V I saw you pulling pints for the last five months. At the races you fancied ‘Sabaroot': 1 just fancied you. I‘d love to share more than a G&T with you. Box No U/269/24.

V I saw you giving me grief behind the Filmhouse bar. Friday night. You have the biggest brown eyes ever seen. 1 must see myself in them again. More abuse please! Box No U/269/25.

V I saw you ‘my .star' and gave you a loveheart. Romance isn‘t to be but friendly coffee sounds good to me. Sorry. too shy to come in and no more earrings needed yet! Box No U/269/2ti. V I saw you climbing Bidean Nam Bian and supping in The Clachaig. What a relief to see my fluffy wuffy sheep again. We need to get some practice in before the lambing season. Box No U/269/37.

V I saw you Curlers we spoke l posted an ad so come on. Dale Winton look-alike. alias JM(?). beam into my galaxy and be my personal cling-on. Go boldly and reap the rewards. Box No [1/269/33.

V I saw you East Kilbride Arts Centre. Please don't be cowardly any more Mr Lion. you can roar for me any time! Box No U/269/40.

V I saw you 21/12/92 in the Crooked Arm. Now you're often seen Byres Road. You like Porcupine Tree. Your smile still tnakes me dance inside. Marry me soon. Box No U/2o9/41.

V I saw you Roland. St Stephen Street (aka The Beast). You can slice my pumpemickel any time ifl can cook your liveiwurst. Box No U/269/42.

V I saw you in your cute Paddington yellow coat at the Leisure Suite in Scotstoun. Even cuter in yellow trunks! Let's make bubbles together!! Box No U/269/43.

V I saw you in red at the airport. in black at Don Giovanni and in white at Waverley. You were stunning. A strong coffee perhaps? An Irish admirer. Box No U/269/44.

V I saw you Sun 3 Dec. M&S Foodhall, 2pmish. You said hi! Did you recognise me? 1 said hi back. but didn‘t talk. Wanna share my Indian selection? Box No U/270/1.

V I saw you Cottiers Theatre. Sunday night. 3 DecembeLI watched you more than I watched the show. Let‘s meet for a drink. Cannot wait to hear from you. Box No U/270/2.

V I saw you charismatic. devilishly handsome. gym pilgrim. Broughton Street. 8/10/95. You wanted to try aerobics with someone who goes. So get in touch if you think you can keep up with me. . . Box No U/270/3.

V I saw you GFT. handed you a valuation of Land Of Freedom. Me gold/red curly hair. long black coat. You interesting. intelligent face. sandals. Our eyes met. Let's meet. Box No U/270/4.

V I saw you Wed 6/12/95. l 1.30pm. East End Princes

I Street and down the Royal Mile.

Woman with dog got in the way.

, Let's go for a walk sometime soon. Box No U/270/9.

: V I saw you McDonald Road

Library. Scottish Lute Songs recital. You young Smithsy lad.

sideburns. back row. Me older.

tweed jacket. tartan umbrella.

; one seat away. Smitten! Can we

meet? Box No U/270/10.

V I saw you on your British

Eagle. Sunday 10/12. in

. Holyrood Park. I said ‘She was

fast . . . for a girl.‘ You shook your head. but smiled! Call me. and disprove my prejudice! Box No U/270/1 l.


Thanks to Snapple, I SAW YOU adverts are FREE 01 charge.

Just till in the classified tom and send it ott.

V I saw you in Crowe Road. dressed in a boiler suit and big boots. You work local. I live round the corner. Open your mind. Box No U/270/5.

V I saw you F.H. A while ago. Oban. London. Chester. Let's carry on. Remember we'll always have Paris. Love G. xxox. Box No U/270/6.

Has I W Saw You 0) worked for you? Then tell us about it. See the ad on page 51 for details.

V I saw you Shwedish on your pillow next to me. Hope to see you again soon. X. W. Box No U/270/7.

V I saw you Filmhouse Bar. early evening of 6/12/95. You sitting alone. tall. bearded. with whitejumper. writing in diary. You saw me at next table. joined by friend. Could we talk? Box No U/270/8.

V I saw you 12/10 Stockbridge. 2.30ish. You very tall. blonde. green pilotjacket. brown trousers and small red car. reg

YHD(?) Me blue parka. outside Age Concern and you made my heart thumpy! Box No U/270/12.

V I saw you on 1/12/95. 5.30pm. coach to Inverness. You: brown hair. light jumper. stunning. Me: blue specs. black

jeans. stunned! Too shy to say

hi! Are (were) you? Sorry I rushed off. Box No U/270/13.

V I saw you in R.G.'s . Sunday 2/10/94. You: making a Bloody Mary. Me: in love with you ever since. Box No U/270/14.

V I saw you Cottiers Theatre.


Sunday 10 December during the -

second interval. We almost spoke on our way to the bar. You short fair hair. Hope that we may soon talk. Box No U/270/15.

