The List's lour-page guide to Europe‘s hi

guest New Y‘ar eelehrations.

Friday 2‘) December l995 Tuesday 2 January 1996

t‘s llogmanay. lime to take a deep hreath and think ol resolutions lor the year ahead. l)iteh the lags. dispense with lried hreaklasts lorever. eut dovvn on the lottery serateheards and get a memhership to the gym.

Belore yott do anything quite so rash. though. there's still time lor one last all-or— nothing. to-the-limit. danee-till-tlavvn hash. 01‘. ll the organisers ol lidinhurgh‘s third and higgest-ever llogmanay lestiyal have anything to do \vith it. live days ol partying that vyill squee/e all resolve out ol you until this time next year.

Don‘t he thinking it's all drunken dehauehery. though. 'l'he emphasis ol the ollieial llogmanay is on entertainment. vvith

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more than 50 programmed events providing an antieipated hall million visitors to the eapital vvith an alternative to sitting in the puh and snogging passing strangers on the streets line. upstanding (kind oll Seottish traditions though these may he. The eity vvill eome alive vvith street theatre. live hands. traditional eeilidhs. groovy eluhs and a least ol Seottish lootl.

.\ speeial Kids‘ llogmanay promises to ehange the laee ol the festivities lor ever more. New Year‘s live has long heen a time vvhere no sensihle parent vvould allovv their younger ollspring to go vvithin a live-mile radius ol 'I'he 'l‘ron. lidinhurgh's traditional rendevou/ lor ‘the hells'. lor lear ol run—ins vvith tanked-up



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I Illll’llllgh 'l‘.l“ll)l I\I‘

.\'ovv they ean rest sale in the knovv ledge that lor the live days over llogmanay. lidinhurgh vvill he a playground lor their kidvlievvinks and a truly lamin allair.

()n the cards are pony and trap rides up and dovvn the Royal Mile. a speeial triathlon lor younger athletes and appearanees hy Seotland's star ehildren's entertainers The Happy (iang. \lagie Boh and lan 'l‘urhitt's l’uppet ('ompany. A dry iee rink vv ill translorm the tool ol the Waverley Shopping (‘entre into lidinhurgh‘s ansvver to ('entral Park.

The organisers are eonlident that these moves avvay lrom the traditional adults-only. aleohol—luelled night to lorget. vv ill add up to a llogmanay vvell vvorth raising your glass to. (lillie ('arr)


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