Jenni Falconer

ii? ._ . ; -.-.‘r~. . J he most memorable film I saw this year was The Shawshank Redemption. I go to the Cinema 8 lot and most of the films have been light-hearted but this was really intense and very different from any film I’d seen before. I also went to see Take 'l‘hat‘s posbRobbie concert at Earl’s Court. I got ripped apart by my friends for going but they put on a great show. Everything I did for The Big

C ountry was memorable, but I haven‘t beaten the feeling of a sky- dive yet.’

Former Blind Date contestant .lenni Falconer has presented outdoors show The Big Country which is expected back on BBC 1 in the spring.

| Nick Nairn

I had the best meal of my life on holiday in France this year. It was in a restaurant called La Barbacane in the medieval town of Carcassone near the Spanish border. It was faultless, and I’m really picky. We had sweetbreads and mushroom risotto made with basmati. That was so good I wanted to lick the plate. It was followed by rabbit stuffed with parma ham. The dessert was a caramelised apple tart with filo pastry and this heavenly soft apple spiced with cinnamon. We finished with the best coffee I’ve ever had, and they treated us like kings. No doubt the chef will be discovered soon and the prices will treble so go there soon. My favourite book

:54 ’Romania's»,eyo'ontomnilfiA


From Tralnspottlng to bird spottan

and film? Irvine Welsh’s Marabou Stork Nightmares and Tarantino’s Pulp Fiction!

Nick Nairn is owner of the Braeval Restaurant near Aberfeldy. His new cooking series ‘Wild Harvest' goes out in February on BBC 1 .

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land and Freedom: Ken loach’s powertul portrayal of the Spaan Clvll War

Craig levein

‘My sporting highlight was John Daly winning the Open Golf Championship at St Andrews in July. I’ve always admired his aggressive playing style and also the way he’s battled against alcoholism and other personal problems, so it was refreshing to see him coming out on top against the best field in the world. Perhaps surprisingly, my favourite film was The Lion King. It’s great entertainment for the whole family, my daughter Christie loved it and I bought the video as well. I’ve not heard much music this year but I’m a big REM fan, so I was really excited about their concert at Murrayfield.’

Craig Levein, Hearts captain and Scottish internationalist.

j Mark Rankin

‘T in the Park brought something to the Scottish people without them having to go down South. The numbers there proved that if you bring up the right bands then it really is a force to compete with Phoenix and Glastonbury. On the album front, the new Oasis one brought back a pop element after things had got very self—indulgent for a while. And Alanis Morisette used old school songwriting with a new modem approach to good effect. But Scotland qualifying for the European Cup is definitely one of the highlights of ’95.’

Mark Rankin will be joining his band Gan at Barrow/and on Sat 23


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