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This period adventure starring Juliette Binoche and Olivier Martinez is Jean-Paul . Rappeneau‘s follow up to his triumphant Cyrano de Bergerac. Angelo. an Italian Hussar w is very sensibly hot-footing it from a bunch of Austrian assassins. Angelo pitches up in a garb? town ravaged by cholera where he is tried by the town people for poisoning their well. A M Jar: "a" “on Tm” pm“ Luckily for him he escapes across the rooftops where he bumps into a mysterious and c “up on y "4 1" 1*."- beautiful noble woman who is also on the run. Romance and sword fights ensue. this "new along to m

The GFT in Glasgow are giving away one CD soundtrack to the movie, two posters. two books and one pair of tickets for the movie which opens on Fri 5 Jan. The Cameo are giving away three books. three posters and one pair of tickets for the film. To get the

goodies answer this:

Who did the English translation for Cyrano de Bergerac?

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j Address ihcm: CONKLESS COMP, The List, 14 High Street, Edinburgh, Elli "E. The tirst three people to turn up to the “Santa‘s

Morgan’s Spiced m

Honeycomb on Blair Street, on Thurs 28 Dec will get Are you spiced or unspiced‘? The truly spiced have been

in tor tree. The tlrst person will also get a tree crate or Foster’s Ice. Take this copy or The list ‘raided' by the Spiced Squad, got their hands on a free sample of Morgan's Spiced and a VSP pass for the club

along on the night. events ofthe year. the Big Spiced and listened in to Clyde l or Forth FM to win Spiced Holidays.

The Unspiced have been staying in with a cup of milky cocoa and a good train timetable.

If you still haven't spiced up your life, help is at hand because we have ten bottles of Morgan‘s Spiced to give away to the first ten out of the bag. The next ten entries get a Morgan’s Spiced T-Shirt, so get your entries in or , _ alternatively, you could study the an of Tibetan rug making "'r the choice is yours! Fill in the blank:



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a: "J a c: o c: a I“ g. n. m 5.” z < rs

e: o E

‘Librarian by day, by night!‘ Comedicado are offering one tree child tlcltet . r . ith every adult tlelret sold on Thus 11 Jan to see Answers on a postcard to reach us by Fri 5 Jan. Mark them: MORGAN S COMP. w , The list, 14 High SW, “Mum, an In. Tall Tales For cold M llghtset the Traverse, __________ _ _ Ediebem. rule this copy or fire list along to the

BT/ Northern v Ballet Theatre Wye/ox

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Address your entries: nuueue come, The list, 14 High Street, Edinburgh, EH1 ITE. ""533: 9" 0" "It “"90" 0' “*0 8|"! '50

I . r: = z I "s: = u ,_ § : y: i” % i .' g z I E g E ,. s :2” ti: firSLlilllCl,:)I.CkCllS' classic tale, A Chrismzjug (lfilumétlias _‘ > 3 en roug t to l e incorporating music. song an a ct. e pl 1: E i - “~ a Northern Ballet Theatre are one of the most exciting ballet < g i companies in Bn'tain today and their artistic director, Christopher "'0 recently opened trend-setting club is oitering a m '5 8 : ' " Cable. is renowned for his creativity. The roduction of A "88 PitChef 0' Either Tellllfla Pour over, "I68 and as «I p z a; g : ' A Christmas Carol at Edinburgh Festival Theatre is part of the BT SPIC“. Marguerite Y” "a 0' BlaCk VOIlka long to g E ‘5 i r. . national tour. It runs from Wed 3—Sat 13 Jan. any party of tour who arrive with this voucher. TM m a ,_ . c H R l b T M A b . . = D "g- I C A 90 L We have two pairs of tickets to give away to the readers who 0"" IS 0P9" "on Thurs 14 DOC-wed In Jail MIND '— 3 i m: can answer this: midnight and excluding the 24/25/31 Dec and New 3 g. E in which year did Dickens die? “3'” "a" 2 LS. :

We ve got three sets of the five Videos to give away to the readers who can answer this: Mr: "‘5': '13.", "an" w

: What is Lichtenstein's first name? list competition Ila-ere, stating um my a 1-11.32... L i Answers on a postcard by Mon 8 Jan. Mark them: m COMP, The List, 14 Illgh Strut, ' .' j In I - . . . . ,_ .._.. I L '

J whole magazine and present it to the relevut box ,_ : u . .-.. ortieeorceshdesltJllotrersaresebleette § : K suitability and managements reserve the fight to 2 i m G ‘- 3 : . . * m g ’5‘ : On Mon 18 Dec Phaidon Video release five more titles in cum..." " m m "an" .m m on a g E, I their acclaimed an on video series. The five videos, each ' mm“. you load In only one “VOID” III III- ; g : of which last around one hour, focus on Annie Leibovitz, I mm “a, “n M I, m m u" > = g - : David Hockney, Francis Bacon, Lichtenstein and ' hey hi I". a 8 ,R h I h. . . . voric areattac oEAOIIeetrthoqetltlees z __ m ' ap ae . ln dept interViews With all the artists and film 4/, m m t. .u "K mum (mm m u 18 h o .5 E, : footage of them at work (bamng Raphael obViously) A alcohol-related otters). le WWW,“ be I.— g i : make these Videos an invaluable tool for the scholar and “W by m u“ '0' m m“ up . m E ‘g r a source of great interest for the connossieur of an. ' ..- «c O u <1 0 '7:

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