and exciting three minute punk specialists I Black gag Bones Advocate. South

“0 provide top notch musical mayhem for the Bn'dge_ 9.30pm. Free. Funky. lively strong lager-swilling crew. covers. W M I Jezebel Whistle Binkies, Niddry street. . you... Wes. End Gym, Bar. Wes. "sic this “‘3'qu 557 5114- 9pm HW- Thr‘v‘e P1993. Sum“? Maitland Street. 225 3861. 10.30pm. Free. bass and drums set up. augmented by an Taulologicai rocking rock. 0CC35'0nal second Vocal'SI- I Hot Tamales Queen Street Oyster Bar. I Blind Jump and sugarsmnds SUb‘Va)’. Queen Street. 226 2530. 10pm. Free.

Cowgatev 335 6766- 9P1"- £2- Indie “xk- Harmonica-flavoured acoustic blues.

I The “Peel's” We“ End Oysm’ Barv I live Music Abbey. South Clerk Street. West Maitland Street. 225 386]. 10pm. 667 3023. 8.30pm. Free.


G‘95 3'9 '3‘“ bl “ale. "‘3" “V my- I Black Cat Bones Cas Rock Cafe. West _ Dates will be listed, provided that details P0". 229 434'. mm. Fm. Lively rock 17

reach our offices art least one week I Smoke Advocaw. Scum Bridge.

helore publication. Rock and Blues 930p,“ Fm. Rock covers. Glasgow

listings compiled by Fiona Shepherd I me Music Abbey. South mark Street. I Curtis Stigers Barrowland. Gallowgate. and Jim 3'85. 667 3023' 8.30pm. Free. 460i. 7.30pm. plus booking

fee. Tickets from J ust the Ticket. Virgin.

Union Street. 226 4679. He may be every

bit as nauseating as Michael Bolton but at

Glasgow . least he's got a decent haircut these days. I The Saw Doctors Barrowland, l GlasQow I Goodbye Mr Mackenzie The Garage. Gallowgate. 552 4601. 7.30pm. £10 plus " "'9 53‘" "030's BWOXW'andt 0 I Sauchiehall Street. 332 “20. 7.30pm. £8 booking fee. Tickets from J ust the Ticket. Ed'fwfif; jg??? 7" ?pq':1‘l:clngku: Plus b00kmg lee- T'Ckelsfrem The llI Prodigy Anyone who caught the Virgin. Union SWCL 336 4679' cellic Vt'wymgu Li. .1; $214239 3 . . F -L ' Garagc' 1”“ the T'Ckm'v‘rg‘m umo" Prodigy closing Saturday night at this 'ollification from the l'lddl rockers with "em‘ "'0" mu' "" ' u " Street, 226 4679 and Tower Records. . t - - , J . y . 15. Ar lc Street ,04 9500 S. . review year s T in the Park Will remember 331232233323?slit?” was' I Paradise lost The Garage. Sauchiehall I %e Men cfiiflddii i239 and ' the huge CTOUdS Of (1115‘ WhTCh the I James Taylor ouane‘ The Velvct Street. 332 l l20. 7pm. £8.50 plus booking King Tut's \vah \vah Huh St Cl'OW.d whipped up danCing llkc Rooms, Sauchiehall Street. 332 0755. “TC- T‘Ck‘f‘s .“0‘” The Gang“ “'5‘ "‘c Vincent Street. 221 5279. 8300!“. £6. demsm‘s- Same aga'" Pime- 8pm, £10, The smooth acid jazzcrs arc T‘Ckc‘t V'rgm UM)" Smelt 226 46779 Tickets from King Tut’s and Just the Livingston Forum. Livingston. Fri 29. [noving into [more [mainstrean] sou] T0131” Refords‘ 8"ch “04 TleCi. Virgin. Ulllon SerCl. I Cancelled gigs. territories. and are here to groove things :300’ .“mfy‘ “up: EM?! “:1”!th H Before The Levellerst There was Tile Me" delayed album releases. broken collar up for me opening night of this new Club. emanating rollit an w o aye . h They Couldn't Hang. bnngmg topical boncs‘ band memberS leaving and I M ad Strathcl de Universit rhumly betray“! t k” doo'l‘y ’00“ w” ‘1 issues to the attention of the music-buying . . , . H . . .

