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Glasgow iZth January The Garage

ml I Frank Black: The Black Sessions (Anolse Annoys)

A live recording made by

a Paris radio station in t . 1994. a version of this CD . has been available on l import for a while but this ' item. released by the Grangemouth-based indie.

is augmented by two

tracks recorded one night

in Frank‘s kitchen with former Pixie Joey

Fantiago and an unlisted ' acoustic version of ‘Astral Plane'. Black and cohorts

:5 5,, .7 a... v.21 _.

2 l . ".3 rock with admirable ; - t. " ; If - h I. consistency. briskly t i ' ' / rendering songs from both ‘_f‘ i ~ , m __1 his solo albums and some

. - i . The Black'spylamas: ' . i

t ‘.A. 'thll _

£10,"; yo: :21" End ' Frank’s new LP tlnds him at full stretch . ._ - \ 1.]. & yourselfyeaming for ' young Glenn Danzig t Shame. because the girls -

something a little easier to forsaking the scary metal have Chosen Six of their


with special guests

relate to than his crossroad blues of his , best songs. executed with BOI’t‘OWiOhdS January speculations on extra- i other band. Danzig. for bite and urgency. which terrestrial life. and he t some right silly monster succeed in Showeaeihg obliges with ‘Handyman‘. mash tunes. the their Muses muse (and a rocking old Otis ! cumulative effects of singer Claire Lemmon has Blackwell number which I which are similar to never sounded more like lends itself to the band's l listening to some early Kristin Hersh, keeping sturdy. never too manic. Damned demos while things clipped one delivery. (Alastair watching the Evil Dead moment before spinning Mabbott) . with your head in a off into tthhtngcd I The Misfits: Collection blender Fine stuff. hollering) without HOLLY COLE ll (Caroline) Mrs. Danzig. 0bVi9U-‘lyt bl” slightly necessitating a trawl a -. I’m sorry to have to tell Wearing after them.“ 30 through the directionless .:. Ed i “I, urgh you. but your Glenn has second} 0‘ 59- SH”. at fodder that finds its way " d 3 d F b been scaring the rest of least he Laun‘s . on to their full-length 2 " r 8 WOW the children again. Well. llllPFOV'llg- (Damien albums at regular I’m afraid he's been LOVC) intervals. Their course is telling them that Mr. I Sidl Bou Said: too skewed to ever make [)anzig was a wolf and Entertain (Ultimate) At 3 them a national treasure. that you . . . well. frankly very limited edition of but conversely they‘re he's been heard calling 500. this live mini-album “Pimmmg 1‘ Spim 0f you a. we”. a Whore. Mrs. is obviously not intended inwmio” alld “Oi Danzig. Maybe Father to serve as an introduction l’imdcring ‘0 lOWCSi McCafferty should have to the trio‘s serpentine common denominator another word? quirk-pop. but as a demands. (Fiona

Misfits sees muscular collectabie item for fans. Shepherd) . ..:.: Edinburgh 9th February m as well. The music on ; Greg Osby has been ' " . Tone Dialling is a ' responsible for one of the .._ The Assem Rooms continuation of the i more convincing attempts

I Van Morrison: flow direction which his i at bringing togetherjazz Long [135 This Been Going electric Prime Time outfit improvisation with the on (Verve) While he has has taken over the past more contemporary always had ajazz feel in two decades. moving on rhythms of hip hop and his phrasingw Van's iTOlii iiiC tight-packed flip. Bhu‘k 800k. SUbiiilCd previous ventures into the (iCllSiiy 0f the [Hid-70810 ‘11 COllCCIiOII 0f lyrical form have proved that he a more open textural play. essays set to now music'. is not ajazz Singer. This and with the incorporation pulls off the trick again. , long promised jazz of some fashionable rap with Osby's horn drifting 5 t : session confirms that on ‘Search For Life‘. and gliding over a -. 5 .' ' judgement. but the singer G‘X’dt CSPCCWHY Omcuc bedm‘ik 0f Slnuoust "5:. . f holds his own among the himself. but not the late shifting rhythms. Anyone \ a V :1 ' 'azz e35 [at e1 b masterpiece many of us into this stuff should also ""93" ' A B iticking [0 \shayt hOPCd. CilCCk out The Grassy knows, which is more r I Henry Threadgill: KW“ (Anliiicsl- ‘n' b than jazz. The Makln’ A Move I South Africa selection of music has a (Columbia) Threadgill's Outernational Meltdown catch-all feel that denies two albums for Columbia (8 8: W) This label has the record much sense of have confirmed that he taken on the mantle of continuity. and it is all too remains a musician who post-Apartheid champions likely to fall between two has never allowed himself of South African jazz. and stools. disappointing the to stay stuck in one the latest chapter is a Morrison fans. and not groove for very long. Four three-volume set made up really impressing the jazz of the seven tracks feature of the albums Free At audience either. despite the glorious musical Lust, Heuler's Brew and some fine playing from textures ofthe ' Jazzin' Unit-ersullv. It the likes of Georgie Fame saxophonist’s Very Very brings together South and trumpeter Guy Circus. but he absents African musicians like Barker. himself from the action on Sipho Gumede and Pops

two others. written for an Mohammed with guests I Omette Coleman and i assemblage of guitars. ; froth South America _ 1, I. .. . , , ~. Prlme Time: Tone Dialling 5 with either piano or cellos i (Airto Moreira. Jose Nero) 3w ' .. _. .- i... . a. ., . - g '~ . it"szz. (Hannolodlc) Verve have i for company. A bracing t and London (Byron 33 .gc % given Coleman his first I breath of experimental air , Wallen. Andrew x. studio album since 1988‘s I in today‘s retro-inclined I Missingham). The results i _ I H Vi in Beuutv. but have 'azz world. 7 r‘ un v‘n. b often gorge one step further and J. am My: Black Book i :btsorbin; (Karly Tickets from venue box oiiice, Glasgow Just the Ticket Union St, Edinburgh given him his own label (Blue Note) Saxophonist l Mathicson ) Virgin & Ripping Records and all Tocto outlets c/c 0i 3i -557 6969

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