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AMMAABGH! Four revellers have a hair-raising experience at the tuntalr on Waterloo Place during Edinburgh's llogrnanay last year. Anyone wanting to teel the (Horse can check out the new rides - same time, same place. See Hognranay listings.

TAM DEAN BURN stripped down for this portrait by Chris Blott. sometime List snapper, who was official photographer for this year's Edinburgh Film Festival. An exhibition of the photographs taken during the Festival. which is being sponsored by The List. opens at the Cameo. Edinburgh from Thurs 15 Dec and moves to Glasgow Film Theatre in January.

2The List l5 Dec 1995-“ Jan 1996

WALLACE All! GROMIT’S new adventure A Close Shave. which took ten months to shoot and cost the BBC 511.3 million. sees Nick Park building on the achievement of the wondrous Oscar-winning The Wrong Trousers with a fast-moving halflhour of Plasticine fun. Sadly. there’s no evil penguin this time. but Wallace and Gromit’s bold venture into the wild world of window-cleaning brings with it a dizzying cavalcade of sex (Wallace falls for comely wool shop mistress Gwendolene Ramsbottom); violence (her grim-face boxer dog Preston doesn't wear a spiked collar for nothing), and sheep (lots of sheep. the key to a plotline that sends Gromit to jail for life on a trumped up rustling charge). Shot in a converted banana warehouse in Bristol. the bigger studio space has allowed Park and his team of animators wider scope for exterior scenes. Technical

advances are apparent in an exhilarating chase sequence through country lanes. While Julian Nott’s musical score also deserves special praise. as ever it’s the build-up of slapstick gags. whimsical characterisation and inventive detail (in jail Gromit reads Crime And Punishment by Fido Dogstoyevsky) that makes the piece so richly entertaining. As soon as l'd seen it. [couldn’t wait to see it again. Nick Park should clear space on his shelf for another Oscar statuette. (Trevor Johnston) A Close Shave is on Christmas Eve at 6.15pm on BBC2 and is released by BBC Video