Barrowland, Glxgow, 20 Dec. it was a gig oi two perspectives.

second coming oi The Stone Roses generates more hysteria and euphoria than most common or garden Barrowiand shows with one oi the iew

pogo mode ten minutes beiore any hint oi the band emerging irom behind their curtain oi silver streamers. You could even start to believe the signiiicance oi this band could be assessed in the present tense as much as the past.

When they eventually do appear and Mani’s epochal bassline to ‘l Wanna Be Adored’ cuts through the introductory noodlings, the iniuriating live-and-a-hali-year wait, the cycling injuries, all the procrastination is iorgiven. Knowing they have a lot oi time to make up and a lot oi disappointed ians to appease, they go ior a nostalgic medley oi ‘She Bangs The Drums’ and ‘Wateriaii’ to bolster the initial impact. The crowd, who can hardly believe there’s no mistaking, this is it! - a bona iide Stone Roses concert happening beiore their very eyes, respond manically.

But (and with a band as contrary as the Roses there has to be a ‘but’) this response is totally disproportionate when you actually listen to what’s

Atmosphere and anticipation-wise, the 1

recorded instances oi a moshpit in iuil

l i


i there. (Fiona Shepherd)


? Concerts listed are those

=' coming irom the stage. Throughout, lan Brown does his by now well 6 documented ioghorn impression, keeping by an extra reserve oi atonal gusto tor the gentle acoustic interlude ; in the middle of the set. During ‘Made 1 0i Stone’, their best soaring tune, the audience singing along display more oi a melodic grasp than he does. Then there’s John Squire, tripping over himself to make mountains out oi periectly-iormed molehills, burdening ; some simple beauties with iussy : arrangements or )ust going ior broke in the seli-indulgent jamming stakes. Such is their deceptive magic, é however, that even a decidedly ropey i ‘I Am The Resurrection’ doesn’t ; detract from the fact that the Roses ' are a presence and we loved ’em, so


Tire Gathouse, Glasgow, 14 Dec.

The man has the voice at a grumpy bullirog with laryngitis and no cough

oi his duets with Nancy Sinatra is playing prior to the band. Bean Wareham’s voice, by contrast, veers between a rumbustious whisper and an empty scream, subdued yet warm enough to melt an ice Oueen’s heart. So when he sings ‘Cover me with roses’ you want to nip around to lnterilora with your chequebook. Pronto.

Trouble is, playing live, Luna are laldback to the point oi 180 degrees and, despite irontman Wareham’s cool

could pass ior Johnny Depp‘s big brother) and occasional patter, their presence is all but negligible. The music, a nod in the direction oi iellow New York bohos Lou Reed and Television, is gigantlcaily moody and blue not to mention iilthy rich with emotion, but your attention strays. Did 1 Stephen Pastel, standing at the back,

sweets. Lee llaziewood that is - a tape

looks (it you squint through one eye he 7

your inditierence.

purchase his dutiel coat from G 8: A’s

: or Burton’s, and, more proioundiy still, why is it that rhythm guitarists

1 invariably get all the hair in a band?

Asinine pondering aside, Luna do

produce some delicious moments, a

couple oi them courtesy oi Gaiaxie

500, Wareham’s acclaimed iormer

; band. ‘Strange’ is a periect hullabaloo and perhaps the only pop song ever

1 written in praise oi Twinkies (a brand oi American coniectionery,

apparently) while ‘Tugboat’ is more mellow than a bunch oi Zen Buddhists on their day oii. Quite simply

gorgeous, George. 0i recent material, ‘23 Minutes In Belgium’ and ‘Tiger Lily Girl’ do themselves most justice but

it’s a track oii the iirst Luna EP, the up-beat and beaten-up ‘That’s What You Always Say’ with its shamelessly garagey ieel, that iinaily stomps on

Bean Wareham’s boots were made ior 2. waikin’ alright. Lee and ilancy would be proud. (Rodger Evans)

at major venues, ior

which tickets are on 3 public sale at time oi going to press.



' BARROWLAND (226 4679) Deep Purple. 2 Mar.


CONCERT HALL (227 5511) ; The Mavericks. 30 Jan;

Etemal. 27 Feb; Tori

' I Amos. 29 Feb; Mike and

the Mechanics. 18 Mar;

Solid Gold Rock and Roll. 19 Mar.

I GLASGOW KING’S THEATRE (227 5511)Jools Holland. 4 Feb.

I GLASGOW GARAGE (332 1120) Frank Black. 29 Jan; Flaming Lips. 25


STADIUM (339 8383) Bon Jovi. 11 Jul.

I GLASGOW SECC (248 9999) Michael Bolton. 20 Mar; Meatloaf. 24 Apr; Green Day. 25 Apr; AC/I)C. 1 Jun.

I LIVINGSTON FORUM (557 6969) Black Grape. 4 Feb; Saw Doctors. 15 Feb.

I EDINBURGH ASSEMBLY ROOMS (220 4348) Mike Flowers Pops. 9 Feb.

I EDINBURGH FESTIVAL THEATRE (529 6000) Blues Brothers Tribute. 5—9 Mar.

