_ order to prevent the embarrassment oi rm- breakinga£50 note. Minutes later Imm- guitarlst Derek appears, claiming he Damien Love sharpens his

t30t|90tiVe ’Naturals ili'hJiilitm.?.il‘ii,“.i:; "as on

Subconscious. it will be

I I ' sealed and delivered? I ask. Yes, agreed. is a crap name for s I ‘smct‘ "9 "htte “attihthh a band. We must rise 1 t _, I t

Pocahontas,’ they say. lend us a fiver, above such concerns.

I think. however. and proceed to The Supernaturals are a band oi the tifi‘q’flifli’ff ‘EdEfq’iga'n

people, it ever there was one. If you’re “‘ t m ' J "“

songs. is roughly twice a gigging, ligglng punter or a student the length a demo many

unto“ lounget'i You can hatle have ought to be. Opening with escaped crossing their path over the ‘lllusionist'. Subconscious last two years. Having notched up a immediately set staggering amount oi gigs all over the themselvss apart from the countIY, we now know Ci'OWd With a treble-heavy supemam'alsi Neely who pop sound awash wrth synths

and Buggies tic-tac drum machines. which comes across as a kind of mash-

(reierence points? oh, everyone) can iind approval almost anywhere they

choose to take their golden melodies up of mu, being poured , 1‘ and onstage iapery. hand have through a heavy duty The Supematmm more, than am“ known this ior even longer which is early 80smter. with a one reason that, record deal or not, healthy Side order of Being Blur's latest new labelmates they would have continued gigging, ; Teardrop FithOdCS- The won’t change The Supematurals. recording and releasing their own “the?” “‘CtUdCSP'm Except that they might all grow material. I {30"} 1-9.93' O".th rccts .whtch shows that moustaches in celebration and be the Their back catalogue comprises a 1 the group were turning up iirst group since The Beatles to all couple oi tapes and two on releases. : [he Pulp-igm§ way before sport moustaches at the same time Their mailing list comprises a i it was hip to do so. (what about The Johnny 7 - hair- telephone directory, or thereabouts. l But then Pulp have been “h” “3" “mm”: ta” “"3"” splitting ed), says bassist Mark in a Their gigs comprise a set list iull oi 3 doing the same "this since 3th in 1987. the John Rae Collective . candid moment some weeks beiore he instantly memorable ditties with ; M0503 “’33 kncc'hlgh ‘0 a burst onto a Scottish jazz scene Which and the other iour Supernaturals classic Beatley rilis. They liit ideas as i gas-“hopper and they Vc

only recently tasted success. From synth-pop heaven.

was emerging from a period Of relative gather round The list tape recorder to cheekin as Oasis and lift spirits as stagnation into a new. more vibrantly Pondet the onset 0t tame. WhtCh won't effortlessly as Supergrass.

