i English folk scene, and it was just as EE— l she was leaving the ill-starred 1 Equations, with those over-rated

l lakeman Brothers, that The Poozies

; happened to approach her. ilarp player 1 i and singer Patsy Seddon feels, ‘We had an immediate, instinctive liking , * é for her. We all met, played a bit, and it I was obvious,’ Patsy smiles. ‘We’ve I widened the age-range of the band. i That must be a good thing.’ ‘Kate’s fiddle is a big bonus. We’re , getting a strong twin-fiddle sound on g some numbers now; and she’s a nice i guitarist. Sally was more of a rocker, 7 she loved loud soul music and blues, j I Caledon: Celtic Connections has the first Scottish gig of new all-Scots group i with Kate we have more of 3 Mk. 1 Caledon, which, the members are at pains to point out, is not Clan Alba without Dick I based sound; nm not sure n we might ; Gaughan. 0K, six of them have come from the Clan including the twin drum and ; '056 some fans or gain some mme ; percussronattack of Dave Tulloch and Mike Travrs, Sileas twin harps, and piper Gary ; , . 1 West, but Singer Davey Steel notes, ‘We got together for a gig In Brittany. They l bl" “'8 re "9‘ 9mm '9' ememe = wanted Clan Alba, but when that was impossible they asked us to put a new band

, ' , “ham”: it "on" be. a comma“? “9‘” ; together; so Eilidh Shaw, that’s Capercaillie’s Donald Shaws sister, is the bee’s 'Smllel we '9 59m“ M" iePBnOlm. the andlence WWW always ; knees on fiddle, and we’ve brought her in, and also Greg Boriand, a great Edinburgh

The fastest sell-out concert at last ; want some of their favourites like bass player.’

year‘s Celtic Connections was The 3 ‘We light Fires’ - but we are bringing Even it the band admits to using nothing of the Ctan Alba repertoire, and even as the Poozles, and they have an award from g in Kate’s songs. i mean song-3 she Clan’s double album is now being released, there are no plans for a Clan Alba

the organisers to prove it. This year, already has, not that she’s. written, concert, so Caledon’s pertormance concert will be the nearest you’ll get to hearing

before getting ready to tour Egypt on ' Sally wrote very good songs, and the - mat sound "ve' ("Oman Chalmers)

behalf of the British Council, the all- 3 way I see it, because we now don't

women group are playing their first i have a songwriter it gives us a good singer. storyteller and guitarist. , II Balnain House Workshops Various concert in a new line-up, DOW that i chance to pick up songs from . I Balnaln House WOIkSHODS Vili‘lOU5 classes on instrumental. dance and vocal singer Sally Barker has departed to I anywhere. Songwriters need singers. “We” 9” “‘Sli'mm‘mill‘ flimcc 1"“ "9“" styles of lmditionul Illusic. information take delivery of a little bundle from a So send us songs everyone!’ (Harman ; WI“ '1’ ““dm’nul "‘WC' “‘mmwm” 3’3 4 l 37 . . stom- - Chalmers) 353 41-37.. _ ' I Green Linnet Festival Club Central '

i I Glee" l-mne‘ Feanal Club Ct‘llll'ill llotel. Gordon Street. 10.30pm-- 1 am. free

ller replacement Kate Busby is just 1 The Pouzies play the Strathclyde 21, but already well established on the 5 Suite, 8801! on Sat 6.

lll’li'l‘ G‘V‘IU” SWCL l“Winn—11"”- HCL‘ to holders of today's concert ticket holders ‘0 "(MUS 0’ “my 5 WNW” “Ck” liUldCl’S. and performers. Also a limited number of and performers. Also a limited number of {we intuit; '

I University of Strathclyde lecture i favourite i'nltlle-.=.nd—hot duo|1ctl by. free tickets. . I _ I Buchanan Suite. 2.30pm. Tickets free American bluegrass and country lret- from the box office. Poet. writer and ; playing friends Jerry Douglas and Russ f ' " ' '

humorist Iain Crichton Smith gives. as a Barenberg. See lealurc. i ' i ' I community Concert Main Auditorium

native Gael. a 'Bard‘s Eye View". I F011? MB" 3116 a 309 Strathclyde SWIG. i I Community Concert Main Auditorium. ' m 1 Sum. Ticking {me from the box Om“. I The Fureys Main Auditorium. 7.30pm. ' 8pm. £8.50. In support. Highland ; 10.15am. Tickets free from the box office. I Master Class igxhibinm, “a” o £12.50. £10.50. Support from the I Connection. Snorting. fire-lm:athiug f I Master Class Exhibition Hall. ! 13M)an 11Cka {use from the Box Office Whistlebinkies. Bamstonning lrish folk , fiddle and banjo vt ith outrageous croxv d 12.30pm. Tickets free from box office. ' gunnppipc mnkcr and player hamish . showband with a genius of the uillean pleasing antics from the singing hodhran Robin Williamson talks about Storytelling. [ Moore on the gmnim dance music

