Clubbing Guide


CENTURY 2000 Address: 31 Lothian Road

Phone: 229 7 67 0

Capacity: 1000 Air conditioning: Airy. First aider: Always present.

if 4k t; 1 £2 i I 11 A 650/503)

Free water at bar. Bottled water £1.20


Indifferent, fairly friendly bouncers, random search. Obvious security in club.

No ripped jeans, or steel toecaps. Smart.

35' 0X 30‘5"]?

Generally reviled among ’true’ clubbers as a disco, Century is playing a better mix of chart house music nowadays. Saturday is over-215 onIKa A good place to drink with those w a don’t like ’house’ music, but do like a bit of a bop.


Address: Grind/a Street

Phone: 229 6697

Capacity: 450 Air conditioning: Gets very sweaty. First aidor: Always present.

3.5k \; I 1 i £1.95 3 A 100/sop

Free water - with ice - at the bar. Bottled water 80p.

Sweets, crisps and Mini


Indifferent bouncers, general pat. Security not obvious in club.

30X warms.»

No suits or white stilettos.

After a serious di in ulari , this has become a stufdenfagfientatgld venue with a variety of indie-pop clubs. Seats around the dancefloor and a few tables in the separate bar.


Address: 36 Market Street

ghone: 226 4224 d apacity: 450 Air con itioning:

Adequate. First aider: 'I think so’.

9i 5k t}!

he 1 i £2.20

,3? s A. Yes

If"? Free water at bar. Bottled water 90p.

X Crisps. a Not yet assessed. a Smart with attitude.

Edinburgh ’5 first real style club has radicall transformed what used to be Buster rown’s. Although it had yet to open as this article went to ress, the luxurious decor and dance r throughout bodes well. ’We are going

for a stylish, upmarket club where the venue not the style of music count’ says the manager. Frida s will be

arage, funk and soul, aturdays inky sounds from DJ A-One and Sundays a variety of very glamorous occasions.


Address: West Tollcross

Phone: 228 3252

Capacity: 550 Air conditioning: Gets very hot. First aider: Always present.

3: 3k-1.5k\..02

fig 2 i £1.60 ,5? 4 5350/50.»

Free water at bar. Bottled water from 90p.

x None.

9 Reasonably friendly. No search. Constant presence in venue.

:1; Well behaved and sober.

The couny's longest-running world music on reggae club. Sir Ossie spins those wheels of steel with African, Latin, reggae, dub, and assorted global grooves every Thursday, Frida and Saturday. Norma/l hot, often fu l, but always recommen ed.


Address: 9c Victoria Street

Phone: 225 2564

Capacity: 500 Air conditioning: Adequate. First aidor: usually.

31‘ 10k v; I b 2 i 21.90 (E 3 A 200/50p

W Free water at bar. Bottled water 521.

x Crisps and nuts.

9 Indifferent bouncers, general pat search. Security in venue not immediately obvious.

9% No complete drunks or wasters.

Not a spectacular club venue, but the new management looks to be making a real effort with rgtempo clubs like Red on Sundays. therwise a good place to bop to those indie-pop sounds.


Address: Calton Road

Phone: 558 3776

Capacity: 1000 Air conditioning: Adequate. First aider: Always present

9f Small \9 2

k? 2 (E 8 TF9 Free water at bar. Bottled water.

x None

9 Friendly but firm bouncers, thorough search. No obvious security in venue.


A 2 rooms/£1

1‘1: Varies according to the night.

This large, box-like venue is worth visiting for the clubs. Friday is the fortnightly hard-techno institution Sativa. Saturday is Scotland’s big st gay nightjo with a strict door pofiicy of ’gays aanriends', a pum ing party atmosphere and well-mixed ouse. The spacious upstairs bar and dancefloor g’i’ve plenty of room to chill out and

c at.


Address: Victoria Street

Phone: 225 3326

Capacity: 600 Air conditioning: Adequate. First aider: Always present.

3“! 3* ~.~‘3 fig 3 i £1.85 (E 9 A300/30p

No free water at bar. Bottled water £1 .

x Crisps and nuts.

0 Friendly bouncers, occasional search. Security wander around venue.

in» None.

Best known for the rock-tastic Friday and Saturday nights, the three-floor venue offers a variety of music from retro thrash to indie-dance. Set in the bowels of the Old Town, it offers lots of alcoves in which to drink and chat.


Address: l5 Niddry Street

Phone: None. d Capacity: 6'00 + Air con itioning: Very good. First aider: Always present.

$12k \y2 {Pa

it}? Free water at bar. Bottled water £1.

s} 2 i £2.20 A Large/50p

x Crisps and nuts.

9 Aggressive bouncers, general pat. Bouncers walk about venue.

jig No drunks.

Housed in the vaults under North Bridge, this venue can be cold and damp, but when all the vaults are open and it is cked, it is one of the city’s finest clugienues. Saturda s tend towards bi -name house D s and dressed-up club rs. Lots of rooms to rest your feet and chat.


As The Iistwas going to press, it was annoanr Vaults will be dosed indefinitelv.


Address: Calton Road

Phone: 557 3073

Capacity: 500 Air conditioning: Adequate. First aider: Always present.

em \p2 E4

No free water at bar. Bottled water 2] .

x Crisps and nuts.

9 Friendly bouncers and random, thorough search. Bouncers regular y tour the venue.

fl} None.

Despite its primitive facilities, The Venue has a good reputation among clubbers. Pure ’s technotronic dance music on Fridays and Tribal Funktion's American house every second Saturday continue to pack them in. The dancefloor upstairs gets very packed, but there is normall somewhere to Chill out and chat ownstairs in The Cooler.

s! 2


A 100-300/50p

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