Back to the future

Ann Donald finds the republication of Lewis Grassic Gibbon’s 1932 science fiction novel Three Go Back a culture shock.

Lewis Grassic Gibbon and red clay soil go hand in , hand. Rarely is the acclaimed writer ofA Scots Qurlir . linked with science fiction. However, as one Scottish publisher blows the dust front his I932 novel Three Go Back. an all-new, somewhat strange Gibbon is emerging.

The novel explores the nature of civilisation, with analogies ofa crumbling. stinking depression and a socially unjust world. It should appeal to both avid Terry Pratchett fans and devotees of Gibbon‘s Sunset Sung . It must be said, though. that the phrase ‘heavy going' had a tendency to pop into this head on a regular basis given the weighty passages of theorising that passed for conversation.

However. Ian Campbell. Professor in Scottish Literature at Edinburgh University, a sci-ii buff who

Scotland’s beloved lewis Grassic Gibbon will be seen in a new light with the publication oi his sci-ii iantasy

wrote the introduction to Three Go Back has no The whole book is Gibbon's lyn'cal and literary of mam’age. clothes or sexual shame. to a place doubts about the novel‘s appeal. ‘Like any sci-ii i celebration of his own political and diffusionist where people lived simple lives.‘ says Campbell. book it is an attempt to let you take in the science theories. To illustrate these. Gibbon uses a character And what ofthe book‘s relevance to a society on the almost unnoticed,‘ he explains. ‘while giving you the akin to himself, the Marxist-anarchist Keith, who cusp ofa new millennium? ‘I think there's a growing pleasure of fully realised chracters. a plot, proclaims midway through the novel: ‘. . . primitive disenchantment with the world of civilisation.‘ he excitement . . . and that putting off ofthe moment of man was no monster. it was the early civilisations replies. ‘Depression. boom and bust. fear of realisation that shows what a good writer Lewis and their offshoots that bedevilled him.‘ excessives ofcomputers and mechanisation. People Grassic Gibbon is.‘ For Gibbon in l932. the so-called ‘uncivilised past don't want to go back to the cave but they do want to Three Go Brick is a tale of three time travellers: inhabited by primitive man‘ seemed pretty damn make sure that human values aren‘t lost in the rush of Clair. Keith and Sir John Mullaghan, who are alluring given what he saw as a disenchanted and technology. I‘m sure that's what this book is about: propelled back to the lost idyllic land of Atlantis and - corrupt world, where the divide between the rich and i the endurance of human values against technology.‘ a time that Gibbon's Scottish Renaissance i poor was widening with every sunrise. ‘Tiiree Gr) i contemporary Edwin Muir described as ‘pre-Fall’ a liar-k is L.G.G.'s attempt to wipe the slate clean and Three Go Back by Lewis Grassic Gibbon is published time of innocence. 3 travel back to a place where people have never heard I by P0039011 at £7. 99.

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