I mini: Cliff Ila-gels (Scottish) 7.30-8pm. Fascinating Study of animals that like to live life on the edge. Literally. Apparently the documentary is used as a training tool for politicians so that they can grasp the basics of staying put in a tricky situation.

I The Real X-Flles (Channel 4) 9-10pm. Check the date. Nope it’s not April 1. According to this. the US intelligence forces have spent the last two decades sending psychics on high level spying missions. For the first time men and women who served on the teams talk about their experiences. Eat your hearts out Scully and Mulder.

I inside Story: A Band is Born (BBC 1) 10—10.50pm. The cameras follow four young lads in their efforts to become the next Take That. Ati ad in the press attracted 7000 wannabe teen dreams only the cutest can survive. Their first single ‘Change Your Mind' is out about now. Don’t be too surprised if it sinks without trace.

I IIth (Scottish) 10.40pm—12.50am. Network premiere for this thriller starring-babe magnet Christopher Lambert. A murder takes place at achess tournament and a complicated plot of double bluffing. back- stabbing and psychological twists and turns ensues, much to the general bemusement of any viewers.


I'm “The Eighth: (BBC 2) 7.30—8pm. Set the video recorders for Suzanne Vega’s ‘Luka’ then switch off for Simply Red's ‘Holding Back The Years'. Phil Collins’s ’One More Night’ and Tears For Fears’ ‘Everybody Wants To Rule The World‘. Those with different musical tastes may wish to disagree.

I Jo Brand Through The Dakehnle (Channel 4) 10.30—11.05pm. The comedienne looks at sex and men. Again. I latemllfllir: (BBC 1) 10.45pm—12.40am. Richard Gere and Andy Garcia star in this tough thriller

I Casualty (BBC 1) 8.05—8.55pm. The problems continue at Holby Health Trust

which examines deep rooted conuption in g { nurses drama.

the Los Angeles police department with a healthy dose of romantic intrigue thrown in for good measure.

I I’ll Bonn: th You'Sucka (Scottish) [2.25—2.02am. Reasonable spoof of the blaxploitation films of the 70s. A soldier returns from the war to avenge his younger brother who died of a gold chain overdose. lsaac Hayes, the man who gave us the ‘Theme From Shaft' makes a guest appearance.

in Britain's most popular doctors and

I Die hard (Scottish) 9—l 1.25pm. Bruce

Willis gets his vest all dirty and crumpled again as he saves another building/plane/

boat/whatever (delete as appropriate) frotn destruction by baddies.

I Eumtrash (Channel 4) l0.35—i 1.10pm. , Puerile, voyeuristic. low-minded pap for the posbpub audience. Very funny as well.


I Divine Magicz'lltch hunt (Channel 4)

8—9pm. The second in this five‘part series ~

which aims to examine different aspects of belief systems centres on the European witch hunts of the 16th and 17th centuries. Thousands were burnt alive for imaginary crimes and Scotland in particular has a tremendously savage record for roasting

. innocents.

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i Repeat of the last series. I The White Room (Channel 4)

11.10pm—12.10anl. Mark Radcliffe returns to the small screen with more or top tunes to pamper your lugholes with. This edition sees Blur. Robert Palmer. Babylon Zoo and Solo sing their little

hearts out. I BadasssTV (Channel 4) 1.45—2.1511m.

ice-T and Andrea Oliver put some of the more esoteric aspects of popular black

culture under the microscope. It's a repeat ' of an earlier series but worth setting the

video for if you missed it first time around.


i I The Big Trip (BBC 2) 0.45—7.30pm.

Just what you need as the snow drifts build up outside your window. a fly-on- the-wall look at somebody else‘s holiday complete with all the attendant fun. adventure. sun. romance and boozed-up misadventures.

I Wired World (Channel 4) h—S.3()pm. New series looking at the expanding world of media technology. Up to the minute media stories. froth the point where politics and music. television. newspapers and marketing meet. turn the flow of inforltiation back on itself to illuminate the global village.

I Jack And Jeremy’s Police 4 (Channel 4) 10.20—10.50pm. Jack Dee and Jeremy Hardy host this tongue-in-cheek version of Crimewutclt with livdy debates as to whether or not a local crim should be ‘chaired or spared.‘

I light On Earth (Channel 4) l0.50pm—l.10am. Jim Jarmusch directed this series of vignettes centred around a theme of cabbies and their passengers.

Seemingly unconnected encounters lead

to an unexpectedly poignant conclusion. I Spitting image (Scottish) 11.15-l 1.45pm. More latex tomfoolery

and satire from the puppets with the tnost amazing longevity in the Western world.


I Cutting Edge: I Married A Great Train

‘1 Robber (Channel 4) 9—10pm. Ronnie Biggs's first wife, Charmain. gives a different perspective to Britain‘s most

famous robbery and provides proof that the man was an undoubted cad as well as

a thief. : I The Sexual imperative: The Sex Contract (Channel 4) 12.20—l.20am.

Monogamy or polygamy is a question

Bruce Willis gives It his

best shot in Die d, Sat 20

which has troubled the animal and human kingdoms since time immemorial. This programme asks what are the reasons behind this. ()ne for love rats and News ()l'The Screws reporters everywhere.


I Single White Female (Scottish)

0—1 1.40pm. Jennifer Jason Leigh and Bridget lionda star in this movie which should make fiat hunters everywhere think very carefully.


I Hollywood Men (Scottish) ‘J—lilpm. More glorious vanity from overpaid. underworked vacuous fools who measure self-worth in terms of depth of tan and thickness of wallets.

I ER (Channel 4) 10—1 lpm. The gorefest continues in the cult hospital drama.

I Movievratch (Channel 4)

l l.3()piil~12.05111ii. The dry though sometimes bumbling Johnnie Vaughan takes a look at the new film releases including the magnificent pairing of Bob l)e Nim and Al Pacino lll Heu.’ as well as a special report frotn Bollywood.

I The Best Of Ayckrnyd, Belushi And Chase (Channel 4) 12.05-l.2()am. A selection of prime slices front the top- rated US comedy show Saturday Night Live. This evening's offenng turns the spotlight on the funniest of the three ribticklers: the coke-snorting. booze- swilling wild than that was John Belushi. If we're very lucky then the Samurai delicatessen sketch will be shown.

I Funny Business (Scottish) 12.55—-l.25am. Last year's Perrier award wmner Jenny liclair divulges the contents of her somewhat murky mind. Possibly not one for those of a delicate persuasion. I Made In The USA (Channel 4) 120-205(11)). Laurie Pike combs the good of USA for the weird. the wonderful and the obscene. Tonight's programme looks at the new rise ofconservatism that's sweeping the country. the lotier life of truckers and the search for Bigfoot.


I in Advance iii The Landing (Channel 4) ()--l(lpm. Are we alone in the Universe? Several thousand Americans think not and are preparing for the day when our little green friends touch base with planet Earth. Take, for example. Ruth Ii. Nonnan who believes that she has survived 26 lives on Earth and is merely waiting for her kin to drop by anti pick her up again next time that they pass by our solar system.

I HYPD Blue: ER. (Channel 4) li)—l0.55pm. The popular cop shop series returns for more grit and testosterone- fuelled bonding.

I Don’t Look Down Burns liight Special (Scottish) 10.40—1 1.40pm. The Scottish cultural scene programme gives the Bard an evaluation on this the bicentenary of his death.