V I saw you Glenn Close deftly serving the Electrical lunch. 6/12/95. Hosp Inn. Strikineg good looking, with an inner calm. Made all the suits gibbering fools. Wonder what your story is? Box No U/270/16.

V I saw you Balcony Coffee Shop. Frasers. Glasgow. Tuesday morning. 19 December. You stunning blond in mustard sweater. black trousers. I smiled at you. As 1 left your body language said it all contact tne now! Box No U/270/l7.

V I saw you and was struck dumb by your beauty. You are

pharmacist with long. dark hair.

Boots (Queen Street Station). Unattached? Interested? Get in touch and we can talk. Box No U/270/18.

V I saw you night bus. 9/12/95. blonde student. please contact lan bringing bottle of Head and Shoulders. and your cool friends if you want. 1 will leave my uncool acquaintance behind. Stop apologising! Box No U/270/l 9.

V I saw you hoi! T in the Park groover (with waterjust for me!) You placed an ad. I replied. . . Where the fuck are you!!! Get in touch!! Box No U/270/20.

V I saw you in my dreams. 1 melted into the pools of your eyes but all we did was talk. Please send a photo for me to sigh over. Box No U/270/21. V I saw you Dreadhead at Teenage Fanclub. 1/12/95. which reminds me. ‘3+3+3'. What are you working on now? Box No U/270/22.

V I saw you a blond cherub.

Let‘s meet up in the year 2000 and you can tell our fortune. Hello Dolly! Box No U/270/23. V I saw you Leith indoor market. 12/12/95. Me: woolly hat. redjumper. You: green jacket. brown shoes. I thought ‘wow!’ instant hit. Fancy

looking at tacky ornaments with 1

me sometime? Box No U/270/24.

V I saw you working in Fruit Heaven. Leith. Baseball cap. blue eyes. longish hair. Me regular customer. looking for some fruits of passion. Can you provide the goods? Box No U/270/25.

V I saw you on the delayed 8am

from King's Cross. 29/12/95. You spent Christmas in Gouda but had to spend Hogmanay in Motherwell. See you in Scotland Street? Write. Please. Box No U/270/26.

V I saw you Budapest. 1/12. You: drop dead gorgeous. Me: Al the economist geek. Remember me? Love you and miss you. See you soon for a goulash in Edinburgh? Box No U/270/27.

V I saw you Edinburgh: West End Fish. 1 always buy mussels. but only from you. Your ‘cheerio' is the cheeriest. your smile the nicest! Happy 1996 from the American girl in the jean jacket. Box No U/270/28.

. V I saw you Edinburgh

Hogmanay. Gary. you were keeping the peace on Bank Street. 1 was hoping to give you my number and another New Year‘s kiss. Tu es bien beau. Laura. Box No U/270/29.

V I saw you Geraldine (the RE. teacher) at Velvet. 28/12/95. Because of other company our chat at the bar was short. Could we continue? Be crazy and reply. Tom. Box No U/270/30. V I saw you in Stockbridge with your short hair. Chicago jacket. tracksuit and sandals

me. speechless in need of serum company. Box No


V I saw you at Montpeliers. sexy. oriental babe! Grace ~

you're beautiful but too cold.

Don't judge rugby players by your ex. Get over him! I won‘t hurt you. See you in Leeds? Box No U/270/32.

V I saw you working at the

checkouts at Bearsden Asda. Peter. grey eyes. short brown

'_ hair. serious face. 1 have not

_ seen you since October. 1 could make you smile (if you're

, sin Y1e!) Box No U/270/33. You set me on fire at Jackie O s. E . V I saw you Jessop Photo

Centre. Shandwick Place. Edinburgh. You have sun on tiepin. Me? Hope you'll know! I'd !ike to ‘expose' myselfto you in your 'darkroom’! Please reply! (1n flowers only). Box No U/270/34.

V I saw you Alan from Westerton. 11.20pm. Balloch train. 21/12/95. We chatted unmarried! You dark hair and lovely smile. Me dark curly hair. wearing blk/white. 1'11 return Christmas cards from lan. Nicol. Denise and Kevin ‘coop' in 96 over a drink perhaps!

P.TH rule! Box No U/270/35.

V I saw you Friday 22/12/95. afternoon. outside De Courcy's Arcade. West End. Glasgow. You going thin on top with big smiling brown eyes. Me short beard and moustache and friend window shopping. Our eyes met. Let's meet you won't regret it! Box No U/270/36.

V I saw you by Waverley Centre. New Year‘s Eve. You: gorgeous woman in red coat with hood. Me: tall. fair. slitn man. The first moment in 1996 belonged to us. I asked you about the first big thing you were planning to do in the new year. You have the divinest of eyes. Let me lose myself in them again. Box No



NATURAL BEVERAGES Maiefirxnthebestsmfi'm

90 The List 12-251an 1996