The Santa Clause (u) Goldeneye <12) Babe<m Braveheartus)

Crimson Tide ()5)

NEW RELEASES - DECEMBER 22nd The Indian in the Cupboard (U) 26th Ace Ventura: When Nature Calls (u) Four Rooms (tbO


5th Seven <18) 12th Showgirls (18) 19th Dangerous Minds (15)

ACCESS/VISA /SWITCH CARD HOTLINE: ' 0141 333 9551 11am 7.00pm DAILY 24 HOUR INFORMATION: 0142 693 3413


Diamond earrings, velvet atoles and cashmere sweaters.

(But it) you’re absolutely sure she wants silk lingerie, we’ve got it.)

Exclusiw Italian Iiilgt‘l‘it'. tartan I).l\(lllt‘\. ~111. pyianias. ill tliatk “11.11 she wants to slip into tlii~ (Iln'mlnax ~lip into Jennt‘t‘s lingt-I'n- department on the initluat llmn'. ll \Ilt'-(I prefer something \In- (.111 SIN)“ other pt'tiplt'. I‘t'ilit‘iliIH'I‘. \\t‘ Il.l\t' mt-r l(( ()iIIt‘l‘ (It-p.11'111n-111~

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.il‘llllt'r\ is open for Christmas 91 ( .nn - tit ( pin \Ion.\\t-tl. Fri. 5.". 9.13am - 6.1 ( pm Tut-s. 9.1 ( am - 8.1 1 pm 'I Inn's. 11.1 ( ant - 3.1 l pm Sun.

\ isit our (lliristnias ~I|ti|) on tlu- wt ontl llonr I).l|( um


Friday 15-Thursday 11

Except where stated, programmes are

expected to run until 12 January with openers as indicated. You are advised

3 that programmes may be subject to late

' change at any time. For the weeks

beginning Friday 22, 29 and 5, you are recommended to phone the cinema to coniinn programme times. [D] indicates that wheelchair access is available, though prior notification is advisable. [E] indicates the availability of an induction loop for the convenience of hearing aid users. Film listings compiled by Thom Dibdin.


I CANNON Clarkston Road. Muirend. 637 2641. £2.80 (£2.20 before 5pm). Student: £2.20. Child/GAP £2. Cannon closed: Christmas Day, New Year‘s Day. No last show: Christmas Eve, Nogmanay. PROGRAMME FROM Fri 15: 1. Babe (U) 1pm (not Sun). 3.30pm. 6.10pm. 8.45pm. 2. The Santa Clause (U) 2pm (not Sun).

4.25pm. 6.50pm. The American President ( 15) 9.05pm.

3. Goldeneyet12) 1.50pm (not Sun). 5pm. ;

8pm. OPENING BOXING DAY: Ace Ventura: When Nature Calls (PG). OPENING Fri 5: -Seven(18)

I CITY CENTRE OOEON Renfteld Street. 332 3413 (24 hour info line: 332 8701). Bar. [1)] screens 2. 3 and 4. £4 (£3 before 5pm). Student/U840: £3.25 (£3 before 5pm). Child/CAP: 2.75 (£2.50 before 5pm). Superior seats (no concessions): £4.50 (£3.50 before 5pm). Advance booking on Access/Visa hotline: 333 9551 and at box office from I 1am—7pm. City Centre Ddeon closed: Christmas Day.

. No last show: Christmas Eve, Nogmanay. The Santa Clause (U) I lam (Sat only). 1.30pm. 4pm. 6.30pm. 9pm. Dr Jekyll And Ms Nyde (12) 1.45pm (not Sat/Sun). 4pm. 6.15pm. 9pm (not Sat). Goldeneye ( i2) 11.30am (Sat only). 2pm (not Sat). 2.30pm (Sat only). 5.30pm. 8.45pm & late. Pocahontas (U) noon (Sat only). 2pm (Sat/Sun only). Braveheart ( 15) 1.45pm (not Sat). 4pm (Sat only). 7.45pm. Casper (PG) Sat only. 11.30am. 1.45pm. Babe (U) 11am (Sat only). 1.15pm. 3.45pm. 6.15pm. 9pm & late. The Swan Princess (U) 11.30am (Sat only). 1.45pm. 3.45pm. Crimson Tide (15) 6pm. 8.45pm.

OPENING Fri 22: The Indian In The Cupboard (PG).


Ace Ventura: When Nature Calls (PG).

