V I saw you when a smile makes everything seem worthwhile. Queensferry Road/Dean Park Street junction on Thursday 23/11/95 at 9.30am. You: with glasses and friend in green N reg Honda with ‘Honda Bolder Dealers‘ inscribed on the side. Me: blonde girl in red Fiesta. We smiled. you shrugged. If only the world wasn’t so fast. we might have spoken. Box No U/268/ 17.

V I saw you often around Byres Road. You are a slim. blonde girl (30s?) I am the speccy. fair- haired guy who keeps looking at you. How about a drink? Box No U/268/21.

'V 1 saw you feed the wild swans and the jazz kittens at Coole. The night is young. be mine once more in Room 11. Box No U/268/22.

V I saw you Paul (11'?) Of Maryhill. cousin Gary. Bjork fan. Club X. 19/07/95. How's your book going? Can’t stop thinking about you Alison. Box No U/269/l.

V I saw you Anniesland Cross. nice boy in green snorkel. 27/11/95. 13.45ish. You were on my 66 bus. Held door open for me at Job Centre. Be as daft as me and reply. Box No U/269/2. V I saw you working in fish shop. Finnieston and before at Great Western Road. Me: short

hair. navyjacket. specs. came in at closing (Wednesday 22/1 1). Get in touch. . . Box No U/269/3.

V I saw you Adam in Cosmo.

,Was it really your idea? We've

' met a few times. Edinburgh 1986/7. We need help with the

psychology of men. LC. and

IF Box No U/269/4.

V I saw you on Leith Walk/in

Blue Moon Cafe. July/August.

You short-haired biker

(Christian Slater look-a-like) in

full leathers and scuffed white

helmet. Me? Think you’ll know

. . . Box No U/269/5.

V I saw you several times

working at Vegiville. You‘re

Glasgow‘s cutest waiter. I'm

one of your most beautiful

customers. Let me know which evenings you‘ll be working.

Box No U/269/6.

V I saw you near Charing Cross on 1/11. When seeing your eyes made me turning. that you turned. made me dreaming too. Box No U/269f7.

V I saw you 22/11/95 in C2000. You good dancer and gorgeous. Me. keen and flattered. Left your flat with something personal. Return? It is getting ‘chilly up north.’ Box No U/269/8.

V I saw you the painfully sexy. blue-haired Bar Ten barman. You are my messiah. Save me. 1 can't allow reliant utopian symbiosis. Love your secret disciple. Who am 1? Box No

; U/269/9.

3 V I saw you Baronv Bar.

Edinburgh. 17/11/95. You black hair. long black coat. blonde fn'end. Me black hair, dark denimjacket. sitting with pal. We both looked. both knew. You‘re beautiful. l’m pining. Box No U/269/10.

V I saw you one stormy night at sea and lots since. Let's share Fry's Cream and Zen poems and I promise I won‘t talk ‘curtains’. Box No U/269/15.

V I saw you Asda. Livingston on Saturday 18 Nov at 5pm and simply must see you again!

You: tall. gorgeous. brown ruffled haired man in purple fleece jacket. red scarf and jeans. Me: petite woman with longish blonde hair in aubergine jeans and black jacket. Box No U/269/16.

V I saw you The Garage. 25/11/95. You: tall. dark. Me: small. dark. bespectacled. Your

friend took your drink. Did you

want to dance? Is it too late? Hope not! X. Box No U/269/17. V I saw you Frankenstein. Blue Lamp. Aberdeen. 28/10/95.

Little wonder I was first to 7 dance and continued flying

overnight. 1 like your beat.

5 Dubh you think you could teach ; me? Handedness no problem!

§ Box No U/269/18.


Thanks to Snapple, I SAW YOU adverts are FREE at charge.

Just 1111 in the classified term and send It 011.

V I saw you putting your rubbish out - Minard Road a Monday afternoon in mid- October. You had blond hair. blue shirt. Fancy a drink? Box No U/269/1 1.

V I saw you last. 7am at the West End. It was raining. we said hi. like at Yip Yap and Channings Hotel. Where are you hiding now? Box No

; U/269/ I 2.

V I saw you in Cyberia Cafe. 14/11/95. You sitting at comer seat in window. Lovely. slim. specs. brown bobbed hair. gorgeous legs. Me John Lennon look alike. Any chance of love? Box No U/269/13.

V 1 saw you at the Three Degrees concert. wearing sensible clothing. 1 was 39 rows behind you but 1 could still smell the scent of your success. Box No U/269/14.~

V I saw you David Milo in Sneeky Pete's with a Highland jersey on. 1 gave you my no. Please ring again. Box No UQ69/l9.

V I saw you Convertible cars! You in grey SAAB. Me green Mercedes. You gave me your space. George Street. Maybe

T you'll take my top down. maybe

I’ll raise your roof? Sabine. Box No U/269/20.

