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Ease your way round the Net with our guide to ten of the best WWW sites.

Movie Database Halliwell. eat your heart out. this is the reference for anyone who wants to know anything about the movies. Just type in a vague plotline. and this database will tell you the film. the director. the cast and anything else you could possibly want to know about it. X-Files This may be an unofficial site —- ie not authorised by the makers of The X—Filcs but it‘s beautifully laid out and packed with spine-chilling titobits from the cult US TV show.

nerek’s Virtual Gallery

This top-notch photography exhibition is one of the best virtual galleries on the Net. Well laid~out. user«friendly. and the pictures don’t take forever to load.

Forteen Thus http://www.alpha.mic.dundee.a'.7- l.ft

Farrell/i Times is for those who can't be bothered to rake through the boring stories to find the funny ones from

Shelley Winters liv Tyler Deborah Hurt. ..

_. Evan Dando -,:. g I Eight:

Britain's strangest magazine. Levi Strauss a no Check out the fashion news. download some sounds. read Levi’s inside story and maybe win a prize. Commonly held to be one of the Net's greatest sites. with gorgeous graphics and fabulous moving images. Add a Fright /fright

lnvent your own ghost stories using the interactive form. or read spooky tales from other hauntees around the globe. Pulp Home Page Glammed-up fanzine for all devotees of pouting Jarvis Cocker anti his band. Packed with reviews. interviews. discogmphies and pit.

Live on a Raft llllpI//IalCCli.Ct)lil/l1(X)l>{S/fitillt)ti. httn

For poetry lovers. the Web is ;. treasuredrove of riches. and this site is one of the best. Not extensive, but makes up tor 1‘. with a high standard ot‘ writing and excellent lay out. Simpsens Home Page httn

A must for all Simpsons- starved folk who can't aftord Sky. Quotes from creator Matt Groening. along with the usual pictures and stories.

Futureilet The Net abounds with on—line

magazines attd this is one of the most popular and comprehensive. covering everything from computers and video games to crafts and entertainment. (Gill Harris)

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Surfing stunts

Launch yourself into cyberspace with our indispensable guide to wasting time on the Net. Mr Potatoe (sic) Head

http://winnie.acsu.buft'aloedu/p ()lilltx‘

indulge yourself in a quick flashback to the 70s and create your own virtual Mr l’otatoe (sic) Head. Choose your own eyes. mouth and nose. sit back and admire your creation.

UK Internet Florist

Send apoiogies. get-well wishes or romance across cyberspaCe with your credit card. ()n the same site. you can also pick up a hos ot‘chocolates. Dreamshop http://pathfindercom/(m (Mix l e wGEingliAQUiv/l)reamShop/l i‘.’L‘

Let your fingers do the shopping. Pick up a little weekend outfit by Spiegel and they'll suggest tnatching accessories, measure you up and put it all on your credit card.

E-mail the President http://www.whitehouse.govIWhi te_House/Mail/Speak_0ut.html if you don't mind answering a string of Spanish inquisition- style personal

questions. you can tell the US president what you think of his policies. ask him to open your local supermarket orjust invite him round for tea next time he‘s in your neighbourhood. lntemet Bar

irclub (

This is an IRC chat channel (see A—Z of netspeak). If you can‘t be bothered washing your hair. putting on your glad rags and fighting for a seat in the pub on a cold winter's night. why not go to a virtual pub instead? You won't come home reeking ofcigarette smoke. you

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can order your favourite tipple (the beers are never off and they never run out of ice). people are ridiculously friendly and there's no need to worry about a hangover.

Time flirt Check out film. theatre. rock. art and club listings and travellers tips for a host of major European cities including Berlin. Paris and New York. Keep eyes peeled over the next few months for the addition of Glasgow and Edinburgh to the award-winning Time Out lntemet world map with listings infonnation supplied by your local events guide. The List. See below for a preview of how the screens will look.

(Gill Harris)


Nov celebrating in 10th year, mLe'mnegeztne 8 Central Scottni's best-scum music, clues, theatm, en, TV and sport The mm is mike}: tormhhtty from mmeau et£1.50 and atemduced me by subecnpmMm bebv). Dunn the Inemmoml Pesuvelii'nme the manic goes weekly {or three bumper Fatwa! vernm supplemenu, including the popular Baum 8c Drinking and Snnentounes,

once a year

0 Edinburgh Events 0 Edinburgh Guide 9 Glasgow Events



Seventw) Showgirls (18>

. _/

Ace Ventura: When Nature Calls (Po)

Babe<w Goldeneye (12>

”t*** the best movie of the yeor”QMAeAziNe "Outstanding debUi’llNDEPENDENT ON SUNDAY WIN NH! 7

l/ I, S P E C IA l. impeccable DAILY TELEGRAPH JURY AWARD - H .SUNDANCE. Potent. . .o debut to watch”nmeour F I L M 4

. FE S T l V AL

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19th Dangerous Minds (15) 26th Waiting to Exhale (tbc)


16th lumanji (tbc) 23rd Trainspotting (18) Desperado (18>

ACCESS/VISA /SW|TCH HOTLINE: 0141 333 9551 11am 7.00pm "DAILY


An Arttttcul Eye/Mayfair Prounuflcn Released by Artificial Eye

24 HOUR INFORMATION: 0142 693 3413

'24 The List 12-25 Jan 1996 1 L