Playing on the puffed-up controversy of an American NC-l7 rating (usually reserved for porn films) is just about the only way this sad and desperate would-be blockbuster might hope to scrape together a decent opening weekend before killer word-of-mouth consigns it to the video shelves and the sticky hanky brigade. Quite miraculously. overpaid hack Joe

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Christmas table. Supennodel Cindy Crawford makes her debut

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DRAMA . “me dirfcmr) mid. "‘8 . Sacked irom his iob, Ben (Cage) lntemational Critics Prize

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everyoncvs idea of fun. with the express intention of drinking novel by Hollywood screenwriter John ' ‘the astonishing It sounds like the ultimate but there's an undeniable himself to death. ltot even his asexual O’Brien, this may sound like a performances by arthouse hard sell: an air of tension that evolves relationship with vulnerable hooker t depressing chronicle of selt- Cage and Shue tuse iranlan mowe about a kid slowly from the sera (finsabeth snug), herself a t desuuctton. at" the astonishth wt"! thgtsts $105033? :‘ebmal’ke‘ ‘0 5 58mm?” rim] 9m?“ fugitive lost soul, can seduce him i peflon‘nances by Cage and Sims fuse . passionate virtuosity herymgney theuivgses ' r2113?” mm "‘5 chm" “am °' 58'“ | W" “99'3’5 9889008“ "ruins"! it) to transcend the Only the foolish would viewer to reassess not just desuucuon' Bound in“ vmenne I "anscend "‘9 surface taw‘mness and surface tatfllfllloss dismiss The White the outside world, but also WBSNW' “sum and teetering delve deep into the underlying and delve deep into Balloon.hhowiver. Cn'tical human nature. from a mound 0: :imPOSSibIV “Slugger. sdera' ggotionsl.‘ It :oubIIydllrlor‘i‘iaithat" N the “during reviews ave een child's point of view. See seems, a mes, armour-p 8 an , a r en s on age a msg a 9mm onsr “n'vima'li m is favour: preview; (AM) others. desperately fragile. Despite weeks after signing the ilim deal, ' gut?“ .Wotd °Lf "mm. The White 341100" i U) their clinging to the wreckage of one because it is films like this that make 1 2:11"?! 'ffw and? gjglfl‘kpj'w’“ "a", ’995) another’s wasted lives, an idyllic lite worth living. (lligel Floyd) i kpzmirgl . .ee 5 “80' a. " "”"”."“l “W” break at a desert motel ends badly, Leaving Las Vegas (13) (Mike Huts, ' . y posulve. and Mohsen Kuflli, Fereshteh , l the film also has the Sadr OIfani. 84 mins. . and Ben s ensuing physmal couapse us! 1995) "190,35 039‘: Elisabeth g prestige of winning both Front Fri 12: Edinburgh i beams the beginnlng 0' "'9 ond’ 8mm: JW’a” sands- "0 mms- Fm”, F” l the Camera D‘Or (first I Cameo. 1 Based on the semi-autobiographical 19. Limited general release. I

28 The List l2-25 Jan 1996