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O ' Ova9 ' . g - - ' I Learn to be happy change ' " ' your thoughts -~ change your life. Personal development through positive thinking. Louise Hay workshops 2/3 December. 3/4 February and regularly. Evening classes commencing in January. Phone ()l3l 315 3532.



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Academy and Royal Northern

College of Music trained.

Contact Ruth Morley BA.

PGRNCM. 0141 333 0828.

I Cool Christmas Gift Idea! Give the groovy gift of guitar lessons. For the beginner. to the bored-needirig-inspiration. to the totally talented and intimidated. From the author of o the forthcoming A Girl 'x Guitar I otters, give us a (all Guide. Tuition now possible in

la Edinburgh and Glasgow. Phone for details. Happening Music 0141 334 6254.

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