99 09 Y Y SN .rg of M .rc cover vcmon . . _ still the tickets sold out Wlll‘lln hours Student Union John Street 552 1895, ' L ' L y ' public through their folk rock channels. . 8 iii—8am £10 Students andiguests I Kirk Brandon’s 10:51 and The Days I "'3 “"9" means Nice "1' 519112)“ 0f gomg on 5316' see feature firms and Spins with {He Mcgadbg' King Tut's Wah Wah Hut. St Vincent Sauchiehall Street. 333 9637. 9pm Fret Barrowluntl. Glasgow. Tue 19/ entourage. including Michael Dog. Strcm' in] 527.9' 8°30pm° £659 “eke” I 5'" City and 5W3“ Jusilce The Wed 20' Evolulion‘ Pussy and our Own “gm. Kingirl" S and the T‘Ckcl' BTCWhOUSC. .10th SerCl. 8plll. top Timeloop. Keinal and Melonhaus. 1:] lrgg‘jhgl'lm'i" Site?" “($136”; gichbkznd Free. "I Martin Taylor’s Spirit of Django Local acts including Neil Sturgeon and I "a"; f 0 Heat“ a“ I “003m ROOTS and F3" “may The inspired contemporary homage to the Remedy Play in lhe Barony 31" in This ‘m pwr L5 my' w ms Up an B'CWhouse' 10h" Smelt 552 3801' great Django Reinhardt from this

emotional whirlpool with his latest band 4_7pm. Free. I The Spooks Kilkenny's. John Street.

end of term bash.

i ' master uitan'st and his excellent I Abba cold, no way Sis, toaster, The . of troubadours. g

. I AlbaTOOT The Hall Bar, \VOOdlandS 9 In. Free. band. {TITS Centre. P015169.“ gistffbficg: fifgrggtfifldyefi'mgg 5 R‘t)ild..332 1210. 9.30pm. Free. Roots . m, my 3m, 3m, and “cum”, I ohris Barber A stellar gathering of University Gardens. 339 9784. Spin—8am. :gfim' x C .‘ H (H d R d 8‘3".“ sax Venucv TCVTO‘ walk' Bnmh Tran glams' With me £l3. Students and guests. The annual “,lzrggng (“gift AV}; .3." 0“ ' Cumbemauld. 01236 733 200. 7.30pm. trombonist 5 regular band augmented Crimbo allnighter at the QM. featuring an E Bl‘aciwatlg'rn'murég'aagh é‘iéahouqc £2.50. Glam package. Are the latter band by guests Acker Bilk and Kenny Ball. Abba and an Oasis tribute combo. which i John gum 53° ‘80] $7 m Fr) ' a miitture of Lieutenant Pigeon and David Usher Hal], Edinburgh. Mon [8; probably confirms all your most hardened I Ski‘nt fgiqckmgm i136“ Sig“ BOWK‘. We WONdeF? Town Hun, FaIkirk, Tue [9. prejudices about students. Check out both i 55., 59,4 9 ‘0 ‘1 F Edi-"bur h FOLK & won”)

Toaster and The Blisters elsewhere in the 5 g " ' ‘pn ‘. flu“ . ., g "I cemc connecuons p' ..

, “he frimm for a msm of No i ugartly MeChuill s. High Street. 55- . “sna'a Whistle Binki W Niddr ne venues Sioux]; Gm 0w gandg i 2135. lOpm. l-ree. S" l 557 SIM 9 F“; F lk y M play host to countless bands and Ipilellca’ie Voniit and Scooter King Tut's f I sue Up The Ghosi MaCSOflCyfi‘ muiic: . T . pm. r“. O y wor workShOPS as the cream 0f the Wah Wah Hut. St Vincent Street. 221 a I Blind Jump Stones. Frederick Street. world's {01k mUSiCians and (mi-“5 5279. 8.30pm. £3.50. . - H c ' 220 1226. 10 in. Free. head to Glasgow for one hell of a I Sllmcea Girl Mean Streets. The 13th gi'ocliggldgltgfim.“ Wharf Yokcr I live HusicpPear Tree. West Nicolson hoedown. Sec preview. “7 WWW”

. ' r . . I Royal Philharmonic Orchestra Edmth MONDAY” ' ,, Piano Concerto and the orchestra get

