Mind and body

It’s a long journey from winning a Californian beauty pageant to carrying one of America’s b'ggest box office hits of 1995. but the success of Dangerous Mind: has given Michelle Pfeiffer more Hollywood clout than ever. Alan Morrison and Anwar Brett speak to an actress who’s really beginning to hit her stride.


he way my mouth curls up and my

nose tilts.’ Michelle Pfeii’fer once

famously remarked. “I should be cast

as Howard the Duck.’ Yeah. right. in

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duckling has done wnat others in her prot‘esson rarely manage: add layers at artistic credibility to a surface image that regutariy has her heading the iists at :he world’s sexiest women.

Seventeen years ago. as a young starlet hitting Hollywood. 21—year-old PfeitTer had everything going for her: slunde hair. pale alue :yes. translucent skin. .telicate beauty :nat :urned male minds to musn. Now. a couple of years shy of her 4.0m birthday. all at the about remain intact: but. by themselves. are nut :nougn to sustain a career - especially when 3. new generation if In Jague babes grace the magazine covers and casting directors waists.

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sign. '1 always :‘elt that if I became politically active in any cause. it would be education. But I don't z’eel eomt‘onahle speaking in front of a group of people and 1 never feel like i really know enough to come out with something that has authority.‘

In other words. l’Junqcmus Minds is Michelle Pi’eil'fer's way or pushing a personal crusade. ln l9‘)2. she was pnotogrzmned standing right next to Bill Clinton .n c. ;iro-l’)emocmt group of celebrities that also lIlClUUCU Warren [Seatty and Jack Nicholson: ":Ul mlike Susan Sarandon.

she's not seen as noliticaily outspoken. She s no Deml Moore-style next—nuhllmst. and despite