t’s party time! Time to get out on the town with your pals and enjoy yourself. If you want more than the usual rounds of inebriation this festive season, then what better than to hit a club. But which one? To help you through the maze, The List‘s clubbers have dedicated many hours of late night dance pleasure to bring you this in-depth look at the club venues.

The clubbers' guide is designed to be used in conjunction with the club listings. There you will find details about each individual night and the music which is played. The guide describes briefly the music and the type of crowd each venue attracts, but concentrates on the facilities each club offers. You might want somewhere to blether during the evening or you might just want to dance.

Mostly, the guide is concerned that whatever the music, whoever the crowd, everyone

With the festive season in full swing, Scotland’s nightclubs will be throbbing with regulars and impulse clubbers, all looking for a good time. The List’s Clubbing Guide puts Glasgow and Edinburgh’s club venues in the spotlight, giving you the low down on what you need for a good, safe, night out - and that means more than a good beat. the best venues in both cities get The List’s thumbs up. Read on, then go clubbing. Photographs by Ashley Walker.

should be safe and comfortable in a club. So you will find listed such .vital statistics as the number of women’s toilets: there's nothing worse than having to leave the dancefloor for half an hour in the middle of your favourite DJ’s set just because the queue is too long.

Safety is also a concern. Searches are not just for illicit drugs. but also for weapons. So the bouncers are rated both for their search and their attitude.

Finally, some clubs have a big ‘thumbs up’ beside their entry. If we believe a club venue offers a safe and secure place to let yourself go in, it receives this mark of our approval. The method behind the appraisal is given on page 19. There you will also find a look at the history of clubbing in Glasgow, what it takes to put a club on and, because some of you are bound to be naughty, a guide to safe clubbing.

Thechoioe,asthey say, is yours. Haveagoodone.

Glasgow and Edinburgh


contents M The rhythm of life: Glasgow/s

dubbing history

3 2" The safety donte: How to survive those good times

W Getting sorted: lhe promoters behind Edinburgh's nights

3’ 9 Glasgow and Edinburgh dub venues are rated

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