Street. 332 1032. 9 in. Free. Funk x 7‘) . . . collective. " .'.T229383?3323593332$1233... Glasgow stuckmw I "‘9 8093 m Glam Kilkenny'so 10h“ this tribute band who recently celebrated Overture and Dvorak'S‘Sy’w’hupn-V Street. 552 3505. 9pm. Free. Our , Sixteen years of Beatlemania. Check out I me 300".“ Beau” Glasgow Royal No 8. Glasgoii' Royal Concert Hall. Platform-bowed. feather halerlled heroeS their authentic stage gear all original Concert Hail, Sauchiehall street. 8pm. Glasgow, Sat 16. recreate Those heady 813m days- instrumean for that real 60s sound. not to £11_50/£10.50,'nckcm from the box I “3.99” T399le WPSTCS MacSqucys. mention those famous Bootleg wigs! office and the Ticket Centre, Candieriggs, . {again Sgtézth22l l9pm. Free. 3 The $133k 82);. Victoria d 227 551 l. The question whose answer the Edinburgh

W a" e 'C ma “‘3' Heel. - - - -- Pm- - ‘3’ use nation awaits with bated breath-will the ,. ~ . . I The MoJIlawks McChuill's. High to be called the Queerboys but violent have added ‘Free As A Bird' to their set y gigefigfiffif mk 2:2: églzgléfrliel-bo . R d disturbances at their early gigs promptedha list? Apparently. there’s a bit of a buzz talcm'from [he E'Sk Valley place of Cumbemauid 01036 705.47; 9:"? Fri: ' {Ilium Chang? They re so“ rock. althOUg about the band they re paymg mb‘ltc ‘0 _ learning parade their sonic wares.

' ‘" " 2 ' ' ' CY WOUldn “hank YOU for Saying 30- can any of our readers shed some light on I "at “males Whig!” Binkicq Niddry Edinblfl'gh I Kiss me an“ and who Babe 'lhlS? . Street 557 5114. 9pm. Free. Accoustic I Y n B Subway. Cowgate. 225 6766. 9pm. £2. :Jflugdgoggotg Tgie Ungonk blueg '

e ow age Venue. Calton Road. 557 Predominant] rock. "eel. - Pm- - P “5 00 “‘8 H .. - .. . . 3073. 9pm. £3. Benefit gig for Big Issue ISitooiiiiio Dyllbll Orchestra Whistle fee. TickeLs from The Garage. Just the gaf'ghjfcfi‘fg‘fiffi‘” vendors feaiunng a blend of Saw Binkies, Nlddry Street. 557 5H4. 9pm. Tlekel. Umon Street. 226 4679 mid Tower Fr ,1 P) . v .r. ' i Doictolrs/DeilAmitrfi type guitar based rock Frele. Mzéd folk rock.G R “e illgcords. Argyle Street. 204 2500. See Sat I L" p ‘0 *- an a we a -star un 'am. us D'in I ane can and on u r Cas Rock . from Dave (Sativa). J p J g Cafe, west P31, 229 4341, 9, ispm, £5, I Trashcan Sinatras The 13th Note \IvSte1vellEllls anqdqzlgoge Attalr Cavendish. Jane, formerly Wayne, 3 New York (8downgai'fi‘). GlassfoizdIStreet. .253 1638. Glasgow

est 0 cross. .. . 252. 9 m-3am. £5. iranscxual unk, best known for her son m. . ose wry i mamoc T‘helmaréavhotcreated a mingr furore in 'lf You Dos'i want To Fuck Me baby , tiihesmiths conténue their mini-residency (I: {lite Stonesflstisggilaryizigland,SOLD t e ate s w en it was revealed that he ', su - in cos surroun in s. a owgate. . . .. - .- Pm- was the only member of Love Affair who Scoiiigfinsceitgstigif made up Of ex I Mciilusltey Brotiiors Cottiers. OUT. See feature- aetually appeared on their Top 20 hit I D’Jango Cavendish, west Toncross, Hyndland Road. 357 5827. 9pm. Free. I The 300th!!! Beatles GlfLSEOW Royal single. ‘Everlasting Love‘ checks in to the 228 3252. 9pm—3am. £5, Drifters cover Protest songs with a contemporary feel. Concert Hall. Sallehleha” Street. 8pm. caPital. band with a remarkable shelf life. I can“ and “0°11 Nice 'n’ Sleazy. £1 LSD/“050° T‘Ckms from the bOX , I The lieu tlewtown Grunts Tap I Subterranean; Platform One, Runand Sauchiehall Street, 333 9637. 9pm. office and the Ticket Centre. Candlenggs. O'Launston. Lauriston Place. 229 4041. Sireei, 225 2433, 9,30pm, Free, Rock and I Bodtord Falls Kilkennys. John Street. 237 551 1- See M0" 18- 0 9pm. Free. One of Fife's more enduring covers, 552 3505. 9pm. Free. I Mllds'lal‘k The CalhOUSC. Union Street.

“The List l5 Dec 1995-” Jan 1996