; Four Rooms (the).

v OPENING Fri 5:

Seven (18).

See also Glasgow Lates.

I GROSVENOR Ashton Lane, Hillhead. 339 4298. £3 (£2 before 6.30pm).

Child/OAP £1.60. Sunday famin shows. cinema 2: all seats £1.60. Seats can be

booked for last evening and late

screenings. Box office open 11am—7pm. Crosvenor closed: Christmas Day, New

1 Year’s Day, Tue 2 Jan.

Matinee only: Christmas Eve, Nogmanay.

PROGRAMME FROM Fri 15-Sun 24 Dec:

1 1. Babe (U) Fri 15/Sat 16: 2pm. 4.30pm.

7pm. 9.15pm; Sun 17-Sat 23: 2pm.

1 5.15pm. 8.05pm; Sun 24: 2pm.

' 2. Coldeneye (12) 1.50pm. 4.45pm (not

1 Sun 24). 7.40pm (not Sun 24).

SROGRAMME FROM Tue 26 Dec-Thurs 4 an:

Ace Ventura: When Nature Calls (PG) 2pm. 5pm (not Sun). 8pm (not Sun). Babe (U) 2.05pm. 5.05pm (not Sun). 8.05pm (not Sun).


Ace Ventura: When Nature Calls (PG). The American President ( 15).

See also Glasgow Lates.

I MGM FILMCENTRE Sauchiehall Street. ' 332 1592/9513. Two bars. £4.31) (£3.20 I before 5pm). Student/GAP: £3.10. Child: i £2.80. ; MGM Filmcentre closed: Christmas Day, 1 New Year’s Day. I No last show: Christmas Eve, Nogmanay. I Babe (U) 1.30pm. 3.45pm. 6pm. 8.45pm. I Goldeneyeuz) 1.15pm. 5.05pm. 8.05pm. The American President ( 15) 1.45pm. ' 5.30pm. 8.20pm.

Murder In The First (15) 1.45pm (not ' Sat/Sun). 5.15pm, 8.15pm. The Brothers McMullen (15) 1.10pm. 1 3.35pm. 5.55pm. 8.35pm. ; Clueless (12) Sat/Sun only. 1.30pm. I Home Alone 2 (PG) Sat only. 10am. 1 overrun; BOXING DAY:

1 Ace Ventura: When Nature Calls (PG). ; OPENING Fr15: g Seven(18) ] I MGM PARKNEAO The Forge. Parkhead. 556 4282 Access/Visa bookings. 0541 560562 24 hour information line. [D]. [E](screens 1. 3 and 5). £4.10 (£3 before 6pm Mon—Fri and 4pm Sat/Sun). Student: £3. Child/CAP: £2.60. 3 MGM Parkhead closed: Christmas Day. No last show: Christmas Eve, Nogmanay. Babe (U) 11.50am. 2pm. 4.15pm. 6.35pm. ; 8.55pm. The Santa Clause (U) 12.10pm. 2.20pm. 5 4.35pm. 6.50pm. 9.05pm. 1 The Swan Princess (U) 12.30pm. 2.35pm. 4.40pm. ; Goldeneye (12) 1pm. 3pm. 4.05pm. f 6.55pm. 9.15pm. 9.45pm & late.

The American President ( 15) 1.05pm (not Sat/Sun). 3.40pm. 7pm. 9.35pm & late. 1 Murder In The First ( 15) 6.45pm. 9.25pm i & late. I Dr Jekyll And Ms Hyde (12) 12.45pm. 7pm & late. Braveheart (15) 5pm. 8.40pm. Pocahontas (U) 12.50pm. 2.50pm. . Casper (PG) Sat/Sun only. 1.10pm. Miracle On 34th Street (U) Sat only. 10am. OPENING Fri 22: The Indian In The Cupboard (PG). OPENING BOXING DAY: Ace Ventura: When Nature Calls (PG). OPENING Fri 5: Seven (18). Something To Talk About ( 15).

See also Glasgow Lates.


Rose Street. 332 8128. Cafe/bar open

2—1 1pm (Sun: 5-1 1pm). All performances bookable. [D]. [E]. Matinees £3 (concessions £2). Evening shows £4 (concessions £3 except Sat evening). All double bills evening prices apply. FRIDAY 15

1. in The Bleak Midwinter ( 15) 1pm. 3.30pm. 6pm. 8.30pm.

2. Cold Fever (15) 5pm. 9pm.

living In Dblivion (15) 7pm.

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