Glasgow’s George Square is again the scene for the llogmanay revelry with three stages of hl-llnks to keep 15,000 party people entertained irom 10pm onwards. Cabaret perionners will be swarming around the Cuckoo Clock while the starving will be swarming around the iood stalls. Come midnight there’ll be the sweeping skirl oi a pipe band punctuated with ilreworks and it will all be over by 1am so that you can go home tor a nice cup oi cocoa.


I McCluskey Brothers Topping the Hogmanay bill are Ken and Dave. enjoying a sudden resurgence in popularity after the revival of The Bluebell's ‘Young At Heart' a tune which will no doubt be receiving a rousing welcome this evening.

I Captain Shitty You can'tjunk the funk say the hep cats. and this loose-limbed collective could make the dead dance with their beefy brass and sinuous vocals. Shake a leg or die.

I Gary Blair Ceilidh Band Well you can’t have Hogmanay without a spot of whooping, hollen'n’ and general jigging about. It would be like New Year's Day without a hangover.


I Swiss Family Orbison This looks like being a bit of an emotional trip as former members of Deacon Blue and Danny Wilson get together to run through some crowd rousers. Hopefully the heartfelt renditions of ‘Raintown' won't precipitate the heavens opening.

I The Gyres The boys will still be flushed having progressed from playing to 50 folk at Nice 'n’ Sleazy to opening up the SECC for Bowie when Mozzer fell ill recently. Be prepared for a 60s-90s music interface.

I Sunscreem See picture caption.

The Gym have seen their audiences leap irom so at lllce 'n' Sleazy, to 3000 In the SE00 to 15,”! In George Square.


I Johnny 7 See picture caption.

I Elvis The King. or at least someone who looks very like him. clambers onto the stage for some impassioned crooning. costume changes and wistful glances at the crowd's hamburgers.

I AB/CO Men dressed up as schoolboys singing about big balls? It can only be an AC/DC tribute band. Cue loadsa singalongs to ‘Whole Lotta Rosie‘ with

I Johnny 7: Putting the cheese back into easy listening, Jason Famous, Pat I’Bongos, Dicky Nolan: and flick Flick (Son oi Vick) dig out the Bontempi and wax their nagnlilcent rnonstaches In readiness ior some oi those all time great tunes which sound better when you’re wearing slippers.

sleazy guitars.

I Bay City Rollers Twenty years on and there are still plenty of folk out there who want to Shang a Lang along with the lads (and lasses nowadays). Should be a trip down memory lane for the more mature party animals.

I Karaoke You've seen the stars on the Main Stage and the Radio Clyde One stage. now is your chance to shine like a beacon of talent in the darkness and become a star yourself. Or make an arse

llot bad in less than a month.

of yourself to such an extent that your pals won't let you forget about it until Hogmanay next year.

Ticket lnionnation You have two chances to get tickets. You can listen to Radio Clyde One on FM 102.5 and chance getting through on one of their phone-in ticket give-aways. Remaining tickets will be handed out from the Ticket Centre. Candleriggs on Thurs 28 Dec on a first come. first served basis.

I Sunscreem: The indie dance popsters bring their blistering live show to Glasgow. it you didn’t catch them on Top oi the Pops or The Vlord (RIP) then now’s yer chance to

witness them in the flesh. All together now: ‘But you know that you could never make me love 0 more.’

24 The List 15 Dec 1995-11 Jan 1996