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Address: 25 Queen Street

Phone: 204 3189

Capacity: 835 Air conditioning: Very good. First cider: Always present.

9! 16k ‘31 h? 4 i 22 ,5? 18 A 1000/75p

No free water at bar. Bottled

water 21 .50. X Coffee and a sitdown restaurant.

a Agressive bouncers, thorough search. Low key security constantly present in venue.

Q As you are; but not pished. Recently opened, highlydesi ned club with stonking PA, 5 cious chi/low and seating areas, dar rooms for canoodling and balconies around the dancel/oor. It attracts a massive student crowd on Thursdays and dressed-up garage groovers on Saturdays. An expensive but tasteful night out.

THE ARCHES Address: Mid/and Street Phone: 22} 9736 Capacity: 650—1200 Air conditioning: Adequate, but it can

[N s

get hot on the danceiloor. First aider: Always present.

9! 12K $.91 or2

h? I i £2 r? 24 A Adequate/ 50p

TF3 Free water at bar. Bottled water 21 . l 0.

Ice cream, chocolate, crisps and nuts.

0 Friendly bouncers, intimate search. Constant presence inside venue.

#1 Relaxed.

This impressive club venue, housed under Central Station’s railway arches, boasts the bi gest chillout room in Glasgow, alt ou h the air conditioning is minimal. Excefient for both dancing and socialising. Fridays feature Slam with quality underground techno, Saturda s alternate between a bevy of quality ouse clubs, including the crossdressing monthly, Love Boutique.

Address: 15 Oswald Street

Phone: 22i 3010 d

Capaci : 500 Air con itioning: Rely on the high rool. First cider: Always present.

?I 10k ‘9 i

h? 2 i £1.80

E 7 A’ample’ /50p F? Free water at bar. Bottled water 2].

D Sullen, pat inside leg. Good

security in venue it} None.

This simple club venue has made a name for itself on the techno scene with a number of popular Detroit, Chicago and Acid nights. A place for a good, sweaty dance, but not much space for socialising.


The List 15 Dec 1995-11 Jan 199619 I