pipes in Finbar Furey. the band works player. Four Men and a Dog recorded I Celtic Conversation Pieces Strathclyde V “Minn,” and m sustained manly in

more to entertain than play art music. The their last album at The Hand‘s \‘v’oodstoek : Suite. 1pm. £3.50. For quarter of a | Canada's Cape Breton. '

opposite is probably true of Scotland's studios. Highland Connection play robust. : century. after moving up to ()ban and i I came conversation pieces Strathclyde Whistlebinkies. who cover all the aspects clean Scottish traditional music and song learning Gaelic. singer Ann Lorne Gillies gum. 1pm £3.50. noseanna Cunningham of Scots and Gaelic song and music. See . on fiddle. mandolin and guitar. with songs Q has worked as a popular entertainer, anti : in one up gmnnnd'S ncwcst Mp5. and a picture panel. ; from Janice Clark. ' as a school teacher. mum,” 01-h“. SNR

I Bat" and Cunningham 8.1111)th ; I 80b"! Williamson r‘ulClllldC'S. 8pm. I University 0' strathClyde Lecture I University of Strathclyde lectufe

Hall. 8pm. £12.50. £10.50. The nation‘s : [ix-Incredible String Band troubador. Buchanan Suite. 2.30pm. Tickets free = Buchanan gum. 3.30pm. Tickets free from the box OmL‘t‘. POCL Will”; song 5 from the box office. Jazz saxophonist collector and folk-historian Hamish Tommy smith talks about tsunlnnd and ; Henderson is ‘On the Trail of the Ballad' (he Devi“. Mmng | vvithnnuswfll 035111111)“S Sung by Sheena I Pearlfishers Strathclyde Suite. 8pm. 1 Wellington. O . . £8.50. wun la Velle. Rootsy rock from I Janis Ian Mam Auditorium. 7.30pm. {humus Glasgow hand. win, [he first i “3501.10-50; SUPP“rl "("11 can" Laula' outing of a new local acoustic rock outfit. I RUM" “1 a mill” 795 Allwrlcml using traditional instruments and fronting ! singer/songwriter Willi support from . some well-known faces. a McCluskey for I Glasgow's own 90s version. now making instance. i it big in America. . . I Anuna Barony Hall. 8pm. £12.50. I I Mr 83m and Phil Cunningham Barony £10.50. Gothic Celtic and Old Irish. the 4 Hall. 8pm. £12.50. £10.50. See Tues 9. young choir from Riverdance harmonise 1 I Caledon Strathclyde SUltC. 8pm. £8.50. gtt'cctly; [wry harps beat as one as Patsy . ()ut ofClan Alba. 21 new band based 2 Seddon and Mary MacMaster of l round twin percussion. harps. pipes and lidmburgh duo Sileas play in support. fiddle. with lead vocalist Davey Steele. ln ' I Balnain House Workshops various ; support. one of the very best bands at the classes on instrumental. dance and vocal g. n f. s: . . f festival. Ireland's improvising genius styles of traditional music. information I Grappelli and Gavin: The opening concert oi Celtic Connections, Jigs and Jazz, Coma“ Bfeamach. Playing flute and 353 4 '37. brings together two great names from very dmewnt traditions. Stephane Grannem whistle in the trio Deiseal. I Green Linnet Festival Club Central is primarily known as a ian musician, while De Danaan’s Frankie Gavin is lirmly I Stramash Adelaide's. 8pm. £5. Adam Hotel. Gordon Street. 10.30pm— 1 am. Free associated with the Irish tradition, but both are "name musicians with wide. Macllaughton leads the gang of Glasgow to holders of today's concert ticket holders ranging interests, and the technical gm; to nu" off just about anything they put their songsters. storytellers. patter merchants and performers. Also a limited number of minds to. Gavin broke off briefly from mixing De Danaan‘s new album in Dublin to and min-W 618- ”L‘C licks” nfplauiugw til: twoflr‘r'ien came to meet on stage. a an a out e years ago, when Ste hane was comin to la in Dublin. I’m a ' ' ' big tan, and I sent him some stuff or mine, aiid suggested we izoulii myaybe meet up. celtlc connecuons conunues

ggigggggggeggmygggg;maymmcoupleotvears'ater'asked until 21 January. Full details of the final

e in Galway. He had played an Irish reel in

3339933313;ggggiggggtjmg"education"°"°9°“°99"'°'a'°* 10 days will be included in the next issue

"m we not my "I f u I I M" phpens is'that we each do our own sets, and e er or a na e n c anyth ng can ha en. We have reatfun, ' and it’s a great privilege tor me to play with hlm.’ (Kenny fggthleson) 9 Of The “St 0|" on 11 JanuarY‘

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