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Glasgow continues to streak“ ahead in the style stakes with a new and somewhat unconventional hotel. Jonathan Trew checksin.

Joe Duffy is a young man who spent ten years travelling around the world without ever finding a hotel that he really liked. On his retum to Britain Duffy decided to rectify this situation


ltalian fittings and fixtures as well as

' some stylish bespoke fumiture. Duffy

' has embraced new technology with a

' vengeance so that guests can call up

their bill on their TV screen. order

: meals and find out what’s on in the city

and beyond in sixteen different

i languages. ISDN sockets in each room

mean that business folk are only a key stroke away from their office which, of course. may or may not be a good thing for a weary traveller.

Interestingly. Duffy has decided to adopt the continental system of

charging for a room. whereby guests

by coming to Glasgow and building his . people are staying in it. Flexibility is

own hotel. to his own specifications. from the ground up. A shade over two million pounds later. a former gap site on Brunswick Street has been

' transformed into a state ofthe an hotel

complete with restaurant. cocktail bar and 24—hour cafe.

All ofthe 22 rooms have every mod con that could reasonably be expected and a few extras to boot. The Graven Images team are responsible for the design ()f'the interiors which has led to

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pay for the room and not for how many

the hotel's motto and if you want another bed in the room then the staff aren't going to start casting black looks and aspersions.

On the food front there's a strong but not overwhelming emphasis on the Far

3 East with Thailand, Malaysia and Indonesia all making their presence

felt. Duffy has employed a chefwho

i has never worked in the UK before as i he reckons that chefs who are used to

. i

Flambé the Brunswick way working here tame down flavours and spices to make British approximations of foreign dishes. The Global Village Restaurant in the hotel. where most of the culinary action will be taking place. promises unadulterated tastes.

The ground level Cafe Europa has a light, airy feel with huge windows looking out onto the street and letting the light stream into the room so that you can sip your cappuccino bathed in sunshine. On the other hand. since the cafe is open 24 hours a day you could just as easily find yourselfbathed in moonlight. Downstairs is the intimate yet funky Diablo Cocktail bar decked out in clashing primary colours. The cocktails are designed to provide a long-lasting taste bud tingler.

The Brunswick Merchant City Hotel looks poised to cater to Glasgow‘s smart set but unlike some design-led projects it manages to remain unpretentious. Go now and grab a slice of continental cafe life.

The Brunswick City Merv/Ian! Hotel. 106—108 Brunswick Sireel. Glasgow, 552 0001.

Opentng ttmes 9am to 2am

internet @ mum-edtn easgnet

co uk/Lguana

“The List l-l4 Dec 1995