I EDINBURGH INGLISTON (557 6969) Pulp. 25 Feb; M People, 14 Jun.

I EDINBURGH MURRAYFIELO STADIUM (557 6969) Tina Turner. 30 Jun.

I EDINBURGH USHER HALL (228 1155) Jools Holland. 3 Feb; Eternal. 26 Feb; Tori Amos. 27 Feb; Mike and the Mechanics. 14 Mar.


I GLASGOW CONCERT HALL (227 551 l ) The Mavericks. 30 Jan; Boxcar Willie. 2 Feb.

I GLASGOW PAVILION (332 1846) Patsy Cline The Musical. 4—9 Mar. I EDINBURGH USHER HALL (228 1155) Boxcar Willie. 5 Feb.


,‘ V. I; re

Public dancer: Tina Turner rocks Murrain


I GLASGOW ROYAL CONCERT HALL (227 5511) Herb Miller Orchestra. 3 Feb.

I EDINBURGH FESTIVAL THEATRE (529 6000) Herb Miller Orchestra. 4 Feb.


I GLASGOW ROYAL CONCERT HALL (227 5511) Clannad. 20 May.

I EDINBURGH FESTIVAL THEATRE (529 6000) The Fureys. 3 Mar; Mystere des Voix Bulgares. 11

. Mar.


' HALL (228 1155)C1annad. 22 May.



corrcrnr HALL 1227 5511)

Burns Spectacular. 4 Feb;

' Shirley Bassey. 13 May; Connie Francis. 19 May.

I GLASGOW SECO (248 9999) Barry Manilow. 12

' Apr.

' cLAssrcAL

I GLASGOW ROYAL CONCERT HALL (227 5511) Children's Classics. 28 Jan; 1 Like To Be in

' America. 7. 8. 11. 14.

16—17 Feb; Children‘s Classics. 24 Feb; Alfred

Brendel. 12 Feb; Warsaw

Sinfonia. 14 Apr; Anne-

' Sophie Mutter. 18 Apr; John Williams. 9 May;

She can’t hali play the bongos: Evelyn Glen

Vienna Phil. 1] May; Evelyn Glennie. 17 May; Napoleon. 26 May.

I GLASGOW RSAMD (332 5057) Midday Concerts. 26 Jan. 2. 9. 16. 23 Feb. 1.

£2 '2.

nre,crtcrt, : 17 May 1

eld. Edinburgh, 30 June

8. 15. 22 Mar; Chamber Group of Scotland. 28 Jan; Academy Chamber Choir. 1 Feb; Academy Orchestra. 8 Feb; Paragon. 9 Feb. Gulliver Prize. 18 Feb; BTSE. 23 Feb; GCO. 24 Feb; Hebrides Ensemble, 25 Feb; Academy Strings. 29 Feb; Chamber Group of Scotland. 3 Mar; SU Big Band. 10 Mar; Academy CO. 14 Mar; Glasgow Wind Band. 15 Mar; Paragon. 17 Mar. Singing Dept Concert, 20 Mar; Junior Academy Orch. 24 Mar; Verdi's MacBeth. 24—30 Mar; SiiMC. 30 Mar; Paragon, 28 Apr; Hebrides Ensemble. 5 May.

I EDINBURGH FESTIVAL THEATRE (529 6000) Acis and Galatea. 28 Jan; BBCSSO. 11 Feb; More About Opera. 18 Feb; BBCSSO. 25 Feb; Zaide. 16 Mar; BBC SSO. 17 Mar; Peter Grimes. 27—30 Mar; Travelling Opera. 17—18 Apr.

I EDINBURGH OUEEN’S HALL (668 2019) SCO Qt. 28 Jan; Chamber Group of Scotland. 29 Jan; Athenaeum Brass. 31 Jan: Endellion Qt. 6 Feb; Paragon. 10 Feb; BTSF. 15 Feb; Quator Ysaye. 19 Feb; Just Flutes. 21 Feb; liSO. 24 Feb; Barbican Trio. 25 Feb; Hebrides linsemble. 27 Feb; John Currie Singers. 29 Feb; Chamber Group of Scotland. 4 Mar; SCO Qt. 10 Mar; Meadows CO. 10 Mar; Grieg Trio. 11 Mar; Talisker Trio. 13 Mar; King's Consort. 16 Mar; iindellion Qt. 17 Mar; Emperor Qrt, 19 Mar; Jean-Yves Thibaudet. 25 Mar; BTSIi. 11 Apr; Chamber Group ot‘ Scotland. 22 Apr; SCO Wind lins. 5 May: Hebrides Ensemble. 6 May; King's Consort. 9 May.

I SUBSCRIPTION SEASONS Programme details and tickets for RSNO. SCO. BBC SSO and CGPO concerts are available from Ticketcentre. Glasgow (227 5511); Usher Hall. Edinburgh (228 1155); Queen's Hall. lidinburgh (668 2019). Tickets for Scottish Opera from Theatre Royal. Glasgow (332 9000); Festival Theatre Edinburgh (529 6000).

L 42 The List 12-25 Jan 1996