CARLOS GAVIN) is not like most blokes who live in Perth. For a start he’s a Buenos Aires-bom teacher of that more-sex-please-we’re-Latin dance tom the tango. As it that wasn’t enough he’s about to be bundled oil to the Big Apple and movieland to become tango trainer to the stars. And not just any old stars you understand, but Madonna and Antonio Banderas in Alan Parker’s forthcoming film Evita. Cavito is pictured here with his wife Helen, proving it does indeed take two to tango. lie was due to spend the winter teaching at Edinburgh’s Dance Base but was poached by Evitas chief choreographer who spotted him in Manhattan. Following a season with the Broadway smash Forever Tango, Cavito will begin the long sweaty process oi instilling Argentinian tango rhythms into the limbs of la Ciccone and Banderas, the latin hunk who was seen rebutting the Material Girl‘s amorous advances in In Bed with Madonna. ‘l’m very happy,’ exclaims Cavitos. ‘Such people can make tango very popular and I will be part ot that. Obviously i am honoured to be chmen, but more important is the chance to promote my dance.’ So how does Cavito think his new pupils will bear up in the Tango stakes? ‘Oh, very well,’ he says. ‘Madonna is a wonderful dancer, and very sexy, and Banderas is a latin guy, you know he is

the type. A better cast I could not choose for Evita.’ (Ellie Carr)

[UCAS CWO", THE ELDER painted this grisly scene. titled Judith with the Head of Holofernes, in 1530 and has now been added to the Burrell Collection's two existing paintings by the German master after it was purchased for £300,000 with the help of the National Lottery's heritage fund. Cranach was a leading figure in the German Rennaisance who hung out with the famous etcher Diirer and religious reformer Martin Luther.





BABE has a dream: not for him a career as the key ingredient in a BLT, but glory with Farmer Hoggett at the district sheepdog trials. Traumatically orphaned. Babe becomes convinced that he is the world’s first sheep-pig. This maybe one mixed-up piglet but at least he’s civil. Asking lady ewes politely if they wouldn't mind walking through that gate seems to get better results than the traditional sheepdog method of nipping their heels. Don’t think this Australian surprise hit is just for the kids: it's to One Man And His Dog what Have I Got New For You I’ is to Question Time. Cinema has a new hero in the best ham actor of his

generation; what a

porker. etc. etc. ,

Babe goes on general release on Fri 15 Dec.


l’he List’s at-a-glance guide to the highlights of the month ahead.

.> ‘3 ‘H . :3? ' ‘5‘. I. r

I Hogmanay Christmas has always played second fiddle to Hogmanay in Scotland when it comes to partying. Following on from the success of last year’s Hogmanay celebrations. Unique Events have put together a cork-popping programme of sports. clubs. parties. street theatre. bands and balls that should send the assembled crowds into orbit. See Hogmanay section.

Edinburgh, Thurs 28 Dec—Tue 2 Jan.

I Music: Celtic Connections Last year Celtic Connections exploded onto Scotland‘s music scene and revitalised what used to be a completely donnant time of year in the musical calendar. Once again the top names in the folk and cajun world descend on Glasgow to kick out any post-festive season blues and summon up a storm on the dance floors and fire in the breasts of the audiences. See Celtic Connections section.

Various venues, Glasgow, Fri 54w: 2] Jan.

I Film: Seven A serial killer is picking offvictims in the manner of the seven deadly sins. it‘s up to Brad Pitt and Morgan Freeman to stop him in this dark. disturbing and brilliantly stylised thriller.

General release from Fri 5 Jan.

I Music: The Stone Roses The last time they played in Scotland. the baggy movement, if that’s not too structured a concept for it. was at its peak. Half a decade on. baggy is gone but the Roses are blooming. ’Nuff said.

Barrow/and, Glasgow, Tue l9/Wed 20 Dec.

l Dance: A Christmas Carol The Northern Ballet Theatre. possibly the most exciting ballet company in Britain today. demonstrate their innovative techniques in this unique dance version of Dickens’ A Christmas Carol. Very unusually. the dancers sing as well as executing the choreography.

Festival Theatre, Edinburgh. Wed 319a! I 3 Jan.

I Art: Vessel British sculptor Chris Drury presean this mixed media exhibition inspired by the artist's trans- global walkabouts. Using caims of stones and photographs of previous installations. Drury explores the themes of time. space and movement.

lnverleith House. Royal Botanic Gardens, Edinburgh. until Sun 4 Feb.

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