energised phase. The six-piece outfit Change them- Ehcept that they how the" Wet-39hc8 0" the "Wild at l Buzzbomb take us deep became the focal point for much of the have the ttittthh 0t "3Wme Six Hoflmahay is a “finite C359 0t tight ; into the bowels of the home-based action in the ensuing years, albums and Mt timing to 59" that“ at hall‘s right time, ahd 3"" that " we": “my Ptt- 'tlord Of the both as a band. and as the seed-bed for 9t95- Except that thett thtttt Shop chic anyone Who's 9'97 539" the" Shirts Midst “a”? 99‘ 0" a" a whole ,3th of other projects will no longer stem irom iinancial should know that The Supernaturals curly 10y DIVISION bass instigated by its various members. c°h3td9tatl0tts- are beyond fashion. (Fiona Shepherd) {"ftftcrhl‘tn‘i Suit“; {tag' notably saxman Phil Bancroft and A supernatant“ aheCdOte: math "’9 supematumls Play the Mound 0” Liz‘ssfgrtgitillltihlga guitah'st Kevin Mackenzie, borrows the necessary pennies to Ilogmanay. Their debut single for Food punkmem [inflow of Eventually. however. the Collective matte ttit the Pit“ 0t his come: in "Beards Will be Wt in PhD/"3’3 the Lords. King of the slipped from view. despite enjoying Kings/Where are you now some success south of the border. The With your Emile“? Wings'?' release of their only album, the Yes' they 5”” “me ’C'" enigmatically titled The Big lj‘Smi/es - “he thtttdm‘jn hithgmf d Again. fell flat with the failure ofthe B I. d .d glagl'lng—rcnaggg its}: record company immediately a I I Stooges without actually afterward. Drummer John Rae took hearing them, this is the himself off to foreign parts. as did As the late shoppers among us wrestle sort of stuff they'd come trumpeter Colin Steele, while Bancroft with the ptessmes and moments of up with. and MacKenzie pursued various other what to give at Christmas, what better While most People avenues. and pianist Brian Kellock was than to take a step away from it all to WOUId “melt at “it”: in (tcmamt by just about everyone. enter the realms oi a completely liltifitflf SSIUPO::CSUC Often in the company of bassist Kenny diiierent culture of gifts and giving. It Emmet/ft; ask her up to Et'iS- is the Balinese tradition of Banten - dance; Glasgow's Although the htttStCttthS COhttttttt‘tt to small gifts - which has inspired Jane Savalas are obviously work together in various combinations. Gardner’s piece of that name for three made of stronger stuff. it seemed that the Collective as an female singers and three V illlid litterl thfeir Sari of entity was a thing of the past. ’1 his ercussiomsts which is bent N i P fixing y “W? Summer. however. John R00 Itiremiered by Scottish llolcesg with the 8mm mm“ "'8 "ms - glim‘r‘ftho'“ “"tt‘ftlgfi reconvened the group for a poorly Chamber Group of scottand. As the things in liie. Its a custom which is a atllet‘itsfarsinllnfllgéh’: 3300" publicised run _ as Rae would he the name,“ at the westtgtous Gum's, celebration oi lile itseli manriested in t .grtutntgcy', 58mins a first to concede. organisation was never Awatd 8|]me for young scotttsh something handmade.’ ! Should b'c noted. i a good their strong point at the Tron Jazz artists in 1993’ Gardner was open. The text oi Banten Is a Hindu story name for a band. Cellar during the FringC- minded and adventurous enough to "0th the htBVetta- 'tt's the °ttt°5t I Duff nomenclature Their instrumental virtuosity and tottow up a suggestion made to he; to liturgical to“ in the W0?“ ah’tt t3 : reigns supreme once original approach to contemporary jazz use the money to, a trip to lndonesta really a collection of psalms, says 3 more. however. wrth the styles marked them out as a special unit to study Bahnese music and cuttme. Gardner. ‘It tells the story oi the three : arrival of Shelter. another all over again. and their tight. When, was a gametah at york strides oi Visnu, which is a sort oi : Claw/cell)?!“ $113;ch imaginative ensemble playing clicked (UfliggfiifyL’ she says, that | man, Balinese three steps to heaven. The (10%“: {Vondcrsmff at straight back into place on a new set of didn’t know much about [Monestah piece is not, in a sense, religious some point in their material. just as if they had never been mustc, so this was a matyehous though - it’s quite lightweight, very developman if the almost away. The commitments of the various opportunity) celebratory and in the spirit oi the Sharing 'popstar‘ is members makes it unlikely that the ‘Bahteh is a traditiona| offering to Balinese people.’ Gardner’s roots, 5 anything to go by; and band could be a genuinely permanent the gods; canine, exptains, which however, are never iar away as the Edinburgh‘s Shrimptons. unit again. but this month‘s Basement peopm might make from flowers, or end at Banten will testily. As she says, lan begahgtrztgf Jazz outing is another welcome maybe banana leaves and 9]“ on ‘The iinal shriek is definitely Scottish Eh: Tiggttfft‘fire qugfian opportunity to plug into a bit of many different occaslons .. baffle ceilldh Stflfi.’ (Carol Main) Sillalrag'arc your contemporary jazz history. (Kenny dfiying a car, at the gates baton Banten Is premiered at the RSAMD, men [he Shrimpmns are Mathieson) entering a village compound or even 6,3590" 0” smut" 17Decenmal at probably worth persuing. The John Rae Collective play (I! the befoye having a cup of tea. Banten ate 8pm Scottish VOICBS WI”? "'8 And my sympathies to Rams/10m Theatre. Glasgow. on Fri [5. them to ce|ehrate the mg and "file Chamber Group of Scotland. your family.

The List 15 Dec 1995-11 Jan i996 61 i I