V 1 saw you 2/12/95. Delmonica's. you were nursing a Diet Coke and worried about your thighs! (They looked fine to me.) I feel pretty damn stupid about trying to pay you into Madame G‘s. what a pratt. thanks for being polite about it Ann(e)? Fancy another Diet Coke sometime? Our eyes did meet. didn't they? Box No U/269/21.

V I saw you 5pm. Wednesday 29/11/95. 23 bus. Me: downstairs at back. brown bob. black jacket. You: in suit. brown hair. gorgeous blue eyes. talking to lady. Fancy meeting? Box No U/269/22.

V I saw you student at Edinburgh Art College. from London. brown-haired girl. We spoke at Bentley’s. You left with friends for ‘Wee Red Bar'. Dec 94. Me: philos0phy graduate. longs to meet you. Box No U/269/23.

V I saw you pulling pints for the last five months. At the races you fancied ‘Sabaroot': 1 just fancied you. I’d love to share more than a G&T with you. Box No U/269/24.

V I saw you giving me grief behind the Filrnhouse bar. Friday night. You have the biggest brown eyes ever seen. 1 must see myself in them again. More abuse please! Box No U/269/25.

V I saw you ‘my star' and gave you a loveheart. Romance isn't to be but friendly coffee sounds good to me. Sorry. too shy to come in and no more earrings needed yet! Box No U/269/26. V We saw you at I3th Note. Friday. Bis. We were lovely/ beautiful. You were a musical postman. Yellow cape popcorn? Post us a tape? Box No U/269/27.

V I saw you Shawlands Granary (17/11). You: blonde. curly hair. man's shin/tie. Me: glasses. gilet. Girl. let your spirit move me again. only in less crowded environs. Box No U/269/28.

V I saw you in pink/gold shellsuit. Did you see me? Muscular guy with big feet on windswept golf course. You are my ideal birdie. Box No U/269/29.

e We saw you Dublin. Oct 95. You were looking for a taxi. minus tartan-clad pals. We were shameless hussies. Fancy returning that favour? Box No U/269/30.

V I saw you train. 11.45. 27 November. Boarded Hyndland. Both alighted Charing Cross. You. straw-coloured hair. reddish jeans. Me. backpack. blue mountain jacket. black cap. Our eyes met. Interested? Box No U/269/31.

V I saw you Love Boutique. 4/11/95. You: f. light blue cord Levis. brown hair. blonde at the front. beautiful smile. Me: f. leather trousers. star vest. short blonde hair. Where are you now? Box No U/269/32.

V I saw you Monday evening. 13/11/95. You boarded E.I(. train at Giffnock. coat. hat. oriental. beautiful. Me. standing. dark suit. fair hair. You smiled. I was transfixed. See you again? Box No U/269/33.

V 1 saw you blue-eyed 81‘ man in Blue Moon on Monday 20th. You made my day with your smile as 1 left. Box No U/269/34.

V I saw you Monday 20 Nov on Great Western Road. You in check trousers with record bag. You went into Chimmyz. Wish I’d followed. Box No U/269/35. V I saw you Blue Lamp. Aberdeen. My disguise threw you but deep down it was me the little polar bear needing you to warm my cockles. 1 want you truly. deeply and madly. Box No U/269/36.

V I saw you climbing Bidean Nam Bian and supping in The Clachaig. What a relief to see my fluffy wuffy sheep again. We need to get some practice in before the lambing season. Box

No U/269/37. - V I saw you Curlers we spoke 1 posted an ad - so come on.

Dale Winton look-alike. alias JM(?). beam into my galaxy and be my personal cling-on. Go boldly and reap the rewards. Box No U/269/38.

V I saw you not. We were meant to see you both (phooer) in the PB. 5/11/95. You legged it. Damn. damn and damn again. Four ageing teenagers together. What could be better? Mmmmm. Box No U/269/39. V I saw you East Kilbride Arts Centre. Please don‘t be cowardly any more Mr Lion. you can roar for me any time! Box No U/269/40.

V I saw you 21/12/92 in the Crooked Arm. Now you're often seen Byres Road. You like Porcupine Tree. Your smile still makes me dance inside. Marry me soon. Box No U/269/41.

V I saw you Roland. St Stephen Street (aka The Beast). You can slice my pumpemickel any time ifl can cook your liverwurst. Box No U/269/42.

V I saw you in your cute Paddington yellow coat at the Leisure Suite in Scotstoun. Even cuter in yellow tmnks! Let's make bubbles together!! Box No U/269/43.

V I saw you in red at the airport. in black at Don Giovanni and in white at Waverley. You were stunning. A strong coffee perhaps? An Irish admirer. Box No U/269/44.

V I saw you Joseph. reading this column with hope of finding true love. Well. you haven't. so no luck yet mate. Ha. ha. from your chums at Shelter. P.S. Happy Christmas sappy. Box No U/269/45.

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110111: List 15 Dec 1995-” Jan I996