As usual. the victors rewrite history to their own ends.

half will be stuck in the pub shouting at of a marital tug of love mould have hasn't stopped Queen from continuing to

the barman to turn the bloody TV off. See viewers pushing K‘ecnéx Shams through be one of the world’s most successful rock - chart Bite (Scottish) (,t55_7_20pm, PttheWo [hg roof, : bands- This ngtamtt’tc examtttcs the” Ewan arid Mari introduce the hits. ti is and I whatnot": “'9 Last mace? htStOt’Y- flops frotn the Scottish chart. F (BBC 2) 7.20-8.05pm. 1 one was when 4 I In Your Face: Janice Galloway - l snce or Lite: nook 'n' no” and

'Jiose in search of a better life headed to Waving llot Drowning (BBC 2) Ratatouma (BBC 2) 3.33%,“ Twenty- California Nowadays people are leaving I Inside Out: Jam Jar (Channel 4) 11.15—11.55pm. The author of The Trick four hour coffcc bars. hep cats and SPW‘VItng mega'Ctttes like L05 Attgetcs 8—8.30pm. Donna Williams is autistic. In 13‘ To Keep Breathing and Foreign Parts drainpipes. Yep. the 195( s come under the and heading tor the httlS- “its this programme. she attempts to show it talks about What is imPOFtilnt to her in W microscope of this entertaining series on documentary looks at new lives in small non-autistic audience just how she views I WOTK 80d gives her Perception 0f Women's the role of food in society. 'You are what towns and finds that they are just as full of I the world, I

experiences. you eat‘ taken to its furthest point.

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