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PC World/ Phone Blaster

Thanks to PC World we have got a Phone Blaster to give away. This is a powerful telephone management system which combines the power and functionality nt‘ a telephone and a PC. Top features include: hands free telephone with >pC’Jd (llili; full feature fax with Mailbox, broadcasting, tax on demand and fax t‘om'artiing; ‘Tme; Mail supports multiple users with pager notification and remote interrogation: data communication with Z modem file transfer and message mailboxes; :nini buileitn nourn system and Sound Blaster 16 audio with lDE CD-ROM interface and 28.800 tax modem to give total multimedia capability. Got that? Want that'.’ Answer this:

What does PC stand for in this context?

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Waterstone’s/ W Internet Books

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fint ONUNE

UK OIJIIE. the first Internet and «line same: design! for everyone. are offering a “free CD ROM dalmatian and tree access to thentrtai service. Just call 0645 000011. Their:- mail addresses are Malignant and

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